" Tommorow I will be 22 weeks pregnant…. That’s over half way!  
We couldn’t possibly be ANY HAPPIER about this little baby! I can’t describe how awesome it is to feel the tiny movements and know that there is a small person, half David and half myself, growing inside my body…it seems to me to be very much of a miracle. And not only are we expecting but two of my sister-in-laws/very best friends, are pregnant right now as well…Deborah who is expecting a boy…AND…a girl; (yes TWINS) on Dec. 13th and Rachel who is due at the end of March, very close to our baby, due at the begining of March. These babies will be firsts for all of us! You can imagine how much fun we have, comparing tummy’s,  trading around maternity clothes and talking about anything and everything "baby." 
The baby book says that by the end of the 5th month of pregancy " baby is 7 to 9 inches long (which means that it is almost halfway to birth length) and weighs nearly a pound. The baby is much more active and coordinated- capable of numerous gymnastic feats (including somersaults) that help baby grow and develop motor skills. These movements as also- finally!- strong enough for you to feel. Ears are well developed now and can start to recognize sound; baby also has regular periods of wakefulness and sleep, and can make a variety of faces, including frowns and grimaces. Eyebrows and headhair are visable." Taken from ‘ What to Expect when You are Expecting.’
And for now, since it takes to long to always say, " he or she" and "it" of course doesn’t sound right either…this baby is being called, Twinkletoes…very gender neutral, don’t you think?

One Comment to “Twinkletoes…”

  1. Hello Michelle, You had recently left a comment on my site, although at the time I had no idea to thank you, well…I finally figured it out. Thank you for the kind words on my website, there is alot more there now. And CONGRATS on the baby. I can only imagine how excited you must be, I think it\’s great you are able to share that with the others in your family. Love your site. Lot\’s of goodies. Anyway, good luck with the upcoming weeks of your pregnancy.God Bless,K.C.

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