Father knows best!

You have heard me tell of Gladys Aylward, the " Small Woman" of China, whom I had heard speak so many years ago at Prarie Bible Institute in Alberta. She told how when she was a child she had two sorrows. One, that while all her friends had beautiful golden hair, hers was black. The other, that while all her friends were still growing, she stopped. She was about four feet ten inches tall. But when at last she reached the country to which God had called her to be a missionary, she stood on the warf at Shanghai and looked around at the people to whom He had called her. " Every single one of them," she said " had black hair. And every single one of them had stopped growing when I did. And I said, " Lord God, you know what you are doing!"
An excerpt from Elizabeth Elliots book, ‘Let me Be a Woman’

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