A little Outing…

It’s Saturday and David is at work.  We are very sad about that but refuse to let it spoil our day. Therefore, Mommy and baby are going on a date. To the library frst, then off to a 7 acre Peony farm, not far from here. And if there is any time left over, maybe we’ll go hunting for old treasures at our favorite Antique store, a lovely little place called ‘Serendipity.’ The camera has already been stashed in my purse, in hope of some good shots with Annabelle peeking at the peonies…

3 Comments to “A little Outing…”

  1. what a nice field trip. Ü
    you sweet thing you….nominated me repeatedly!?  (((HUGS)))
    thank you so much.
    statistics are out of order on our spaces right now. they are not recording any hits. i will be so disappointed if things are messed up next week!

  2. Hi Chelle,
    I hope you guys had a nice weekend inspite of David having to work. Just wanted to drop by and tell you I was thinking about you. Wish that the statistics were working on spaces, but oh well.
    Love you!

  3. Hope you got some good pictures of Annabelle, she\’s such a beautiful baby. Have you ever thought of entering her in a baby contest for your local fair or anything? I think that angel would win!

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