No, It can’t be! Friday?

I am just getting my week started and here it is, already Friday. It came as a quite a shock yesterday when I was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone about taking a day trip up to see her. They live two and half hours from us. They are moving on Saturday (which is also tommorow), back to ID.
I mentioned that we girls were going to come up someday this week and help her pack.
When she dropped the bomb on me," uhhh…Chelle, tommorow is Friday and we are leaving early Sat. morning."
I was stunned…"okay…(processing)…yeah." This is the most Tuesday feeling Friday I have ever had, not that that makes any sense.
I am currently pretending that a normal work week only lasted three days…now,I really wouldn’t mind getting used to that.
So it’s off to finish folding the pile of laundry, that looks more like a small ocean, left over from our trip to ID.
We are out on a quilt in the back yard. Annabelle and I are firm believers in folding our clothes strictly in the sunshine of these very Tuesdayish Friday mornings. Well okay, I am the only one folding them. Anniebelles is too busy playing with her new orange hippo toy that dings ( you see, it has a tiny bell for it’s heart) to be of much help with the laundry.
What kind of a Friday are you having?

17 Comments to “No, It can’t be! Friday?”

  1. I have not been by for quite a while- what a lovely tuesdayish friday it sounds like you are having.  My little Missy managed to lock us in my room, and after trying for 45 min minutes to unlock the door we climbed out the window( we live on the bottom floor)… to find that the office was closed for lunch…. The kids had a wonderful time playing in the grass and being creative to keep busy.  We are back in our home now thank goodness!  I\’m glad that every friday doesn\’t have adventure like this- I\’d much rather be folding oceans of laundry from a trip to Idaho. 🙂
    long lost, MommyJ

  2. Someone tells me its friday, and I don\’t question I just roll with it! 🙂
    How darling are you and your pile of laundry, only you could make that sound delightful. Your crazy!! :
    I like getting distracting by daunting chores with hippos that ding to…
    My tuesday-ish Friday is the run around and get ready for VBS and a scrapbook night with the ladies kind of day Oh and return my house to some sort of normalcy after fondue disaster!:)

  3. and yes I totally stalk your blog… you feel like an old friend.

  4. Charis and I are having a wonderful friday! We got some houseowrk done this morning, and have spent the rest of the day, just playing around! It\’s almost nap time and I get to take one with her for once! yea! I know what you mean about it feeling like a tuesday. I am having a very hard time realizing it\’s friday too!

  5. Hi Chelle!  I have missed you all so much!  But, I am back and I hope to be able to get on the computer more often and blog.  I think I have gotten caught up on your goings on.  By the way I love your writing, I am an amateur writer myself and I just love the way you put your thoughts together.  I am feeling very inspired!  Talk to you soon.  Also, I feel it\’s time I properly introduce myself…my name is Sarah…
    And I did wave as I flew by Mt. Rainer a few weeks ago…beautiful sight, so was Mt. Saint Helens and Mount Hood!  Breathtaking!

  6. I love Fridays, it mean I get to spend a whole two days with my hubby! I never get to see him much since he works nights.

  7. I took off on a photo tour of the county I live in on this tousdayish kinda friday.No music polayed in the pickup,just soaking in the sights and sounds of nature when I was out walking around the old bridges.Have fun helping with the move.Well try to have fun,moving day is not usually much fun,LOL

  8. i have certainly spent this week, behind.i guess that happens during regular weeks too Ü
    love your mom\’s cottage garden. so perhaps you inherited the appreciation for the simple but lovely things in life.

  9. I completely understand the feeling like a "Tuesdayish-Friday" thing.  I came home from the lake yesterday…so imagine my surprise to wake up today to a Saturday morning with my hubby home and everything!  Your pictures from your 4th are great…by the way, while at the lake I finished "The Highlander\’s Last Song."  It is definitely going to be added to my all-time favorites list!  Actually I finished it while floating in the middle of a tranquil lake in the gorgeous sunshine…a wonderful hour or so!  Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I could definitly get used to a regular work week only lasting three days.  That would mean that the hubby would be home more.  Sounds like you and little Annabelle are having a relaxing day.  I fully agree that clothes folding can certainly be done outside.  Yesterday I took mine out to the porch and sat in the lawn furniture to fold.  Why waste a beautiful sunny summer day inside? Have a great rest of the weekend and God bless.

  11. What a cute story!  Our friday was pretty normal and okay.  I am sure glad when the weekend rolls around, I love being with my hubby!
    Thanks for stopping by.  The move of spaces is going good, almost done!!! I have albums to add, and thank you so much for the hint of who to visit for the tip.  I got my banners added!  I am very excited about all I have discovered during this week about spaces.  You really can do a lot with it.  I didn\’t change too many things, the bigest addition is the banners at the top.  Hopefully by next weekend, my new one will be open!
    Anyway, it really isn\’t that big of a deal, just a small switch.
    Hope your Saturday was good.  Did you get to see your sister-in-law?

  12. Hi! Just stopping by to see what you are up to this weekend. I hope your Friday ended well.

  13. I want a Friday like that!

     Fridays don\’t mean much to me bc my husband works the next morning. Funny story and I do believe I do that same thing every other week.

  15. Chelle! I\’m home! So glad to be home! 🙂 I can just see you and Annabelle out in the backyard folding the laundry and dinging the bell. I wish we had been there together. Why does it always seem that we are always doing laundry? Hum….a thought to ponder as I wander off to the laundry room to sort clothes from our trip to OK. 🙂
    Love and hugs my dear friend!

  16. Yeah, last week was messed up for us too – I was "off" the whole time, and DH actually emailed me from work to ask me "What day IS it, anyway?"  ROFL
    God bless : )

  17. is it still friday at your house? Ü

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