Looking for a giggle…

  Yesterday morning I woke up to find David getting dressed for the day…the clock blinked 7:30 am…I thought to myself drowsily, “ tee shirt, sweats, tennis shoes…he must be going out to mow the lawn this morning before we have to leave for church, he’s been talking about doing it all week-end.”

I laid there for a while, in the warmth of the morning sunbeams that were spilling through our bedroom window, then went to get Annabelle out of her crib so we could have our daily snuggle-under-the-covers…she smiled and cooed and smiled some more at me and I felt as if the only thing that could possibly make my Mother’s day any more wonderful would be a giggle. Just one tiny baby giggle.

…I didn’t hear the lawn mower but I was still too sleepy to be suspicious…

David came back a while later with lilacs, a huge bright bunch of them…So we had lilacs-in-bed, which I think is so much more romantic and original than breakfast-in-bed…




Still no giggle, but I am expecting one any day now… and I’ve been told it will come at the time I least expect it.


11 Comments to “Looking for a giggle…”

  1. You got a picture in your blog! And it looks so much better than mine do! 🙂 What a thoughtful gift from your husband. Do feel bad about you last post. Yesterday was my 4th Mother\’s Day and I got my 1st!!!!! Mother\’s Day card from Mike. I was so happy! He and Olivia gave it to me while I was getting ready for church and it really set a good tone for the whole day. I\’m glad David brought you flowers. Mike brought me flowers on my first Mother\’s Day too. How strange, another coincidence. 🙂
    I\’m sure Annabelle will be giggling very soon and then your home will be filled with the sweet laughter of a baby girl.
    Can I get your em so that I can send you something or anything that I might think of to put on Domestic Bliss? Rather than just post something, I thought you might like to view it first.
    Have you ever heard of Michael and Debi Pearl and their ministry called "No Greater Joy?" Here is their website. I kind of guessed from some of your family pictures that you guys were both raised in conservative Christian families and I wondered if you guys knew about the Pearls. We get their newsletter and own several of their books and they are a great encouragement to me. Just thought I would share it with you.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day. Talk to you soon!
    Love and Blessings!

  2. I love reading your posts…they are brimming with God\’s joy in your life.  I am always smiling when I click off…God bless you!  LC  🙂

  3. Sounds like a wonderful start to a very special day!  I was so emotional all day on Mother\’s Day because I was just so excited to be a mom!  I too am anxiously awaiting Morgan\’s first giggle.  Craig said that he got her to giggle when he took her to change her diaper in the car over the weekend, we were out to dinner with my family.  However, none of us really believe him because we weren\’t there, and she hasn\’t done it since.  I\’m sure the day is quickly approaching when she will let out that glorious giggle that I am so much anticipating!

  4. Lovely.  Lilacs are my very favourite spring treat!  I agree.  Well, they do come second to a baby giggle, of course.
    Our lilac tree is still working on leaf buds.  It a huge, glorious tree that canopy\’s most of our back yard…the biggest I have ever seen.  She does not bloom until about a month after every other lilac has finished, but when she does, you can smell the flowers 2 houses away.  She is like the neighbourhood queen!!
    Your husband sounds like such a gift.  Lilacs in bed are a wonderful treat.
    I have yet to check out the site you mentioned, but it will be my treat to myself when I get all my cupboards washed! 
    Take good care of yourself and I will be by soon…

  5. Oh wow! It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother\’s Day!  Those giggles, once they do come, will make your days even more worth it!  I just love to hear my little ones giggle, it makes all the bad things disappear.  Your writing in this post was beautiful, have you ever thought of writing a book?
    Thanks for stopping by again and your compliments.  Decorating the cake didn\’t take too long.  I did the flowers several days in advance and actually frosting the cake only took about an hour maybe two tops.  I love doing it.  I took a class at Hobby Lobby 2 1/2 years ago.  I started to take another class (for the flowers) earlier this year, but the timing was bad.  I plan to take it again and learn more about flowers.  The third class is about tiered cakes.  Another place that has classes is Michaels.  The only thing is I have to be careful, because the frosting is so good, I could just eat it all up!!! (lol)
    That blog you told me about looks interesting.  I will check it out some more.
    Good talkin to ya!

  6. Wouldn\’t it be wonderful? We could just run over for a cup of tea and look at decorating books together and get ideas for our home.
    It has been a pretty good day, lots of desisions to make but I\’m not sure I\’m ready to make them. God is good though and I know He\’ll give us guidence. Thank you for being such a dear friend. I appreciate you kind words so much. I hope you are have a beautiful day too!

  7. Just wanted to tell you I\’m glad you had a great Mother\’s Day! I didn\’t really get one, but I\’m not really a mommie yet either. I was on the phone all day with all the mommies I do know wishing them well. Besides that mine was pretty boring with Hubby away.
    Have a wonderful afternnon!

  8. Now that sounds like a lovely Mother\’s Day awakening :-).
    Thanks for popping in on me, I will be sure to come back!

  9. Ok Chelle, this coincidence thing is starting to get weird. 🙂 I was over on Tonya\’s blog and you said that Annabelle was born three weeks early. Well, guess what? Olivia was born three weeks early. She was 6 lbs. 8 oz. thankfully and not any bigger. My midwife was expecting me to have an 8 lb. baby and after Olivia was born, I was soooooo glad she wasn\’t. 🙂 So, what else can we think of that is similar? 🙂
    Let me know!

  10. Unfortunatly, no, I didn\’t get to have Olivia at home. I wanted to but Mike was (and still is) slightly terrified by the whole "giving birth" process and swears that we will not have any children at home. We\’ll see. 🙂 Did you get to have a water birth? Our hospital didn\’t have the equipment, but I did spend several hours in the tub. Don\’t think I would have made it through transition without it. So, I\’m assuming that you did it med free? Me too. People look at me so weird when they hear that. Have you read  "Baby Catcher, Chronicles of a Modern Midwife" by Peggy Vincent ?
    She said that she never had a woman in a homebirth situation who couldn\’t give birth because of the pain. Oh well, that\’s my soap box. 🙂
    So, were you home schooled and did you have to wear dresses while growing up?

  11.                            Happy Anniversary!

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