note to self…

" Skillful listening is the best remedy for lonliness, loquaciousness and laryngitis."
-William A. Ward

One Comment to “note to self…”

  1. Good day friend!
    My li\’l Jo is at preschool and my little Adie is napping.  My sink is shining and I feel good (do you know about FlyLady?)!!!  I thought I would take some time to see what my new friends are up to.
    I am more than happy to help people out.  I hope you figure things out.  Really, it is not too dificult, just have to take the time.
    You know, when Jonathan was a baby, I didn\’t take him to the zoo.  But I should have!  Going to the zoo is a great thing to do.  Now that I have been mom for 4 years, I know that I should have gone ahead and taken him even when he couldn\’t really appreciate it (or so I thought).  Yes, at 11 weeks, she won\’t be able to see or understand things as clearly.  However, you know how their senses are at that age, so spongy!  They absorb everything!  That walk in the zoo will be great exercise for you, and a wonderful experience of learning different senses for her!  Take her out of the stroller and talk to her about what is around.  Tell her that God created everything that she sees, feels and hears.  This time in her life is so important for you and her, you will both get so much out of it.
    Sorry bout that, just got up on something in my heart.  I regret so many things.  I know that I can\’t go back and change things but if I can help make someone else\’s day better, it is all worth it!
    I am so glad to have met you out here in this wonderful world of blogging.
    Great thought for today, just step back and listen.  I need to stop talking and just listen!  Thank you!
    You are great.
    Have a wonderful day.
    God loves you!

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