Tales from a red crib…

It has been several weeks now since Annabelle discovered she was not alone in her crib. We are delighted and amazed over the many smiles and conversations she has with the little animals that live in the corners of her cheery red crib…which I will now introduce to you:
There’s Tickletoes, the teddy bear. He has purple ears and nose, a very cute belly button and laughs just like a toddler, when you tickle his left foot. The funny thing is his right foot isn’t the least bit ticklish …
Chloe, is the tiny lavender kitten with either, dark purple polka-dots, or permanent (dark purple) chicken pocks…we are not sure which…Annabelle likes to have stare down competitions with Chloe…only Chloe wins every time, in fact I am quite certain that I have never seen her blink…
Then there is Toodle, a baby hippo, the smallest of Annabelle’s "cribmates." Her tummy rattles, sort of like our tummies growl when they are empty…so we think that she must have a terribly large appetite, which I’ve heard is not uncommon in baby hippos or hippos in general for that matter…
Pickles is her favorite. He is a soft yellow girraffe, with a music box that plays a lullaby, for a heart. He also has multi-colored spots all over his back…they could be polka-dots, or they could be chicken pocks, or maybe both, which would make them either, chicken dots or poka-pocks…whatever you prefer!
   You can tell, they really are her friends. There is a incredible connection there and she never runs out of things to say (or more accurately, "goos to goo") to them! At nine weeks and 3 days old I can’t believe the amount of interaction and joy they bring her…Yes, I admit to even being a tad jealous of them from time to time…I know, I know, it’s silly to be jealous of a stuffed animal
   And yet, more than anything I am just so pleased to see my baby girl happy and growing. Every time Annabelle smiles, whether it’s at the ceiling fan in the living room or her daddy’s basball cap, the quilt hanging on the wall above her crib, or at the spagetti sauce on an aisle in Safeway…I smile…I can’t help it,  smiles on babies are dangerously contagious…and when she looks with her bright and beautiful eyes, into my eyes…and smiles…then often,  along with yet another smile, comes a tear… a tear of bliss. 

4 Comments to “Tales from a red crib…”

  1. Chelle…
    Lovely entry!  I am so happy that wee Annabelle has such wonderful, caring friends to chat to in her bed.  Don\’t you be too jealous of them…as the years pass, Annabelle may stop hearing them call her (but hopefully not too soon…imagination is the TRUE brilliance…) but you will always be the voice of love and wisdom and cheerfulness and friendship for her.
    Enjoy the bliss, Chelle!
    p.s.  The house next door is for rent.  Should I tell them that there is a family of 3, who like to bake, who may be interested in moving in?  Hmmmm…ok, well, I guess the other option is that Calla and I can bake some snikerdoodles ourselves…a thought.  I am off to bake while cranky Soph is sleeping.

  2. Yes, I have read "Girl of the Limberlost" long ago.  I need to read it again to refresh it in my mind.  I remember that I like after the first two times that I read it.
    I hope your baby\’s "Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen, and Louisa May Alcott" days are just as fun as it is in the books.  (I also hope that she enjoys the books too.)
    Thank you for your wonderful comments, and I have hope you a beautiful day.
    Old Fashion Girl

  3. a very charming entry. you are savoring the days. good for you.

  4. and unless i overlooked it…..
    we need a photo of the red crib and friends Ü

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