In the words of John Ruskin…

" I wish you some new love of the lovely things and some new forgetfulness of the teasing things, and some higher pride in the praising things, and some sweeter peace from the hurrying things, and some closer fence from the worrying things."
– John Ruskin

8 Comments to “In the words of John Ruskin…”

  1. Nice quote, lovely sentiment.  Have a lovely rest-of-the week.

  2. I really enjoy the quotes you put on here. They are always so beautiful. Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Hello  my darling friend, I miss you too. We are still in OK, funeral was Monday. Computers here are terribly slow and family all around. No time for blogging or blog walking. So sorry. I will be so happy to sleep in my own bed and use my own computer, my own shower, own glasses, ect. 🙂 I\’ll call you when I get home. Mon. or Tues. probably. My brother and sister are coming home with us, so it will be crowded, but I will call none the less, since I love talking to you and so much to catch up on.
    Love to you!
    Glad you had a safe trip to Id. and you are home safely. Keep us in your prayers, lots of driving coming this weekend.

  4. It is wonderful to meet you as well!  I am really looking forward to making some great new friends.  I have really enjoyed looking through your site.  Your little girl is just beautiful!  I hope to talk with you again soon. God bless you and your family.

  5. Just stopping by to say good morning.

  6. so lovely to come to your beauty again. I want to do a bookclub with you! maybe we could meet up once a month at a middle distance?? 🙂 Wouldn\’t that be great?! I missed you!

  7. Chelle…
    Just stopping by to feel lovely!
    My mother-in-law…who, despite the many difficult things she brings to our lives, shares a love of books with myself and my girls.  She was a fantastic grade one teacher years ago and misses it daily.  The other day, she brought Miss Rumphius over to read to my girls.  I was in the kitchen, cleaning and listening to the wonderful story.  I am out to find it now and to look for the other books on your list…
    A red door and Chinese lanterns…sounds delicious…I would probably camp out at the view too…and you must know that that teeny, tiny pinprick dimple will surely be your downfall in years of thwarted discipline to come…how can you say no to a teeny, tiny, pinprick dimple?  Good luck!

  8. Okay, before I leave, I just have to tell you that the pictures of your flowers are absolutely beautiful!  And that white-picket fence, oh you are just living in a dream fairy-tale world aren\’t you!  It\’s great Chelle, I love what you post here.  You are so sweet, I wish I knew you in person, you seem so fun.
    Have a great Sunday!

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