Friday’s To-Do’s

Grocery Shop …our lettuce is all gone and cherries are on sale, need ingredients for German Chocolate Cheesecake, and don’t forget cupon for a gallon of milk for 99 cents…oh and Father’s Day Cards.
Laundry … there is a pile half the size of Mt. Everest just waiting to be folded on the couch ( see above picture of Annabelle in laundry basket for visual, she was "helping" her mommy and enjoying the warmth of the clothing, fresh out of the dryer)
Pack our overnight bag…we are going to meet my Mom and Dad half way between their house and ours for the weekend.
Scrub the toilets and clean out under the guest room bed  …or is it clean out the toilets and scrub under the guest room bed ) before beloved Auntie Roo ( David’s Sister, here name is really Anna and we are nuts about her, all of us, because she is wonderful) arrives.
Make one German Chocolate Cheesecake… for friend  David ( who I call Dave –  it’s far too confusing for me to have two David’s at a time in one small house) because today is his birthday. He is a very close friend of ours. I especially love him for his compliments on my cooking. He may possibly my biggest fan, next to David. My fan club consists of exactly two members. He usually spends several evenings a week here with us. He and David lift weights out in the garage and I can here their male  grunts from inside the house with all the window and doors shut.  We also call Dave, Uncle Bair. Partly because he is an honorary uncle to Annabelle and partly because he is her Uncle-to-be. You see, Dave is also Auntie Roo’s very serious boy friend!
Figure out how to Turn on New Camera…  1. see users manual 2. Wait until Annabelle is taking her  long nap, it could take hours)
Make Dinner – On the menu tonight: Steak Fajitas with guacamole! We are celebrating because after waiting for months, we found out today that David has succesfully passed his first interview for the Seattle Fire Department…I am so proud of him I can hardly see straight! He has another interview in 10 days.
All that to the beautiful backdrop of the dearest cooing baby, the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice playing, and one tremendous thunderstorm. 
My life is a blessed one.

8 Comments to “Friday’s To-Do’s”

  1. Congratulations to David! Hurray for the interview! He will do wonderful, I\’m sure. How long is Aunt Anna staying? I bet you guys will have a wonderful time. I love the pictures taken with your new camera. I have such similar pictures of Olivia sitting in a laundry basket full of clothes fresh from the dryer, and about the same age too. 🙂
    I wish you had been with me yesterday. I had to go to Mount Pleasant to do a job for a friend and on the way there I passed the neatest looking antique store and decided that on my way home I would stop in and have a look around. It was so cool because the owner had planted a garden in front of this old house and the garden was full of old garden furniture, fountains, pottery, ect. It didn\’t even cross my mind until right now that I should have taken a picture! 😦 But once I went inside! It was full, floor to ceiling full, you and I could have spent hours and hours digging through linens, pictures, tin ceil tiles, old books, china, everything under the sun (this is where I found the plate rack). There were seven rooms full to the brim, the garden outside, two porches (one small and one gigantic), and a whole other building that must have been a garage or something. The garage like building was full of architctual salvage (my love), old tables, benches, china cupboards. It was wonderful. Unfortunatly, these all came with Mt. Pleasant prices, but it was fun to dream. Wish you had been here.
    Love you dear sister!

  2. HURRAH FOR DAVID!!!!!! Your husband is quite possibly the humblest and yet most accomplished man in the world!!!! I am utterly convinced that David is one of God\’s "golden boys"–everything he touches and sets his mind to turns to gold. God bless you both! WHAT AN AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!!! I know guys who have tried for years to get in this fire department and have never even passed the first test. This is truly wonderful!
    My list of Saturday to-do\’s includes: 1. Get the oil in my car changed. 2. Wash my car, because it has tongue marks–from cows–on it. Yes, cows licked my car. While it was at my parents\’ house. I thought it couldn\’t get any crazier than the (different) car I drove last year that had a cow butt print on one door because a cow tried to sit/lean on it. Warning: Parking a car in Idaho can be hazardous. You never know what the wild- and slightly domestic-life may do to it.

  3. Gosh! Missy May\’s comment was hilarious!
    Ok, here are a few things I forgot to mention in my last comment.
    1. you have to tell me that you commented on pictures! 🙂 The one\’s that are showing now were taken downtown Charleston in Marion Square during the Spoleto Festival and yes, I did make Olivia\’s dress. BTW, have you left comments one pictures in any other albums?
    2. Can I please have the recipe for German Chocolate Cheesecake? It sounds Divine!
    Give Annabelle kisses!

  4. Michelle! Did you  have something to do with me being featured this week???!!! I\’m in shock! I had no idea and they didn\’t let me know ahead of time! Arrrr….
    Ok, I\’m alright now, but you can surely bet on the fact that I will be calling you today! 🙂 Any suggestions for my space?
    Love to you darling!

  5. PLEASE come live next me? the background of your life being "the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice playing…." All of it…

  6. Happy Monday to you too and thanks for letting me know about Fairlight\’s nomination.  I\’m afraid I don\’t keep up with that sort of thing  very well, so I went right over and voted for her.  Very exciting.
    Miss bookworm

  7. Hang on a sec…
    You had a thunderstorm, the soundtrack to P&P AND German chocolate cheesecake on at the same time on the same day?  I wish you were my neighbour!
    It is lovely to imagine you with all your cherished loved ones around…hope the day was as wonderful as it sounds…

  8. How envious I am!  What a lovely picture to behold of what sounds like a perfect day!

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