An Excerpt

" I was supposed to be writing last night, but instead sat on the couch thumbing through a Williams-Sonoma catalog. It calls itself  " a catalog for cooks," but really it’s a catalog of the life we wish we had. Everything is beautiful, delicious, elegant. The kitchens portrayed are immaculate-there are no messes. Cooking there would be a joy. The tables are sumptuous with their beautiful place settings, wine glasses brimming with nectar, gourmet foods deliciously prepared, invitingly presented. Fresh flowers abound. The homes are lovely and spacious; the view out the window is always a mountain lake, a beach, or perhaps a English garden. Everything is as it ought to be. Glancing through it’s pages, you get a sense of rest. Life is good. You see, the images whisper, it can be done, Life is within your grasp. And so the quest continues. But of course then, our address used to be Paradise remember? "
– Taken from ‘ Journey of Desire’ written by John Eldredge

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