Our Big Trip this weekend…

  We are on are way to ID. for the weekend to see our families. Both sets of grandparents, a considerable number of Aunts and Uncles ( I just counted them up and their are 10 ) and several cousins, all live there. 
Naturaly, I spent the morning packing tee shirts, jeans, socks and underwear, tooththbrushes (for those of us who have teeth), and a small mountain of snacks, for our 7 hour drive. We left the house as soon as David was home from work, around three-ish , very much dragging our feet, knowing that traffic on the freeway, going the same direction everyone else is going could be, putting it nicely, a big fat pain in the patootie. Annabelle was being 100% angelic, which is not uncommon for her, smiling her little face off at anything and everthing out the rear view window that struck her little baby fancy and simply enjoying her carseat, thank you Lord!   " She’s getting so chubby!" Was my comment to David…(and oh how we love fat babies)   Then he started singing to her " Do your cheeks (usually sung as ears) hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow…" Off to a very happy start if I do say so myself.
   So here we are zooming along the freeway in our Acura, watching all the big trucks hauling trailers and campers and bikes and fourwheelers, and barbeques, discussing the odds of our getting to one day spend a long weekend camping and having fun. That discusion quickly turned into a serious complain-fest. We were dreading the long drive…how would we stay awake when we knew we wouldn’t be getting there until midnight at the earliest, when we both agreed that we were tired enough to go to bed right now at 3 o’clock in the afternoon? There will probably be an accident any minute now…why do we always go to ID on a three day weekend…we are going on the Fourth of July, that’s only a little over a month from now…etc. etc.etc. Until David just up and suddenly, swerved off the next exit and said, " let’s go home." So there we were on the shoulder of the off ramp, staring at each other. Stares that turned into smiles as we both heard what was playing on the radio…Home, by Michael Buble’ which of course is all about wanting to go home. " See, it’s a sign." David said. " That and the fact that we can only get back on the freeway westbound." Westbound = home. Another sign. 
I started dialing numbers. Everyone was understanding. Even though we didn’t have any really good excuses for why we had changed our minds about coming. After all, the fourth of July will be here before we know it.
  Our big trip lasted a little over an hour. We got home and David went straight to bed for the night and Annabelle and I played and sang and read books until she finally fell asleep. We are just going to have a nice long, quiet weekend at home. Something we haven’t done in a long time. Maybe we’ll try out our new tent and camp for a night in the back yard. David says we can go to Pikes Place Market one day and I am hoping to visit a Nursery nearby that sells (just) Peonies ( and I am crazy about peonies ). The plan is to enjoy each other’s company and maybe turn the volume on life down below a gentle roar.

6 Comments to “Our Big Trip this weekend…”

  1. We were going to go to TN for the weeked, but just like you we would have a long drive ahead of us, so we decided the same. I am so glad, because there are to many people out on the roads this weekend! That was quite neat to have those signs, just made you know you should just stay at home. I pray my little sweatheart is an angel like yours when she gets here! Have a wonderful quiet weekend! 🙂

  2. See! It\’s just to bad that you guys aren\’t here! We could have gone to the beach together. It sounds like our husbands are very similar. Mike loves to camp and hike. He really misses it since being married. I\’m glad you guys are going to have a relaxing weekend. Ya\’ll deserve it.
    We just got home from Bull\’s Island and I am so tired. Need to run and take a shower, lay all my beautiful sand dollars out to dry and then type up a post of our mini vacation. 🙂
    Hugs to you!
    PS. come over and check it out in a couple of hours! 🙂

  3. Beautiful!
    You did just the right thing!  It is good to hear that you are going to just enjoy being a family.  I don\’t know if I would have had the guts to do that.  My in-laws make me feel guilty everytime we decide not to come, so if we make plans for a trip, I just can\’t back out of it.
    I hope you try that camping out thing.  My boys did that last night, it ended up only lasting till midnight (the wind kept our son up – he\’s used to the quiet).  We will try it again.  We are wanting to go out to the lake, but we need those practice runs!
    Wishes for the bestest (ha ha!) of weekends!
    By the way, your daughter is looking so much like your husband!  She is so adorable.  I wish I could just give her squeezes.  Those cheeks are so kissable.  Luckily, Adie\’s cheeks are still kissable!
    Good night now,

  4. I love the pictures of your walk through the Market.
    The peonies are so beautiful! I\’m glad you guys had a good time. It looked chilly there. It was 98 degrees here on Sat. and Sun. 🙂 Wish we could plan a trip up to see you. Wouldn\’t that be a road trip of a life time? 🙂

  5. So smart to take a break- our 3 day weekend trips usually wear us out.  And still we are not smart enough to call them off. 🙂  Where in Idaho do you have family?  I have many relatives in Twin Falls- so we spend a couple weekends a year up there. Hope your weekend was refreshing!

  6. you are so close! 🙂

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