A Weekend Camp-out…

We just got back from the greatest camping trip of all time.

It was ideal. The kind of camping trip that you would only read about in fairytales. It was too-good-to-be true, and went off without a single glitch.

And this is why:

1.) Our campsite was very private. In fact, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

2.) The weather was perfect. Sunshine-y and hot during the day and cool and clear overnight…

3.) With awesome views… of course what vista isn’t gorgeous, with Mt. Rainer as it’s back-drop?

We saw the most amazing golden, ruby-red sunset which quietly turned into most radiant display of stars. The sky was like jet-black velvet, sprinkled with small diamond specks…I was so intrigued with the trees that surrounded our campsite. David thought they might be alder’s. They were lovely and tall with branches and leaves that in the shadows resembled fine lace…

4.) There were only 3 mosquitoes.

5.) The amenities were amazing. (there was no such thing as having to use the great-out doors )

6.) The food was great. Hamburger’s with all the trimmings.( Even avocados) Coffee and Lemon Cake, topped with vanilla pudding and strawberries for breakfast and fresh-squeezed lemonade to refresh us from the sultry afternoon heat.

7.) One of my very favorite things about camping…the way camping sounds…we enjoyed a symphony of birdsong, crickets, and rib-bit’s from a nearby pond, the crackle of the campfire, topped off by a long sigh of contentment.


Joke of the weekend: I happened to mention in passing to David that I thought the best place to "park" the tent was over where we would have some shade the following day. He must have thought that was funny as later on he yelled to me," honey I am just going to go pitch the truck, so we can park the tent."

Yes, it took me a while to figure it out too. Let’s just say that my camping lingo could use a little brushing up on. I suppose it would not come as a surprise to you either if I mentioned that my mother refers to me as " blonde at heart."


 David got caught up on some reading.

 Annabelle got lots of napping time in.

And I started writing the very first draft of my very first book. It’s a children’s book. A silly nonsense, alphabet sort of children’s book.  

We did a lot of laughing…funny how camping does that to a person.

It was a splendid, productive and relaxing time. Most of all, it was time spent together.

And that just so happens to be my favorite way to spend time.




That’s right, you’ve guessed it, this is indeed our very own back yard…

As they say, there’s no place like HOME!

After this lovely weekend we have added camping to our list of cheap thrills.





11 Comments to “A Weekend Camp-out…”

  1. *laughing*…….*still laughing*…….*crying*…..only 3 mosquitoes?!?!…*crying and turning green with envy*…poor Soph is cuddled up in her crib with my homemade mosquito remedy of oats, baking soda, ti-tree oil, calamine lotion and alcohol (to put her to sleep…just kidding) smeared on her from head to toe. The mosquitoes at our Provincial Park really kicked Soph in the butt this weekend. Next time, I am sending her to your back yard to camp!

    Chelle, your weekend sounds delicious! And I am not just talking about your breakfast. I can think of no more delightful place to park your tent. And look at your pretty flowers…take your camera for a walk around your campsite so that I can see what your gardens look like! Uhhhh…did that sound bossy? That\’s because it was. It is another of my less charming character traits…Please take your camera on a stroll through your yard. Please?

    Hope your Sunday continues on as delightfully…


  2. too fun…a camping trip in your own backyard…sounds like the most relaxing "trip" ever…no long drive!  we are campers…don\’t know when we will get out to do it again w/ Elizabeth…but who knows.  our last trip was with my hubby\’s family when i was 7 1/2 mos. pregnant…not the best experience….it was the hottest weekend of the entire summer, and i think we were at the loudest campsite EVER…on top of that it poured down rain the second night…and did i mention being up every 15 minutes to take the trek to the bathroom! 🙂  okay maybe it was every half hour…at least it created unforgettable memories!

  3. Ha ha ha ha toooooooo funny!  Camping at home….sounds like my idea of a good time. 
    God bless : )

  4. i love it!
    our kids camp in our yard, tent, camp fire etc. nice to have the plumbing so close.

  5. Saw your page on Carrie\’s Space. Just popping by to say hi.
    God bless

  6. Hi!! I\’m back! So glad you had a wonderful weekend. It\’s about 3 something in the morning and I\’m wide awake so I thought I would stop by. I missed your space while I was gone!

  7. I sat and looked through all the pictures and then I got to the last two and thought, no! They didn\’t! 🙂 It was good Chelle. You have such a wonderful way of writing things down. I\’m glad Annabelle\’s first camping experience went well. In the picture I was amazed that you actually brought Annabelle\’s pop up crib! But it was just out the back door, makes sense now. 🙂 But you guys did go to the lake? Wish you guys were going with us next weekend. More beside-the-house-and-have-all-the-amenities camping and more water for Annabelle to dip her toes into. I need to get busy. Realtor is coming Wed. (I think) and I have about 6 million things to do. Talk to you later today!
    Love you!

  8. I forgot to mention that I want to read your children\’s book! Please, please, please!!!!!

  9. You are just amazing!  Okay, great to hear that you are writing a book, send me a copy when you are done!  Camping sounds like so much fun!  My boys tried it, but in the middle of the city, it is just too noisy!
    Sorry that I\’ve been out for a while, things went a little haywire.  But I\’m back now, so here I am!  I love coming to your space to see what you are up to.
    Have a great summer!
    Hope you have more opportunities for camping!
    Love ya!

  10. What a wonderful time 🙂  I hope your week is just as sweet!

  11. Chelle-
    This is ridiculously cute. You and your hubby are so darling. I love how you enjoy all that life has to offer. Enjoy all these precious moments with you and sweet Anabelle she is a doll.
    Your breakfast looks totally delightfull, is your campsite taking reservations????

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