Since I haven’t been able to add new pictures to my MSN space for the last several weeks, I have created a blog full of pictures of our little Anniebelle, incase any of you are interested in seeing her…
April 26- Post Script: I figured out why I wasn’t able to upload my pictures and fixed it…Hurrah…it only took me two I can add all the recent pictures of Annabelle!

6 Comments to “Pictures”

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog!  I just looked at yours and realized that we do have sooo much in common!  I would love to keep in touch and share experiences and struggles that we are having with our little ones!  Morgan was actually due on March 1st.  She came a couple weeks early.  Do you use MSN messenger?  Would you mind if I added you to my contact list?  Renee

  2. Oh yes, and congrats on your little girl!  They truely are a gift from God!

  3. very sweet photos. i l-o-v-e babies. Ü it looks like you know how to enjoy your baby.
    your husband looks very scandinavian.
    so glad you stopped by my blog.

  4. If you want to add me to msn messenger, my email/screen name is  Then you can message me and I\’ll add you then!
    Hope you\’re enjoying your little one!  Renee

  5. She is adorable.  Enjoy the days with her, baby is cute.
    I miss those days when my son Wayne was born, tiny, and most of the time he sleep…

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