The Many Faces of Annabelle

It amazes me how much expression there is in the face of my 11 week old baby girl…sometimes I think she could out do the likes of Jim Carrey. It’s almost as if she can talk without being able to talk.
So with every new day I am trying to remember, to savor and enjoy the many faces of my little Annabelle:
We have the listening look…where she just gets very still and unblinking, and you can barely hear her breathing because she is so focused on soaking up everything you are telling her…
Then we have the eyebrows raised, eyes wide open, I have just discovered something look…
And there is the lying, staring up at the mobile above her crib look, with a smile that she has only for Eeyore…I seriously don’t understand what she sees in the old fellow, being more of the Tigger type myself.  David suggested that perhaps she feels sorry for him. So I have decided the reasons for her overwhelming attention to Eeyore, are because she sees that he, with his very sensitive and moody nature, simply needs more of it.  It’s very insightful and thoughtful of her, don’t you think?
Then there is the very common, eyebrows furrowed, nostrils flared, I really wish I could go poo look!
And then the eyebrows furrowed, nostrils flared, I am GOING poo look.
Or the (insert loud screaming) I am so tired I don’t know what do with my self, so I think I’ll  cry for 3 (or 10) minutes straight look…
And the bobble head look, which is just exactly, that…
There is the start to smile, no I changed my mind, I am going to wrinkle my nose instead look. And this is my very most favorite of all my favorite faces that she makes.  I am entitled to having more than one favorite as her mother, right?  Good, then you won’t be suprised when I tell you, they are ALL MY FAVORITE!
And of course there is the smile so wide, my eyes go shut and my whole body quivers with excitement look.
Which is definitely prefered over the very sad, very sudden, turned down, open-mouthed, like you’ve just told  me, "no you cannot have another cookie" so now I am going to cry look…
And there is the stare at everything, including the floor, the pictures on the wall, ceiling fan, anything but at Mommy or Daddy look…
Or the sleepy, rested, hi I am back from dreamland look…
And of course there is the very beautiful, fast asleep, gives me the goose-bumps, most angelic thing you’ve ever seen look.
And I’ve only just begun…I ran across a quote on someones blog yesterday that seems to be appropriate here: 
" There is only one pretty child in the world, and every Mother has it."
Not only is she the prettiest child in the world but to me she is, like Mary Poppins, " practically perfect in every way."

10 Comments to “The Many Faces of Annabelle”

  1. I haven\’t even had Madison yet and she\’s perfect already! I think it\’s quiet strange to love someone so much that you haven\’t even met yet!

  2. Hi Chelle,
    You have every right to absolutly be head over heels in love with everything about you baby.
    It\’s our right as mother\’s. 🙂
    I like your idea of a interior decorating bolg. I\’m not sure exactly how it would work. What do you have in mind? I must warn you though, I am a very cottage/country/antique/hands-on/lived-in type decorator. I have a hard time accepting anything else. 🙂
    But, please, share your ideas. I would love to hear them. I love your quote from below. I had to look up "loquaciosness" and it took me forever to get why he said laryngitis until I figured out that you can\’t talk when you have laryngitis. Duh! Total blond moment (hours, really). Your pictures of David reading to Annabelle are so sweet. Take lots of them. They grow up to fast.
    Hope you are having a great day!
    ~Hi Tonya,
    Just wanted to let you know that being in-love with your baby before it\’s ever born is a common occurence in women. Enjoy it! Don\’t we fall in-love with them from the 1st moment we even suspect that there is a precious little life in there? It\’s a God given gift.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my space and for your kind words. Your little girl is beautiful and I love all your pictures. I loved being a mom and the whole process of raising my children (even the hard parts).  Enjoy it!
    A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.  Proverbs 17:22

  4. P.S. today is my son\’s birthday (36 years).  He was born on Mother\’s Day in 1970.  Wasn\’t that a wonderful gift to receive?  :o)

  5. Hi Chelle, the instructions on how to emmbed photos into a post are here and the link to the instructions are right below the photo album. Actually, click here to got straight to them. It\’s really pretty simple to get them in, it\’s the moving them around the page and typing around them that I haven\’t quite gotten yet. (Obviously) Hope this helps.
    Thank you for asking me to contribue to the decorating blog. I think it would be fun too. Let\’s try it. 🙂
    Talk to you soon,

  6. Good afternoon!
    Thank you for sharing that website with me. It\’s wonderful. All they had to say was a reminder of how I was raised and what I\’m working towards as a stay at home mom. It also reminds me of you. You have gentle and quiet spirit, it shows in you pictures of your home and of yourself. I hope it is shown in my own life, though at times I get very discouraged. If you think that I can help you, I will. I\’m so glad that you found me and decided to talk to me. I hope that we can be an encouragment to each other. I know that you are to me.

  7. Thanks for your prayers! Last night wasn\’t as rough as the night before, I know I\’ll be fine with him gone. I usually get used to it, I\’m just happy it\’s not a year like last year! He was in Korea. It\’s just the life we live, he\’s in the military so I have to get used to the fact that he leaves alot. At least I know he won\’t be going anywhere for a long time after these two weeks!

  8. Hi Chelle,
    Really, you\’re going to have to add another post so people don\’t think I\’m obsessive/compulsive and just can\’t leave you alone. 🙂
    My em is
    The blog looks wonderful. I\’ll have to come up with my 10 words that mean home to me.

  9. She\’s positively gorgeous!!  Love those pictures! :")  Thanks for popping over to my space. I found Nickel Creek by accident and have been enjoying their music now for about a month. I would definitely go see them if the opportunity arose.

  10. I enjoyed reading about your baby.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement.  I understand now, that I took the comments personally because of how I felt before the accident.  I know that on any other day I wouldn\’t have taken the comments personally.
    It also helped to blog about it. (It helped clear my head of the bad feelings.)
    Thank you so much for the encouragement.  I am a big Chicken-EMT, so I take all the encouragement I can get.  I will have to repeat to myself "try your best and leave the rest to Jesus." 
    Thanks again.
    Old Fashion Girl

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