of flip-flops, chinese lanterns and apologies…

My apologies to each of you that had a scary message come up when you tried to get into my space yesterday.

I was triumphant, gloating, waltzing around the living room with Annabelle to Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable playing on my very own space. Victory in my eyes. I had not let that big bully Windows Media Player get the best of me.  No sir. After countless attempts that added up to countless hours of agony. ( once a sweet friend spent an entire afternoon helping me try to figure it out ) It was finally working. I have music playing. 

 A small, miracle. A lesson in preserverance, I thought. It has it’s rewards, I thought.

 Turns out to be a lesson in knowing when you’ve met your match and perhaps, accepting it.


Some small and wonderful discoveries of the week:


  • Baby Orajel
  • this song
  • Safeway Select Lemon Sherbet  ( David says this is the most dangerous discovery of the week…and claims he could eat a entire carton at one sitting…)
  • the meaning of the word: pluvial
  • that the best thing to do with a fussy baby on a very hot day is a nice cool bath!
  • a place called Quote Garden
  • How to kill Ants  ( thank you everyone )
  • The Scarlet Empress (a scrapbook store in downtown Olympia)
  • that I love to sit at the kitchen table late at night and  gaze out through my red french doors, to the two red Chinese lanterns glowing on my back porch…
  •  that after one week of wearing my new brown flip-flops, I am recommending Reefs to everyone I meet 
  • climbing up on the roof to take a picture of the sunset and having David come up after me to just sit on the ridge-line, in silent awe of sunsetting in the purplest, pinkest shade of orange I have ever seen.
  • One tiny pink-prick dimple that has appeared on the darling little chin of my baby girl
  • A  book full of 100 sticky love notes that I ran across in the grocery store called ‘ Stuck on You. ‘  I bought it and have been slipping them David’s lunch boxever since. A rare non-essential purchase for me but then really, what is more essential than being told or telling someone: I love You?



 We are on our way to ID for the weekend, to help bring in the hay, eat watermelon, wander through my Mom’s cottage garden, go to family night at the rodeo, watch the baby cousins interact with eachother, listen to the boys jokes, watch for falling stars, do lots of hugging, driving, picture taking, food and laughing in general.

 We will be home on the 5th.  I am going to leave you with pictures of David’s grandparents, that I have been editing in Picasa, I am copying a disc of pictures for our family. It’s a collection of pictures. My sister-in-law-just finished up one of those gorgeous photo books from shutterfly.  



8 Comments to “of flip-flops, chinese lanterns and apologies…”

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! About two years ago I helped with hauling some hay and man is that a job! It ended up being fun though because you get a real good work out and get to spend time with family. It was really a job for the boys but I had to just be there and help!

  2. idaho? i have family there.
    i just love visiting this space my dear. it\’s sweet. it warms me.
    the sunset photo is very nice.
    your daughter….wow. lovely.

  3. I love your photos!  The sunset is gorgeous!!  Thank you for sharing it.  And your daughter is simply beautiful!
    I hope you and your family have a really lovely weekend!

  4. Just dropping in to see if you all had a good Holiday! Alot of people are still on Holiday, lucky them. I\’m counting the days until our island trip to Hilton Head next week, I am hoping to get lots of good pictures to post! Talk to you later.
    Blessings and Good Wishes!

  5. hope all is well with you friend.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my space.  After reading your entries, I\’ve decided I want to come live with your family!  LOL.  Wonderful space you have here and I love meeting new people. And you have MUSIC.  I figured it out once, but had a slight accident, and now I can\’t remember how to get that on my space….sigh…Take care and God bless!

  7. Nice list of discoveries,hope you had a great weekend

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