Odds and Ends…

 What I am about to list, in no particular order, are a bunch thoughts, small ponderings if you will, that have struck and stuck with me through the week. A kind of random snapshot into my heart and mind.
" His mercies are new every morning…and I see that in the pansies and emails around me." -quote from a email received from a dear friend of mine
Let’s set the stage: A very messy kitchen. With company about to arrive. 
And a very kind husband helping me tidy it up. 
Michelle: " Well you certainly didn’t marry for my efficiency now did you? "
David: " No I did not." 
( wisely and quickly followed by:)
David:  " I married you because I absolutely adore you."
David and I, silently laughing into each other’s eyes as we listen to our 4 month old daughter singing in baby talk, along with the radio from her carseat. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and I was laughing and crying both, at the same time. I love it when that happens.
Phone chats with a far away friend, dreaming together about well, pretty much everything. Keeping each other company while tending to our babies and dealing with the ever present pile of laundry. Oh the joys of multi-tasking moms!
The following are three blog names that I have run across recently, that I got a kick out of :

"The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."

Jill Churchill

a quote discovered here

The lovely bouquet full of pink, on my kitchen table, picked from my very own yard.
A celebration thrown for my childhood chum, upon the occasion of her graduation from College and for her most recent discovery, actually two most recent discoverieswhich at this time must remain most confidential. 
 No sparkling laughter from Anniebelles yet, only what I have patiently dubbed, half-giggles.
Crawling into bed last night, with the window cracked open…a little sigh of pure contentment, as I heard the soft pattering of rain on our roof…there is nothing more soothing to me than being lulled to sleep by a gentle summer’s night rain. 
A enchanting and whimsical post that  I happened upon this morning, that brought me, sheer delight… 
How about you? Please do tell of your own small ponderings.

13 Comments to “Odds and Ends…”

  1. Every time you say something about your little angel Annabelle, it makes me more and more excited about having my own little angel! I also love to fall asleep to the sound of rain, it is the most soothing sound.

  2. I so adore your postings!  Such beauty with the gentle heart of a writer.  I am a budding writer myself and I appreciate your words.  Thanks for checking in on me!  I am doing well, just a busy bee and trying to get stuff done so I can travel to the beautiful Pacific Northwest Thursday to surprise my Dad for Father\’s Day.  I\’m excited, just running around like a chicken.  I hope you are well, it sounds like life is beautiful for you right now and I am ever so glad.  Take good care and I will post again soon…promise!

  3. My small ponderings for today:
    Why is formatting and submitting a resume such an involved task? Why can\’t everybody just admit that Microsoft rules the world and stop requesting submissions in, say, Plain Text format?
    Babies are wonderful. Babies that weigh a mere two pounds are a wonder.
    Rice crackers and mint patties do mix.
    It is impossible to talk to a real, live person at the Federal Loan Consolidation Center without being put on hold multiple times and for at least 15 minutes.
    Just when you thought you had all the nicknames you can handle, somebody goes and starts calling you "Sister Spider." She may be only three, but why Sister Spider? Oh yes, and "Bunhead." It\’s not a bun, thank you very much. It\’s a variation on a French Twist.

  4. I love this post. Every sentence of it. It\’s like the rain on my face you were talking about on your roof.
    (I love the Churchhill quote, I had it on my fridge for ages. )

  5. Chelle, I am certain now that no bad thoughts ever cross your mind. 🙂 I don\’t think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing someone as thoughtful, sweet, and wonderful as you. Your\’s is a wonderful post and a blessing of a blog. (giggle) I\’m so glad that we\’re friends.
    Love and hugs,

  6. I ended up not doing the whole pedicure thing, I can\’t reach my feet that well anymore! 🙂 I\’ll try to keep things as open as I can, I don\’t know how well that will go. Thanks for the advice!

  7. first, thank you for your comment about rejection! *smile*
    and my pondering is – how I woke this morning to the birds calling out, and thought, \’it\’s too early" in a whiny inner-voice, and tried to muffle the morning sounds, until they became so serenly lovely, I opened my ears, opened up my chest, breathed in, stretched, and got out of bed to drinnk Deep Creek Blend coffee, and enjoy the morning mists.

  8. I have read the ponderings,and find you to be charming,but then I already thaught that,LOL I am intrigued by the blog if I ever get out of my pajamas,Will hurry on over and check it out.

  9. My thoughts right now Chelle, are not the most appetizing, but I\’m thinking how good peanut butter and pickles sound right about now! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. yay! camera! so….what did you get?
    looking forward to seeing your photos!
    i\’ll be popping in and out quickly for a few days, i will have house guests for a few days.

  11. Chelle…
    I was wandering through my garden today and thought of you.  I looked at my peonies just about to burst into bloom and I know that they are going to be the most ostentatious shade of pink with cheery yellow centers.  I looked over at my shade garden and sighed over my irises.  They are not my favourite in the garden once they bloom.  They are definitely a flower that is more charming in the promise of bloom rather than in full-blown flower.  Unlike my dahlias which will be all blowsy gorgeousness in about 6 weeks.
    When I read your thought about your flowers, I wondered what they were and what your yard looked like.  Do all your flowers have personalities and good sides too?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  It was like sitting in a corner of your kitchen, just watching a life happen.

  12. p.s.  I went by your home inspiration blog and had a question.  I will leave my e-mail address for you…you are welcome to use it if you like.  (or not if you would rather not…)

  13. I leave this afternoon, so I wanted to stop by and say HI!! Hopefully I\’ll talk to you again this week, if not you\’ll be in my thoughts!! Big hugs and love, Tonya

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