A handful of thoughts…

love, dreams, home, family…praise, work, hope, smile…play, feel, tease, share…cuddle, tickle, smooch…pray, learn, grow…hug, skip, whistle…listen, express…touch, bless, give…take, surrender…ponder, imagine, explore…flirt, fun…Jesus, grace, joysnuggle, rest, sleep…visit, comfort, wonder…suprise, remember, trustbuild, protect, provide…kiss, hold, squeeze…responsibility, faithfulness…celebrate…babies, mommy, daddy…humor, happiness, respect…friendship…wink, grin, squeal, hold…cherish, encourage, forgive…discover, create, fix-up…swing, twirl, dance… bliss…words, thoughts, warmth…comfortable, spontainious, safe…you, me, us, we…together…forever
 Three years ago, I won the lottery when I married David!
It was by far the single most clever thing I’ve ever done!
Today we celebrate 3 years!

10 Comments to “A handful of thoughts…”

  1. I love your wedding photos! My hubby and I have zero photos from our wedding, but we also got married in blue jeans…we eloped. I remember the day so well though, it was a wonderful day, and I still have the sweater I wore! I remember it being like -20 outside and sooo much snow. (South Dakota in the winter is freezing, I am so glad we live in the south now) Congrats or your 3 years! This November Hubby and I will celebrate our 4th. Isn\’t it wonderful when you find the man God intended you to be with for the rest of your life? 🙂

  2. Congratulations on three wonderful years!  Isn\’t marriage wonderful!  I just love it.  You and your husband are a cute couple.  I love the pictures.  We just celebrated our sixth.  It is great, and just gets better!
    Your entry was great.  That was more than a handful though!  lol

  3. Hi, I did get your em. My reply is so long that I need an hour or so to work on it. 🙂 Hopefully I will get it finished today. I\’m glad you liked my quote. Talk to you soon dear friend!

  4. Thank for your comments on my site.  After a bit of a break, I\’m slowly getting back into the swing of things :o)
    You have a lovely site and a natural eye for design.  Your photos of springtime are beautiful.  The glimpses into your home show simple elegance…and don\’t get me started on Annabelle!  It is obvious how in love you are with your life.  Don\’t ever loose that!
    I hope to be able to spend more time here soon but right now, work calls! 

  5. Some days she\’s like a football player, but on some days a ballerina. 🙂 Last night she was acting like a football player.:) Hope your\’e having a great day!

  6. Okay, it\’s me again! Where have you been? Missing your blog entries! Hope your doing well! 🙂

  7. Congratulations!   I absolutly love your wedding photo\’s.  It\’s wonderful to hear about people celebrating thier time together in a marriage instead of ending thier relationships.   🙂 

  8. Holy smokes, I feel like such a dork. I just spend the last few minutes reading through all of your blogs and there is nothing sillier than sitting with a computer and having a good laugh!!
    Your blogs make we want to be a mommy so badly!! I love your outlook and the way you talk about your family. It\’s wonderful!
    I just FINALLY took a look at my own space after an obvious break from checking on it and was glad to hear back from you. I have heard MANY good things about Mars Hill church, in fact a good friend leads worship at the Seattle location.
    I pray that you had the most wonderful Mother\’s Day and Anniversary! It sounds like God has blessed you tremendously with a family most would be jealous of!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful day!  I am so thrilled to have connested up with you and Fairlight…I am thinking of posting my picture on my blog instead of keeping it so anonimous…what do you think?  I guess I have just been trying to be careful…anyway, all God\’s blessings to you and yours!

  10. Well, this is like the fourth comment, but oh well! I hope you had fun at the wedding, and a happy birthday to David! On my hubby\’s last birthday I got him a pecan pie instead of a cake because he really dosen\’t like cake, and pecan pie is his fav, so I put the candles in it instead, he loved it. It was really nice to have the pie left over too, because his birthday is just a few days before Christmas. Well, talk to you later! Hugs to you and Annabelle!

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