Please pray. Pray. Pray. Pray.
David grew up with this guy, who is now serving in the United States Special Forces. He has a beautiful wife and darling little son who is 7 months old. They love Jesus with all their hearts. He had to leave his beloved little family for active duty in the Middle East. The baby was just a month and a half old. He told us it was the most excruciating thing he’s ever done. As I write this, he is in active combat somewhere in the Middle East.
I just heard this morning ( oh it breaks my hreart to say this ) that his little baby boy is very, very sick.  They couldn’t do anything for him at the hospital so had him life-flighted to the nearest children’s hospital. The specialist says he can’t figure it out…the little guys blood sugar level is shooting from a normal number to up past 200 and they don’t know why. For now they have him hooked up to all sorts of IVs and are just trying to stablize him. As you might have  already guessed, this is very much life-threatening.
We heard that the family was just able to make contact with the little boy’s Daddy. The only way he would be able to come home is if he can get leave from his comanding officer AND a helicopter would have to land where they are. From what we hear, that doesn’t happen very often. 
I can’t even imagine the fear & anguish they must be in.  
But God is so much bigger than all of this. Please pray for this Mommy and Daddy and their dear baby boy.  Right now, Jesus touch is his only hope. But then, that is all our only hope.


  1. Praying!! Doesn\’t it just seem so many precious people are under attack right now.
    I can\’t even begin to put myselves in there shoes!
    Not for a moment.
    So praying..

  2. praying
    Jesus hold them all
    in Your hands
    Please bring Daddy home
    Be Mommy\’s strength
    Restore Baby\’s health
    Give the medical personnel wisdom and compassion
    Shelter them in Your heart

  3. Oh…how terribly devastating.  For all of them.  So many miracles to pray for here…that baby is well and that Mommy has strength and that Daddy gets home.   
    All my thoughts, prayers and healing, uplifting energy is being sent their way.
    There is a family in my hometown grieving this week over the death of their only son in combat. 
    I am praying for peace for all of their hearts, and for peace in the hearts of the powers that be in this world so that Mother\’s and Father\’s and children never need be separated  because of war.
    Thank you for writing of this Chelle…it will be my betime meditation tonight.
    Be well…

  4. I pray that the little tyke gets all the medical help he needs,that they find a solution to his health problems,and that Daddy can get home to be with him,and be there to hold his dear wife.                                       It is a great sacrifice these brave soldiers make for our freedoms,and thier families bear the burdens of daddy/mommy\’s absence.It is a shame when one of them does not make it home,but even a worse tragidy to think of them losing a child while over there serving thier country. My thaughts and prayers go out to them,and all the other soldiers faced with these kinds of hardship.

  5. oh my. yes i will pray.
    (i just mentioned your space in my latest blog entry)

  6. This post made me want to cry. We will, of course, be praying for all of them. The baby, the family, and the father.

  7. Oh, that\’s so sad. It brings tears to my eyes becasue just him leaving is bad enough, I see that everyday, but that poor baby. That family will certainly be in my prayers tonight. I pray that the Lord puts his healing hands on that little baby.

  8. Certainly!!!  Please keep us posted!
    Sarah  🙂

  9. I will most definitely be praying…keep us posted!

  10. May the blessed mother hold that little one close to her heart and heal him with God\’s help.  I can\’t even imagine the horror those poor people are going through.  I hope that the little ones daddy gets home to his son.  And soon
    Came here thru Aunt Tea
    All my prayers

  11. Thank you so much everyone!
    I will post and update just as soon as we hear more…

  12. Just now saw this….and am praying!  Will check back for an update.
    God bless : )

  13. I feel so badly for them and will definately pray. Sometimes I forget people are going through things like this and it makes my problems seem so small. I really hope the doctors figure this all out soon

  14. praying…..
    let us know Chelle dear.

  15. I am praying for healing, safety, and peace for the family!  The Lord holds close to his heart all the little ones! 
    Keep us updated!

  16. Just saw this today.. will pray.  One note (my hubby just recovered from serious meningitis and it cause his blood sugar to spike too)..I will pray the doctors will discover what it is and act quickly.
    Lord, please hold this family in your hands.  Your healing powers know no bounds…"by his stripes we are healed."..Amen.

  17. Thanks for dropping by my space. 🙂 ALawys nice to meet another Christian online. I will pray for your friend………there prayed. Hope the daddy\’s managed to get leave and come home too. Please update and let us know how it all turns out. God bless you! 

  18. This entry touched me very deeply! I\’ll pray for them tonight.

  19. I found your site through Aunt Tea and just wanted to say that this entry just about broke my heart.  My prayer for the evening will be dedicated to this precious child and his family.  I am SO GLAD to have been directed to your blog site….I will definitely be coming back.  Blessings to you and yours.Angie

  20. Oh my how terrible an ordeal to have to endure!  I will be praying for their family as well.  Keep us updated.

  21. We will definitely be praying for this family.

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