Welcome, little rain drops!

Well lets see, it’s a delicious, not at all depressing, spring sort of a rainy day here in the Northwest… after a weekend of sunshine and temps in the 80’s, the rain is quite like a unexpected visit from an old friend…
George, our cat has the right idea. He is all curled up in the window seat, doing what he likes best…napping.
 And isn’t that precisely what everyone should do, when handed a morning such as this?
No napping for us. Annabelle and I are about to leave to do errands. I need to do our monthly Costco run, the cuboards are borderline bare,  and then hurry home in time to get a very special dinner on the table for David. Today is his birthday. I think I will make lasanga. I am planning also to make him a pie instead of a cake, since he is not at all fond of cake. Unless of course, the errands take longer than I expect ( which of course, they always do ), then maybe I’ll just pick one up at the lovely Costco Bakery. God bless, Costco! 
So please, if you get a chance, while Annabelle and I are out singing in the rain, take a nap in honor of a cat named George and a rainy day somewhere. And enjoy whatever it is that is falling from your sky.

7 Comments to “Welcome, little rain drops!”

  1. Don\’t you hate that errands always take so long? I was so proud of myself last week when I was able to do two weeks worth of grocery shopping at Walmart with Olivia in less than an hour. I even made it home for lunch before Mike did! It\’s never happened before. 🙂 We wish David a happy birthday!
    PS. Olivia is taking a nap. 🙂

  2. I did take a nap today!  Although it was sunny and quite nice here, but I was not feeling at all well today and I couldn\’t get myself to much else but to lay down.  Oh, well, my kitty Micah curled up next to me and spent the day too.  Normally he spends his days napping on the green pillow on the trunk by the window, but he always knows when I am not feeling well and is truely a comfort kitty!  Happy Birthday to David, so what did you end up going with?  Costco or did you bake?

  3. Hello dear friend!
    Just dropping by to say hi. Hope everything is going well for you today. Give Annabelle a hug!

  4. Hi! Just checking in, hope you had a great day, Mine was well, you know. I just hope the little guy feels better tomorrow.

  5. yesterday and the day before, the spring rain here was pleasant. today….cold. bring back the sunshine! i\’m ready for summer!

  6. Hello Girls!  I hope your day out running errands was a fun trip in the rain:)  Happy Birthday to David!  He is so like Craig!  Craig doesn\’t like cake either, but will eat a cheesecake.  I buy the no bake ones from Jello…they are in the grocery store by the pudding and things.  When was your anniversary?  Your pictures are gorgeous!  What a beautiful bride!  Well, I need to go play with Morgan!

  7. Hi! Yes the recipe is from a Taste of Home magazine, but it was years ago. So funny that we would have the same recipe from the same magazine. 🙂  It\’s one of my favorites too, especially in the winter. I will take some good pictures of the house as soon as I get it rearranged. Hope you\’re having a good day. Any teeth for Annabelle? Em me! 🙂

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