Among the Flowers…

Often in either the morning or the evening, or both, you can find Annabelle and I out in the garden. With our noses in some flower, our hands covered with soil, squealing and pointing delightedly at any new discovery.
Always on the look-out for flower fairies.
This morning we tip-toed out to find our first sweet-pea of the summer in bloom. It’s amazing to me the difference one day makes. You see, Miss Sweet Pea’s fine blooms were no where in sight during yesterday morning’s garden stroll.
 And the other day we had a fairie sighting. At least we think we did. Upon closer examination of  a cluster of shirley poppies, something resembling a fine little fairy lad appeared, peeking at us shyly through the folds of a crimson petal but he vanished so suddenly that we cannot say for sure.

7 Comments to “Among the Flowers…”

  1. your new photos are more soothing than mine (they\’re very nice)
    my soothing will have to wait…todays new photos: heatwave.
    i\’m coming back to look at yours again, when i\’m not supposed to be making dinner!

  2. just reading this makes me eager to hear your childrens book… have you been in writing mood? been in writing mood????? Its just delightful.
    And my what a green thumb you have…

  3. I just found your website (Annabelle left a comment on my daughter\’s blog), but I am loving it! I love the way you write!

  4. Chelle…
    You saw a Fairie???  Wonderful…of course, how could the Fey Folk not love your garden?!?!  It is just stunning and elegant and gorgeous!  It gave me inspiration…I need more wispy in my gardens.  I will be heading to a greenhouse later to see what I can do about wispy!
    Thank you for the pictures…just lovely!  Evelyn is just so charming posing with her friend the blue hyacinth.
    You are so right about the garden changing so quickly!  It rained solid all day the other day *bliss* and yesterday was hot and sunny.  When Dean and I did our garden tour last night, we met all sorts of friends we had not yet seen this year!
    I do have a hint for the ants.  If I cannot find the recipe, I will leave you a link…just give me a moment…
    p.s.  Just wait until Annabelle can plant her own garden…she will think she is magic…

  5. Absolutely beautiful, great work on the garden. A green thumb I have not, but I am doing well with some trees and bushes lately, very suprisingly! I have 2 mimosa trees, a dogwood, a camilla tree and a now giant sized butterfly bush (who knew you were supposed to cut them back so far in the fall), anyhow, they are all doing lovely.
    Just dropping by, really enjoy your space!

  6. yes, you are still having the problem. have you tried taking off the media player? be sure to leave your site too. sometimes things don\’t reset until you do.
    maybe you should save blog content incase you end up locked up.!
    and links

  7. Your imagery is so beautiful!! I have always been in love with fairys and that is the perfect little image I have seen in awhile.

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