Quotable Daddy

Last night, David and I spent a good twenty minutes trying everything within our power to get Annabelle, too smile or talk or BOTH…After cooing and gooing and awwing…whistling and grunting and snorting and sticking out our tounges…among other things… David turns to me, gives me a very amused look and remarks , " You know, babies turn perfectly normal people into nuts." I started laugh somewhat uncontrolably after that, picturing in my mind how ridiculous our circus-like antics must appear to Annabelle (who we are afraid is, spooky smart)…until I saw the unmistakable, "Mom, grow-up" look on her face…

One Comment to “Quotable Daddy”

  1. oh dear, that look for mom at such a young age. wait till she has words to go with it. Ü

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