" There is a childhood into which we have to grow, just as there is a childhood which we must leave behind. One is a childishness from which but few of those who are counted wisest among men have freed themselves. The other is a child-likeness, which is the highest gained."
-George MacDonald

5 Comments to “Child-likeness”

  1. I love it! It\’s so true!

  2. wow. and lovely.

  3. If you would simply like to come by and visit that would be just fine.  But I see that you read Christian Literature.  I may try to strong-arm you into a review sometime.
    Your child is beautiful.
    Miss Bookworm
    PS: Carolyn Roehm\’s book is one of the most beautiful books I\’ve ever seen.  It makes me swoon.

  4. Children\’s books?  I\’m glad that you are a fan because that is an area I am a little hazy on.
    A list would be great or a review.
    My theme for July is Independence–however you want to read into that.  Let me know if you think of something inspired. 
    Miss Bookworm

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