A Well Foiled Outing…

  Why is that things so rarely turn out the way you plan for them to? My simple answer to this often disturbing question, is that things happen…little things like, lets say for instance… life
I had the perfect Edenesque afternoon planned. I had been day dreaming about it for weeks on end…peonies, antique stores, a latte, books and all in the company of my two very most favorite people.ever.
  Originally the outing had consisted of just us girls, but when David pulled in the driveway, home from work, just as I had clicked Annabelle’s carseat buckles, I, very and  nondiscreetly –jumped for joy. Which is very typical of me.
" Oh goody then we can all go to see the Peonies…" Was my enthusiastic greeting.
  Now my husband on any given day would probably much rather be(in his very own words) " home pulling weeds than well, off sniffing poenies or perusing the dusty corners of antique stores. Except for one thing, the tiny fact that he loves me, and when the Bible says " Husbands love your life as Christ loved the church and layed down his life for it…" He actually does that. He is a remarkable man, to say the least.
And so off we went… Before we left I told him the street address, asked if he thought it would be hard to find? The advertisment read " in route to Fairgrounds – 292nd Wy. SE…" Okay, we know where that is. Easy.
(A very long Pause……………………is inserted here for effect! ) 
Two hours and 13 minutes later, after stopping twice to ask for directions…we still hadn’t found the place. And we had been on 3 different 292nd’s…How the heck many 292nd’s can there be in a small dairy farming town anyway? We gave up on finding it around a quarter after five, realizing that even if we did find ‘ Twin Creek Peony Farm ‘ it will have been closed for 15 minutes now.
I was highly distraught. 
  Then I remembered that the antique stores downtown on a Saturday afternoon, close early.
 David, on the other hand was highly amused and having a grand time.
  The entire time we were driving around, not finding the Peony farm, he was mercilessly teasing me, saying I’d wanted peonies so badly that I’d dreamed the whole thing up. The place only existed in my imagination, etc.
We were laughing until we were crying over the bizzarity ( I’m sorry, it’s the only way I can think of to describe it) of this non existent peony farm.  Well, maybe I was just crying but anyway, he promised we’d come back tommorow, after he had throughly consulted his almighty Thomas Guide that we were to good for and had left at home on the kitchen table because it was going to be such a easy place to find…
We both learned a profound lesson that day. 
 " In route to the fairgrounds " could mean a lot of different things, depending on the distance and direction you were coming from. 
In a courageous attempt to mend what he would tell you was my "broken heart," he offered to drive out to my favorite library. It’s the biggest one in our area.  
I told you he was an amazing man.
…As I slipped into a world of peace and quiet, a world of beauty and wisdom, and all of it, "free" for the lending, also known as your friendly neighborhood library, I pondered things like this…
" Ahhhh…. what a comfort to know I will always be able to find a library…just follow the little blue signs, they bring you safely to it’s very doorstep…
now, where should I start?
I could happily spend hours ( okay, maybe not hours, but at least minutes, until my lovely little Annabelle needed to eat again )searching through these lovely shelves and then more hours searching through the lovely pages of the books that live on the lovely shelves…" 
  I slip my first book into my basket…it looks so good. I am going to go home and read it right away. (well okay, right after I make dinner and put Annabelle to bed) 
   Now, onto the next book…I consume books like children consume Halloween candy, one is never enough…come to think of it, neither is 15.
(short pause …. for effect)
"…the Maple Valley library will be closing in two minutes…please bring your items to the front for check-out. Thank you…We will be open tommorow from…"
I quickly grab 4 more books…and race to the check out, afraid that the computers may shut down automatically at 5 and I might not be able to check out. The nice librarian lady assures me that,
" it’s not to late too check out honey,"
asks for my library card, smiles…I am so relieved, we were just in the nick of time…ahh, you blessed library! 
" I am sorry honey, but you have reached your allowed limit of fines…"
" Oh dear, I don’t have any cash.  And I don’t even have the time to go out and search in the seat cracks of the car for loose change…Can you please (gulp) hold these books for me until (gulp) tommorow?" 
" I sure can sweetie!
" Thank you." (sniff)
As I return to the car empty handed, David asks with a suprised look, " Chelle girl, where are all your books?"
" They close at 5 on Saturdays (sniff) and  I have too many fines and no cash to pay them with (sniff, sniff)."
 " Sorry sweets, we can always come back tomrrow."
In retrospect,  tell me really, what can top driving around for two hours, looking for peony farms, laughing yourself silly, with your best friend, on a beautiful summer afternoon, with your baby cooing at the sunbeams in the back seat.?
Not much. 

15 Comments to “A Well Foiled Outing…”

  1. I\’m sorry you didn\’t get to do what you wanted to, I think everyone has those days. If I could I would give you a really big hug 🙂

  2. Oh Chelle! You wrote me such a sweet em and I thought that you had had a most perfect weekend just from your happiness that was evident. It\’s funny beacuse I have done each of these things and one in particular just yesterday evening. I\’ll em it to you instead of writing a huge long post. I, like Tonya, want to just give you a big hug.
    {{{{{Chelle}}}}}  Feel better? 🙂
    Love you!

  3. Chelle dear, I laughed until I cried when I read this post. You have a knack for perfectly describing the events in your life, and even though it was pretty much a disaster, it is highly amusing when you recount it. I\’m so sorry you didn\’t find the peony farm, or get any library books, or a latte, or antique stores, but goodness! At least you got lost with David! And if David was lost, there is no way one of us mere mortal girls could have found that peony farm….even with the Thomas Guide.

  4. oh. sigh. it\’s not fair.

  5. you certainly saw the sweetness in your day anyway. Ü did you find  those peonies later?

  6. I\’m glad you made the best of your day, even though it didn\’t go as planned 🙂

  7. This is too funny..mostly because I can see myself doing the same thing.  How many times have I said, "Oh, this should be EASY to find!"  And of course, the library is the happiest refuge around…what is better than endless rows of books? Ah, I know, endless rows of FREE books!  We also love the children\’s section at our library…lots of fun board books to read (or chew on, whatever your preference might be!).  I\’d love to know some of your favorite authors…always love finding new ones!

  8. You are amazing!  I LOVE reading what you have to say!  You are extremely lucky and blessed (as am I).  I could really picture the three of you in your car and at the library.  Great blog Chelle.  Love your family.
    Thank you for stopping by my space, sorry I haven\’t been by in a while.  I\’ve barely had enough time to get on and do what I want with mine and seconds later, I\’m needed somewhere.
    Well, you take care.  Have a great summer!
    Love you!

  9. Thanks for stopping by. Your site is lovely, and your baby girl is gorgeous! We always wanted a girl but I guess it wasn\’t meant to be. Now I just have a house full of testoserone. LOL
    Have you always lived here in WA? We\’ve just been here two years. We are moving to Germany in a few weeks. It will be an adventure for sure. We\’ve never lived in another country.
    I voted for Aunt Tea\’s site. It was tough between her and the guy, but I thought her site was better overall.
    Great to meet you!

  10. Thanks so much for the book list!  I haven\’t read any of those, but I will definitely look for them on my next visit to the library.  Lately I have been reading a lot of light Christian fiction…it seems easier to just pick up here and there and not be so consumed by (and yes, reading a book can completely consume my focus!).  On of my all-time favorites is "Hinds Feet in High Places" (the allegory of Much Afraid–I cannot for the life of me think of the author right now!).  In non-fiction, I love "The Joy of Fearing God" (Jerry Bridges), "Desiring God" (John Piper), and "Knowing God" (Packer).
    In fiction, my favorites lately have been a series by Beverly Lewis.  It is the Abram\’s daughters series.  Gosh, I need to go through my shelves and think about what I have checked out lately, but I will definitely get back to you with more titles.  What genre do you prefer?  Or are you like me–I will read anything with words! 🙂
    In children\’s books we\’ve been reading:
    Moo, Baa, La La La (Sandra Boynton)
    The Bedtime Book (Sandra Boynton)
    Guess How Much I Love You
    Anything Curious George (Elizabeth\’s nursery is murals of Curious George)
    The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle)
    and lots of classic Little Golden Books

  11. Stopped over from Cassie\’s space! you have a great little space here! I\’ve had a fun read with my latte this morning!
    Do you go to Mars Hill Church? My nephew and his wife go there. Chris and Christy Campfield. Here is the link to their blog~ http://thecamps.blogspot.com/  I know it is a huge church but maybe you have run into them.
    Your baby girl is adorable! Such a precious gift from the Father! God is awesome, isn\’t He?
    And now . . .
    I wish for you faith . . .
    I send to you hope . . .
    And I share with you love from a joyful heart!
    Hugs & Blessings~  ~♥♥~ Saralee ~♥♥~

  12. *waves*   *HuGs*

  13. Hi there! Thanks for stoppin\’ by and sayin\’ hello~ your space is lovely! I would like to add you to my favorite blogs if I may? In reference to your post~ one little word can describe life\’s funny little ways And that word is ~IRONIC~.  Life is wonderfully full of mishaps and challenges that keep us on our toes. Too many times to count for me, anyway!
    Not sure if any of that made any sense or not~ oh well~ it\’s late and time for bed I suppose. Wishing you a great weekend and BTW~ love the pictures! Absolutely Angelic~ beautiful!
    Lee Ann

  14. Thanks for stopping by.What a delightful space you have.I enjoyed your story about the elusive peony farm trip.How fortunate that your Husband was enjoying himself.Usually things can get a little tense when things don\’t go as planned.Did you ever find out if it really exists?

  15. Chelle…
    First, I feel the same way about peonies…I have four of them in my back yard and I can\’t get enough of them.  Often, I get lost on the way out to my yard…lost in dishes, laundry, blogging…yuck.
    Next, libraries hold the same magic for me…all the possibilities…all the places I can travel to in my mind…endless…*sigh*…unless I have fines.  Then I am just a spectator to the world.
    Finally, I would have cried too at missing out on my wonderful plans…but it probably would not have been preceded by laughter.  More likely it would have gone…temper tantrum, pout, cry then laughter.  One of the things I like least about myself is that I throw temper tantrums.  One of the things I like best is that I get over them almost instantly.  Some people would call me moody.  I say quicksilver ;D

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