huckleberries, a foggy lake and a greedy little squirrel

David and I hiked up to Summit lake yesterday. The up-hill trek was very moderate, which I was quite thankful for. It was a 2.5 mile hike to the top, through beautiful old growth forrest. We stopped every now and then along the trail to munch on wild huckleberries. When we got to the top, a thick cloud of fog had settled over the lake and we couldn’t see it, even though we knew it must be infront of us. I was joking with David about, not finding it until we’d walked straight into it. Finally we found a trail that led down to the beach. David took out his fishing poll and threw his line in for a little while. We could only see about a 7 foot radius around us. It was very still and peaceful and chilly. I imagined God raising the fog off the lake like the curtain opens on the first act of a play, revealing the hidden scene behind. David ended up catching one tiny little fish. He said the fish in this lake are small because there aren’t enough bugs for them to get fat off of. It was getting pretty nippy so we snuggled up to each other and sat waiting and hoping the fog would lift. Eventually and reluctantly we decided to start back down the mountain. I was truly disappointed to have come that whole way and not even gotten a glimpse of the lake. "Next time," David said.
We were hiking back along the ridgeline above the lake when all of a sudden, we turned around, to look behind us and our breath caught!There, below us was a perfectly clear view of the entire lake, in all it’s pristine majesty. The fog had lifted instantly and without warning. It was spectacular! I felt very loved and remembered at that moment. Like I had unwrapped a present from Jesus, Himself.
   A little further down the trail, we made another amazing discovery, in the form of a drop of water, caught between two leaves, that we both thought at first glance to be of all things: a giant diamond! It sparkeled and shone, with all the tiny cuts and angles, just like you’d find on a very expensive and precious jewel. All that in a little drop of water! So intricate and detailed!
   Also on the way down we ran into the funniest little squirrel, desperately trying to haul a pine cone twice his size, up a tree. He made us laugh so hard. He knew we were watching him and he was so upset about it but too greedy to leave his pine cone for fear we would steal it from him.
It’s amazing what you see if you pay attention to the details! As Andrew Murray says," All earthy things are but shadows of heavenly realities."

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