On being beaten up and and taken advantage of by BUGS…

" Men should stop fighting among themselves and start fighting insects."
                                                          – Luther Burbank
What do I do? Small black ants have taken over my kitchen.

8 Comments to “On being beaten up and and taken advantage of by BUGS…”

  1. I had that happen a while back and they just about drove me nuts! I\’m not really sure how I got rid of them, I just started cleaning with a bleach cleaner and they stopped invading.Hope you get rid of the little boogers!

  2. Good luck!  Ants (and all bugs) are just a pain, aren\’t they?
    I hope you have a nice week and are able to fight off the ant-invasion!

  3. I don\’t know about the ants…that stinks!  We have issues with them outside, but not so much inside…so far.  By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying "The Highlanders Last Song"…it is taking me a bit longer than some books I have read recently but thats because I want to savor and enjoy each word…it is wonderfully rich and deep.  Thanks for the recommendation.  Do you have any fun plans for the 4th of July?  Our family will be traveling to my parents\’ lake house to see my sis and her hub and my grandparents…should be fun!  Hope that the weather is as lovely there as it is here in IN…Elizabeth and I are savoring the sunshine…lots of long strolls and bike rides…and even afternoons spent sitting in the pool or on a blanket in the yard.

  4. Hi Chelle,
    How did David\’s interview go yesterday? I tried to call, left a message. Let me know what\’s going on.
    Love to you!
    PS. I would wipe down the insides and outsides of all of your cabinets, mop the floor, check all food containers to see if any are open, and leave no food out on the counters. Have you tried spraying the perimeter of the kitchen? We have that problem here too. Thankfully, after a thorough cleaning and maintaining it for a few days plus spraying, they disappeared.  hugs, Day*


  6. try terro…
    it\’s a sugar/borax bait. keep away from pets and children…but it works. takes patience tho. ants come eat, take it back to colony.

    1 quart water
    1 cup sugar
    1 tbls Boric Acid
    Mix then soak cotton balls and place in plastic container with holes at the bottom edges so ants can come & go freely. Put lid on plastic container to avoid evaporation! Store left over liquid in fridge and re-moisten cotton balls as needed.
    There…I have heard this works wonders.  Ed Lawrence is the Master Gardener for all the gardens for the government of Canada.  He has a call in show on our national radio…CBC…every Monday afternoon I think.  He is absolutely brilliant Chelle, You should tune in online someday…he has a lovely, gentle voice and knows soooooo much. 
    Good luck with the buggies…

  8. Hahaha…. I agree with you whole heartedly. Ants are the scourge of the earth. I have a few that don\’t just inhabit the kitchen, but can be found in the bedrooms, in my shoes- eating myshoes and on my clothing. And they are not afraid of the bugman!

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