Our Happy Little Bundle of… Pink

I have not touched my blog for months now…so a update is long overdue…
We were suprised on February nineteeneth by going from the two of us, to the three of us… with the arrival of the sweetest most adorable little baby girl…Annabelle Lucy, who we werent actually expecting to show up until around the eighth of March .
 She is named after her Great Granny Annabelle, who is truly one of the most wonderful and beautiful human beings on the face of the earth, and who we all fondly call, Grannie Annie…
David and I could not be any more in love with our little miss Twinkletoes…she is just absolutely amazing and dear, the joy of our lives! 5 weeks old yesterday and at a little over nine pounds, still very tiny and newborn looking…
Every day just gets better and better and I am so thankful to God for blessing us so to incredibly with this prefectly precious and thriving little daughter of ours!
Now…I need to go tackle the mountain of pink laundry, just waiting to be folded and put away on the couch!

One Comment to “Our Happy Little Bundle of… Pink”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for leaving me a message re: Mars Hill! That was an amazing trip! Sounds like you have something much more significant happening in your life…CONGRATULATIONS! That is exactly where I am hoping to be at 23!!
    I pray that God will bless your new family and keep your baby healthy.
    I have to confess, I feel like we have a lot in common! Francine Rivers, CS Lewis, the Love and Respect Series! I\’m not one for making online friends, but…. : )
    Have a wonderful week!
    Beth Burns

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