John 3:16

" God (the greatest Lover) so loved (the greatest Degree) the world (the greatest Number) that he gave (the greatest Act) His only begotten Son (the greatest Gift) that whosoever (the greatest Invitation) believeth (the greatest Simplicity) in Him (the greatest Person) should not perish (the greatest Deliverance), but (the greatest Difference) have (the greatest Certainty) everlasting life (the greatest Possesion). "

One Comment to “John 3:16”

  1. I love the commentary in this, I saw your link from a comment on my MSN, and came to visit yours, I\’m going to put this on a website,, under the forums. MenOfGod is a USA organization of Christian PC gamers who reach out through games. I\’m a leader of youth (any one who is a member and under 18 years olld) there and go by the name of SoulSurvivor (real name Ben)Thanks,God Bless.

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