Early Morning Musings

  I am staring at the blinking cursor on what used to be a empty screen, that I actually prefer to think of as a blank piece of paper. It thrills me to think of the possibilities. I like to imagine that what I am about to say could potentialy, even in the smallest sense,  change someones life. Perhaps what I am about to write willl cause a certain inward sigh or nod that means, oh I can relate to what you are saying , you just put words to my feelings… or, happy thought, maybe  even cause the release of a stray giggle …better still, the slow lingering  smile…the kind that goes genuinely unnoticed, but only to yourself.
  It’s 5:50 am. Sadly, I can count on one hand the amount of times I have had a load of laundry going, clean hair, two gifts wrapped and outfits for the three of us laid out and ready to wear to church,  by this time of the morning. Even as I congradulate my self for being so well organized and ahead of schedule, I have to laugh becuase I know that after planning so far ahead we’ll still end up being 5-10 minutes late for church, on account of the fact that the first outfit  laying on the bed, ironed and ready is not the one I am  wearing (((( 6 outfits later )))), or is it?
  The birds outside our bedroom window woke me up this morning. Well technically Annabelle woke me up, the birds just kept me awake. I wish you could hear them. They sound so completely, and unashamedly happy. The singing in the shower at the top of your lungs because with the –  door shut, water running and fan going you don’t think anyone can here you, kind of happy. Only melodious. Perfect. This must be their favorite time of the day. A time of day, I am observing that is owned by a mysterious gray mist albeit only for a short moment, as the early morning sunlight is now gradualy overtaking it. It’s so  peaceful. What I miss by always sleeping through these early morning hours…
  I just tip-toed into the bedroom to check on my little family. Both soundly asleep. There heads are almost together, and both facing the same direction, tilted at a similar angle. Their faces mirror eachothers…It’s like seeing the same face twice, only Annabelle’s of course on a much smaller scale. She is laying next to him on the bed with her arms sprawled out above her head, one of her tiny hands, securely covered by his rugged and workworn one. Never in my life have I ever seen anything so beautiful. So beautiful it hurts.
Such are the small glories of a early Sunday morning.  

8 Comments to “Early Morning Musings”

  1. Your writing did have an effect on me,it was beautiful,almost as if i was there to observe these things for myself. Early quiet moments alone are a rare gift,I imagine especially for a mother  of a small child.Glad you got to enjoy this one.

  2. i can just see you tip toeing through your house this morning. Ü
    i couldn\’t believe it when i read about dropping your camera! you\’re getting a new one?
    the sooner the better eh?

  3. I know what you are talking about, well with the early morning tip toeing through the house, I will surely love it even more when Madison is here and I can view such a moment as her and her daddy laying together. I don\’t get these mornings often because hubby works nights and and I usually sleep in, there are those special rare occasions that I do find myself up really early and listening to the birds or watching the squirrels in the front yard gathering food. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday.

  4. I can understand the early morning thing, but 5:50? There is no way that I\’m even alert enough at that time to even put a coherent thought together. 🙂 I\’m deffinitely not a morning person. But there is a peacefulness and joy that comes with dawn. I bet you\’re looking forward to when David stops working nights and you guys can get back to regular sleeping hours.
    Why is it that we can plan to wear one outfit for days and then when the time comes we have to try on at least 6 more? I don\’t understand it. 🙂
    Love to you!

  5. you have changed me.
    and I think early morning are profound. it\’s just a matter of getting there these days. 🙂

  6. You are so eloquent for 5:50 in the morning!  Sounds like a lovely morning, and I can almost picture your hubby and Annabelle in the bed….isn\’t there something so incredible about seeing your sweet daughter and your husband snuggled together.  It gets me every time.  Hope the rest of your Sunday was lovely and relaxing!

  7. Really…just lovely Chelle!
    Birdsong is the very best part of sleeping with the windows open…hmmmmm…watching the curtains blow in the wind and the sound of leaves brushing each other in passing is lovely too…
    Your entry today was poetic and charming and a vehicle into your world.  Tani is right…it was just like being there!
    I, too, love the site of my bestest people cuddling in bed…it happens often…even with our 5 year old.
    Hope your Sunday was perfect…fyi..the world would stop spinning if we managed to pick just one outfit and stick with it.  You don\’t want to mess with orbits do you???
    p.s.  I have made my site private for a bit…if you visit, just click the yes box to request access…I would be sad if you didn\’t come for tea and snickerdoodles.  Which reminds me…I made them again, but was short flour so I had to use some whole wheat flour.  They tasted the same and they had very pretty little flecks in them!  Happy mistake.  Plus, I got to pretend they were healthy…

  8. Chelle,
    This post is so beautiful I have goosebumps.
    I feel like that sometimes now, just to see the hubs sleeping, or laughing at a show or whatever. Then I think oh how nice this would be with a mini version of us…. sigh. Can\’t even wait!
    Thanks for sharing, so glad I found you!

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