A Brand new MSN Community/ Collective Space called:
Suggestions and Ideas and Quotes now GLADLY accepted.

7 Comments to “Introducing…”

  1. Wheeeee…
    Awesome idea Chelle!  I will start searching out quotes…but first I need to sleep some…up late last night (wink…I saw the time on your comment last night too…both of us up and about.  What time does hubby get home?  Do you stay up every night??)
    Hope you have a dreamy sleep tonight…

  2. Thanks for the input.  My in-laws just finished reading the book Love and Respect in a Sunday school class that they attend.  They told us it was really good.  I\’ll bet I could borrow it from them.  And it is always nice to have someone elses perspective in hard situations (especially when someone is coming to me for advice that I don\’t feel qualified to give).  I will suggest counceling and have her tell me what he says.

  3. I will definitely visit for quotes and add anything I might come across!  Thanks Chelle.

  4. Yay!  I will have to check this out when I am done here.
    And, "Wilton" Meringue Powder can be found at Wal-Mart I am pretty sure, you should be able to find it in the craft section in the cake decorating isle.  You can definitely find it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  Wilton is a brand of all sorts of wonderful cake decorating resources!  Here is a link to the webite for Wilton –
    See you later!

  5. Cool!  I will have to go check that out today!
    As for the pictures of my quilts….thanks!  I\’m glad you like them.  I am currently hand quilting that one for my sister in law.  After that I plan on making one for my mother in law – hopefully it will be done by Christmas lol.  She loooooves sheep.  Collects them.  I tried and tried to find sheep fabric to incorporate into her quilt, but can\’t find any anywhere!!  Do you have any ideas?  I even looked on ebay, but that stuff was so….I dunno….ugly LOL
    God bless : )

  6. HEY!!! I have great news!!! Come by my blog and read. I am so happy! Thank you for being there for us while we went through this.

  7. i will come by and linger soon. i love it here. Ü

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