A quote-aholic comes out of the closet.

 I am toying with the idea of setting up a seperate collective, space, especially for quotes.
I have this crazy/bordeline obsession with good quotes. I collect them like, well, like most women collect cute shoes or jewelry.
 It would be like a sort of dictionary/encyclopedia or garden of quotes
What I  am wondering is if there is any interest in participation?
You could email me quotes and then I would post them from there.
We could have themes, a new one every week?
Please let me know what your thoughts are on this idea?!

10 Comments to “A quote-aholic comes out of the closet.”

  1. Coming from another quote-aholic 🙂 I think that it is a wonderful idea.  It would be so nice to have favorites all in one spot to peruse when in the mood for a nice relaxing afternoon.

  2. This is sounds like a great idea, even though I wouldn\’t be much help don\’t really have any favorite quote.

  3. I love the idea…I love quotes…I enjoyed your link to the "Quote Garden"….haven\’t had anywhere to really find great quote before.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. To bad I am not that good with quotes. I have a few I really like but nothing to wonderful.

  5. Thank you.. I think they are gorgeous too. (can\’t help being biased)

  6. Hi Chelle!
    As far as my participation in this – I think I would just read it.  Maybe now and then send you a quote, but really I don\’t find that many quotes.  But if you set it up, let me know, I\’ll definitely read it!
    By the way – my new blog is up!  You can go to my space to find the link for it!
    Thanks for the continued visits and the sweet things you said while I was working on it.
    God bless,

  7. Hello Chelle My Dear…
    I, too, am a quote aholic.  It is nearing 1 am and here I am still staring at my computer screen when I could be snuggled up next to Dean, dreaming Pirate-y dreams.  Instead, here I am after trying to find the perfect quote for the top of my site. 
    Actually…sidebar…what do you think of it?  It is by Shaw and I could not decide if it meant that God is all around in places we would not normally think of, or if he was saying that God is dead.  I prefer the former and that is the spirit in which I chose it.
    Whew…off topic…but, I would love to search out quotes…it is a hobby (read obsession) of mine too…
    p.s.  I saw Pirates.  It was a bit silly at first, but still great.  Lots of swashing and buckle-ling, shiny teeth and unwashed masses.  Hans Zimmer shone and my Johnny was yummy.  I am taking my mom to see it tomorrow.  We always go to Johnny Depp movies together so that she can drool in secret.

  8. I love the idea! I, too love quotes but didn\’t think anyone else was interested. I would enjoy reading them. I think you should go for it!

  9. I think that all of your ideas are inspired, Chelle dear. You know that! Do you even need to ask? 🙂

  10. I visit your site everyday, just to see which beautiful, calming image you may have been added or just to revisit the ones that you have up already. Thank you. Have a great day

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