one word

I am wondering…
if you were to write a post at this very moment but could only use one word,
 what would that one word be?

17 Comments to “one word”

  1. OREOS  : )
    Thanks for stopping by my space, and thanks for the advice on a new blog home.  I\’m checking into it.  I\’m going to add you to my blogs I visit – I hope that\’s ok.  If it\’s not, just let me know and I will remove you. 
    God bless : )

  2. cottage
    You know why! 🙂
    Love ya!

  3. Hey!  Thanks for stopping by!  I like making new friends too – blogging is too much fun! LOL 
    God bless : )

  4. came here from Aunt tea…
    pleased I did …I enjoyed looking at your darling baby ,she is so cute!
    it is good to be able to meet so many Christians on here &share with one another .I\’ll be back to read more of your posts soon & look for more photos taken with your new camera

  5. Mine would absolutely be "Vacation".

  6. Shenaganigins

  7. One word…..HOPE.  Thanks for visiting my space and for the kind comment you left in passing.  I love meeting new people and thought I\’d return the gesture.  And now, since I was carted directly to this post, I\’m going to traipse quietly through your space for a bit.  Hope you don\’t mind my poking around some.

  8. SWEET.
    that would be my one word comment here. because you are sweet.

  9. oh and about CAMERA….
    i have a canon S2IS and a canon A700. the zoom and super macro on the S2 are great. on the 700, the size of the lcd screen, the smallness in my hand, the extra megapickle…nice also.

  10. well you\’re sweet even at this hour. i am having trouble with normal bedtime. i keep waking up early (before 8) and i am liking the morning! so….i am contemplating morning/latenight/bedtimes….might blog about it.
    but right now…i skipped dinner so i need a little bedtime snack.
    a pot of tea would be nice. i would need an oatmeal cookie or two. Ü
    does your daughter sleep through the night? (if you shared that somewhere, forgive me!)
    sweet dreams!

  11. That\’s a very good question.  I don\’t really know!
    Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  12. legacy–because that is what I just finished blogging about…the legacy my parents have left for me!  great pictures!

  13. One word…
    Yup.  That\’s it.  It is sort of word and so describes where I am at.
    p.s.  The benefit of that word is that it can also be chanted while sitting in the lotus position for morning yoga…maybe I\’ll try it tomorrow…

  14. Passion
    (I mean for life…not sex)
    Thank you for coming by my space and leaving your llist of simple pleasures!l

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