As Promised, an update…

Thank you for praying! Your comments have so blessed my heart.
I am constantly blown away by the encouragement and support and frienship
 I have found here, in each of you. Jesus bless you all, deeply.
  1. God is so very good!
  2. And I am not surprised.
  3. Daddy will be holding his little son in his strong arms very soon. He is coming home tonight! That is nothing short of a miracle!
  4. Mommy told us that she is being carried by the Grace of God, says she has been given overwhleming strength and peace in the middle of all this fear and turmoil.
  5. The tests have come back and the doctors think that the intense glucose flucuations may be caused by a gland in baby boy’s brain, that controls both his blood sugar level and growth hormones. They say he will have to be on medication for the rest of his life, unless of course God heals him, which is what we are all hoping and praying for. His life is still in danger. I guess they say he is by no means out of the woods. It still remains to be seen how the wee guy reacts to the medication in the long run. The other possible tragedy in all this would be if his growth hormones aren’t working properly he may never develop. All of this is still undetermined and in the most tender hands of our Heavenly Father, who has only the lovingest things in mind for this precious little family. He sees the big picture and as hard as it is sometimes,  we just have to trust Him with that.
  6. Please keep this dear wee boy and his Mommy and Daddy in your prayers. They will be together once again so soon. I can’t begin to imagine…the relief, the joy, the pain, the comfort of having each other again, the decisions that will have to be made… 



10 Comments to “As Promised, an update…”

  1. Chelle,
      Thank you so much for the update!  I will continue to pray for the family.  I hope you, David, and Anabelle are well…and George too!
    Sarah  🙂

  2. Thank you for informing me that my space was listed on "What\’s Your Story."  I didn\’t know until I read your comment.  I love your site, and will visit often.  My daughter\’s name is Annabelle, too!  We call her Belle for short, after a very special grandmother in the family.  Your Annabelle is beautiful!

  3. I am so glad that father is coming home to be with his family. It feels like anything is possible when you have your family together and all of your support right there! We\’ll keep them in our prayers and in our hearts.

  4. I am so glad that the daddy got to come home! I have been praying and praying for this little boy, my love goes out to him.

  5. So glad to hear that Daddy is coming home to be with baby boy and mommy. Still praying and keep us updated.
    love you!

  6. I finally signed up for an account so that I can comment on your lovely  blog! Thanks for the update. I have been praying!

  7. Thank you so much for the update….the power of prayer truly overwhelms me at any given time.  I am so glad I found your site….what a blessing that is in and of itself.  I will continue to have this family in my daily and nightly prayers.Blessings to you and yours,Angie

  8. Praise God that the daddy is coming back. That\’s what I prayed for. Will continue to remember this little boy in prayer too.
    God bless you. 🙂

  9. I have been finding my self saying this over and over. GOD is Good! GOD is Great! Let us thank hiom for today! So happy to hear that the father will be home to support his wife and hug his child. It must have been sheer torture being far away helpless!.
    Will continue to pray for the baby.

  10. I  prayed and I am so glad.

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