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April 27, 2006

My new Pottery Barn Catalog…heaven on earth?!

I am reading a book by John and Stasi Elderedge right now called,’Captivating.’ And thought the following paragraph was worth passing along to the rest of you. It stoped me in my tracks. I’ve been thinking about it all day…what do you think of it?
" I was supposed to be writing last night, but instead sat on the couch thumbing through a Williams-Sonoma catalog. It calls itself " a catalog for cooks," but really, it’s a catalog of the life we wish we had. Everything is beautiful, delicious, elegant. The kitchens portrayed are immaculate – there are no messes. Cooking there would be a joy. The tables are sumputous with their beautiful place settings, wine glasses brimming with nectar, gourmet foods deliciously prepared, invitingly presented. Fresh flowers abound. The homes are lovely and spacious;the view outhe window is always a mountain lake, a beach, or perhaps an English garden. Everything is as it ought to be. Glancing through its pages, you get a sense of rest. Life is good. You see, the images whisper, it can be done. Life is within your grasp. And so the quest continues. But of course our address used to be Paradise, remember? "
This explains the obsession I have with my Martha Stewart Magazines and my Pottery Barn Catalog…Underneath all those pages of beautiful ideas, recipes, and gardens that simply enchant you ( you know, the magical, weed-less kind )… And behind the rooms, cozy and glowing in lamplight, filled with the freshest, brightest linens… a friendly wool rug… and a handsome wooden bedstand, piled with a trio of old books and a vase full of red tulips… are hints of Paradise
April 26, 2006

Tales from a red crib…

It has been several weeks now since Annabelle discovered she was not alone in her crib. We are delighted and amazed over the many smiles and conversations she has with the little animals that live in the corners of her cheery red crib…which I will now introduce to you:
There’s Tickletoes, the teddy bear. He has purple ears and nose, a very cute belly button and laughs just like a toddler, when you tickle his left foot. The funny thing is his right foot isn’t the least bit ticklish …
Chloe, is the tiny lavender kitten with either, dark purple polka-dots, or permanent (dark purple) chicken pocks…we are not sure which…Annabelle likes to have stare down competitions with Chloe…only Chloe wins every time, in fact I am quite certain that I have never seen her blink…
Then there is Toodle, a baby hippo, the smallest of Annabelle’s "cribmates." Her tummy rattles, sort of like our tummies growl when they are empty…so we think that she must have a terribly large appetite, which I’ve heard is not uncommon in baby hippos or hippos in general for that matter…
Pickles is her favorite. He is a soft yellow girraffe, with a music box that plays a lullaby, for a heart. He also has multi-colored spots all over his back…they could be polka-dots, or they could be chicken pocks, or maybe both, which would make them either, chicken dots or poka-pocks…whatever you prefer!
   You can tell, they really are her friends. There is a incredible connection there and she never runs out of things to say (or more accurately, "goos to goo") to them! At nine weeks and 3 days old I can’t believe the amount of interaction and joy they bring her…Yes, I admit to even being a tad jealous of them from time to time…I know, I know, it’s silly to be jealous of a stuffed animal
   And yet, more than anything I am just so pleased to see my baby girl happy and growing. Every time Annabelle smiles, whether it’s at the ceiling fan in the living room or her daddy’s basball cap, the quilt hanging on the wall above her crib, or at the spagetti sauce on an aisle in Safeway…I smile…I can’t help it,  smiles on babies are dangerously contagious…and when she looks with her bright and beautiful eyes, into my eyes…and smiles…then often,  along with yet another smile, comes a tear… a tear of bliss. 
April 17, 2006

My Aspiration:

 "Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace."

G. K. Chesterton



April 17, 2006

Quotable Daddy

Last night, David and I spent a good twenty minutes trying everything within our power to get Annabelle, too smile or talk or BOTH…After cooing and gooing and awwing…whistling and grunting and snorting and sticking out our tounges…among other things… David turns to me, gives me a very amused look and remarks , " You know, babies turn perfectly normal people into nuts." I started laugh somewhat uncontrolably after that, picturing in my mind how ridiculous our circus-like antics must appear to Annabelle (who we are afraid is, spooky smart)…until I saw the unmistakable, "Mom, grow-up" look on her face…
April 12, 2006


" What one calls interruptions are precisely one’s real life- is the life God is sending one day by day: what one calls ones "real life" is a phantom of one’s own imagination."
C.S. Lewis 
April 3, 2006


Since I haven’t been able to add new pictures to my MSN space for the last several weeks, I have created a blog full of pictures of our little Anniebelle, incase any of you are interested in seeing her…
April 26- Post Script: I figured out why I wasn’t able to upload my pictures and fixed it…Hurrah…it only took me two I can add all the recent pictures of Annabelle!