An Updated Update

The doctors have re-diagnosed baby boy dear. They are now thinking that he has something called  " hyper insulin-ism. " It is actually the opposite of diabetes and they say, incredibly RARE. Instead of his blood sugar levels dropping below normal, they sky-rocket to a dangerously high number. They are going to give him a 48 trial period on a new medicine. If that doesn’t seem to be helping he will be life-flighted to a hospital in Philadelphia where they specialize this type of thing. If it does turn out to be hyper-insulinism instead of this gland in his brain, it is a much better prognosis and a huge answer to prayer.

Daddy is home, safe and sound. I guess he lost 30 lbs while he was in the Middle East. He said the water there, is too hot to drink. Can you imagine?!  

More good news, they aren’t going to make him go back. He will be re-assigned somewhere close to home!

The Daddy and Mommy asked us all to pray that baby boy’s appetite will come back. They are so encouraged by and thankful for the literally thousands of people that don’t even know them and yet are praying for and concerned about them. That’s you. Thank you


16 Comments to “An Updated Update”

  1. Praise the Lord that Daddy can stay home with his family!!  Still praying.

  2. WOW! Praise and thank you God!
    You are really sweet for sharing this with us. I do hope that this treatment works and the little baby gets better.
    Prayers will be with him.
    How are you keeping by the way

  3. Still praying..
    Glad Daddy is home..

  4. GOD IS WONDERFUL!! Thank you again, on the updated  update. I know the Lord will guide and protect this beautiful family. Will continue to pray.  You are such a sweet person to have requested this prayer for this very young family.  God Bless you too!!Angie

  5. What a huuuuuuuge blessing that Daddy can stay home now!  Praise God for that!  I\’ll continue to pray for baby boy.
    Thanks for your encouraging words over at my place.  I loved that quote.  So true, so true!! 
    God bless : )

  6. Thanks for the updating…I will definitely keep praying.  Also, the picture of Annabelle in her carseat (with the little hat slipping over her eyes) is TOO precious.  I can\’t tell you the number of times I\’ve opened the door to find Elizabeth completely in the dark…hat covering half her face…and she isn\’t even fussy or complaining.

  7. How wonderful! Daddy gets to stay home! I am still praying for the little boy. God is great isn\’t he!

  8. so good t hear the update!

  9. I\’m so glad this little lamb\’s daddy is back home with him.  This family will be in my prayers!

  10. Came through to see if there had been any resolution…it would seem that this is a time for people to learn that the wondering and the waiting is more difficult than the knowing.  Imagine all of us, and I am sure Mom and Dad feeling relief with this diagnosis.  At least now there is something to be DONE!  How wonderful.
    Oh, and Daddy is home.  It feels like a miracle.  And to not have to leave again…wonderful.
    The little family is still in my thoughts and prayers and I will be sending soothing, healing thoughts and energy their way…

  11. We are so glad to hear the good news! It\’s wonderful the family can be together again and there is a better diagnosis for the little one. We will still keep them all in our prayers and look forward to more updates!

  12. Wow.  It is so wonderful to hear that Daddy is home and that he will be able to stay closer to home when he has to leave again.  I\’m glad to hear that things seem to possibly be looking better.  I will keep the family in our prayers and look for updates.

  13. I came over via Aunt Tea…I will pray for this wonderful baby boy…
    God Bless you and yours..  🙂

  14. I must ask…do you find children\’s books by simply browsing in the library…or what do you do?  We need more delightful reading for Miss Elizabeth!

  15. Love the Holiday pictures, you have a gorgeous little angel there. I will keep baby boy in my prayers, thanks for keeping us updated! Best wishes and I\’ll check in later! Laura

  16. hi Chelle, is that your name?
    It\’s beginning to sound positive..that\’s good. M happy to hear daddy will be reposted near by! I think that the presence of a father is very important in the life of a child…it helps them feel secure…though I understand that at the same time a country needs its men in the force. WHat a dilemma eh.
    I continue to pray that the boy will do well…that he will be totally healed. My prayers with the family.

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