The Cheery and Indispensible Guest Book…


Please, do take a minute during your vist to skip over and sign my guest book, so I know you have been here and where I can find you. 
Thank you and a lovely day to you.

100 Comments to “The Cheery and Indispensible Guest Book…”

  1. I am so excited that you were nominated for Best Spaces 🙂 Yeah I did a dance when I saw Aunt Tea mention of it. As you know I love your space. I will vote for you as soon as I figure out where the vote button went 🙂

  2. I too have a darling 5 month old baby who is teething, and not taking it too well either. He has never been the best sleeper, but now, it\’s a rare occurence, poor little guy. The exhaustion is well worth it though every time he gives me a huge gummy grin. Best of luck.

  3. Ooooh, George MacDonald\’s "Highlander\’s Last Song" . . . goooooood stuff. I am always so excited to find someone else who is a George MacDonald fan. I want to read the unabridged version of this book. I\’ve read some other unabridged stuff of his online at the Christian Ethereal Library (or something like that).

  4. Ciao!
    Nice blog and what a cutie your baby is!!!!
    Found you via Best of MSN and thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your blogs!
    Hope you have a good summer and good luck with your rose garden!!!
    Ciao for now,
    Lissy in Italy

  5. Hey!Hello im Michelle im 18 years old and i dont remember how i got here but i looked at your pictures and let me tell you that your little daughter its just gorgeous, beautiful, really.Sorry if im not good in my writing but im from mexico.I also looked at the links or sites you recommended and they are awesome too =)Nice nice space, hope to talk to you some time and ill be visiting your space, reading and stuff =) Best of Wishes

  6. I stumbled on your site just yesterday and despite having a traveling husband,3 kids,dog,cat and a fish……..I managed to read everything you have written. You truly have a lovely outlook and your words inspired me to remember to find the beauty in simple pleasures. You have quite a knack for photography and writing. You do not seem like a 23 yr old, you seem to have some "old soul" in there somewhere. Anyway, I recommended your site to my very good friend and I know she will appreciate your writings as much as I have. Congrats on being chosen as a featured space! I am actually really more excited for the rest of us to find you. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your photos and just so you\’ll know you touched my heart and I am grateful.
    Keep on writing and I\’ll keep on reading!

  7. You are truly blessed may you always remember this.
    Teething solutions: get a small tooth brush and watch her fix her teething pain. It helps tremendously.

  8. First off I\’d like to say my "Hellos!"
    Secondly, how on EARTH do I set up a guestbook of my own on my space?  I just set up my space tonight and am so excited to get it up and running but besides the fact that I can\’t add any of my photos I can\’t seem to find all the neat little do-dads (including the Guestbook) that are all over your (and your friends) spaces.  Glittery Welcomes, sparkly this\’s and personalized that\’s….WOW…if you have a few minutes I\’d love a quick tutorial. I can\’t even seem to get my profile to load for me 😦  I apologize if I\’m posting this in an awkward place – but I saw your space and loved it…then thought "hey maybe SHE can help me!"
    Also I\’d like to add that you have a knack for taking great pics of your baby and hubby!  She\’s a cutie!

  9. Beautiful space–I\’ve enjoyed reading some of your entries!  I\’ll be back for sure!
    God bless you and your sweet family!

  10. Hello Annabelle\’s Mommy!  I am writing to you from Germany; I am an active duty Army officer stationed over here.  My fiance just got back from Afghanistan, and we\’re getting married in 31 days (I am so excited).  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your site.  Others have said it as well: you have such a wholesome, optimistic, happy demeanor that many of us lose as we get older (I\’m just 26, and it\’s getting harder to hold onto!).  Reading your site brought a smile to my face, and I wish you, your husband, and your daughter the very best life has to offer.

  11. Congratulations on being featured!  I\’ve only read your last post so far, but you definitely seem to have a pleasant outlook on life.  I\’m sure many readers need only look to you to brighten up their days!

  12. You have such a wonderful "space"  Thank you for reminding me that everyday has beauty in it\’s simplest form…a stolen kiss on the cheek, chubby baby hands.  Good luck with the teething!  It too will pass…

  13. "What matters the most" is the wonderful, refreshing faith you have. 😉  I enjoyed my visit here and will be sure to return again.  I so appreciate the prayer requests you\’re willing to share and think you may just be a woman who\’s ready in all seasons. Also loved your sharing of the creative writing books and have been busy copying them down.  Congratulations on being featured. 🙂   — Lisa 

  14. Just thought I\’d let you know I was here! Congradulations on everything!

  15. I plan to vote for you.  I choose my votes based on the ease of reading and looks, not so much the content.  Some people have way too much going on and it can be hard to read anything on their blog because of so much distraction i.e. different font sizes and colors etc.  Good luck and congrats on being featured!

  16. What a wonderful visit I had! It\’s like visiting on old friend and having a cup of tea! Miss Annabelle is a beautiful little one!  What sweet little cheeks!  My daughter is almost 5, so it all goes by so quickly! I will visit again soon!

  17. I was touched by your space. Found you via the What\’s Your Story" feature and am glad I dropped in. Your faith, your honesty, your optimisim.  Truly inspiring. I wish continued happiness to you and your family.
    Really enjoyed the music, too. 
    Thank you for making my day complete.

  18. Chelle…
    Beautiful song…just lovely.
    Of course.

  19. First, let me say, this is my first time on a blog – it\’s rather exciting!  It was so refreshing to hear you share your faith.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  My prayers are with you and your family.  It does my heart good to hear people openly express their thoughts on God and faith.   We are past the teehing stage (my son is 2 1/2 and my daugher is 16 years old!)  We are blessed with 2 wonderful kids!  There is nothing more magical than a super big hug from the little guy or a nod of approval from our daughter (and that\’s tough to get from a 16 year old!)  Just remember….this to shall pass!
    Good luck with the roses (I\’m not much of a green thumb!)
    God Bless!

  20. Faith sees the invisible,                believes the unbelievable                             and receives the impossible.                                                                                             ~ Corrie ten Boom
    One of my favorites

  21. If I only visited the sight to hear the music, it would be worth it.  My daughter is your age, and my grandson is 7 mths, so I loved your pictures.  I just continue to pray that my daughter and son-in-law will someday find Jesus.  Your faith is beautiful.
    Mamaw in Arkansas

  22. Hi,
    I enjoyed visiting your space. My children are grown, but I have a new great-niece and EVERYTHING she does is amazing!!! I know how you feel.

  23. I just entered my very first blog ever. I was scanning the "best sellers list" and your entry caught my eye. I, too, am a new mommy to a baby girl of 7 months. She has an 8 year old brother. I am inspired by you, and I\’m nearly ten years older than you. You seem to have everything together. You go girl!

  24. My secret fave smell:  Comet – I could sniff it til the imaginary cows come home.  Probably not a good thing but makes for a clean tub.
    And the Tale of Two Blogs is not one a contrast of wit or cleverness – far from it – I would say it\’s more one of sweet and sour.  Or optimism and cynicism.  Or faith and reason although in all 3 cases, I prefer to think not in juxtaposition but in tandem.  Like the taste of kettle corn.  Or the feeling of bungee jumping (perceived feeling of fully living enroute to meet one\’s Maker).
    My fave quotation has always remainedl "This above all, to thine own self be true." – Shakespeare (belongs on your Quoteable blog site if it isn\’t already there).  
    That\’s really all we can ever do.  In life and in blogging.  Enjoy your week and heaps new blog friends!

  25. I love your space and think you are a terrific mother who loves every moment with her child.  You also have a talent for writing, you make things sound wonderful.

  26. I love your blog and I love lists too! I have added you to my favorites!

  27. Hi Chelle – Just wanted to thank you for the visit and the encouraging words – they *did* help and sometimes "pep talks" are just what people need. 😉  Take care of you and family!  -Lisa

  28. Hey Chelle!
    Sorry I haven\’t been by in a while.  I\’ve seen you stopping by.  Thanks for that.  I will have to come back to read what you have.  You\’ve done so much since I was last here!  Hope you are doing well.  I\’ve been thinking about you and your dear little one.  Hope the teething is going alright.
    Talk to you more later.

  29. She is sooo lovely.Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and thoughts with us.
    My son is 7 months old and he kind of liked Annabelle from the picture. 🙂
    We just wanted to say hi and congratulations for the baby and her site.
    Sorry my son\’s space in Turkish (for relatives to follow his development), however yo may check the pictures.
    Have a wonderful life with your family.

  30. I just wanted to say that stumbling across your blog has been the highlight of my week!  You, dear one, remind me of myself 25 years ago, and I feel like I am revisiting my youth!  What a wonderful gift that is!  Enjoy these precious days with your little princess.. they are fleeting…

  31. What a sweet bit of blessing it was to find you this morning! To find another mom like myself who loves much of the same things I do is wonderful. I am a mother of three, an eighteen year old, a fifteen year old and a three year old. What an adventure God has given me! I am blessed everyday as you are and would love to add to your collection of wonderful things. Mine is: Holding your best friend\’s hand. Have a wonderful day, I will stop back by later. God Bless, Amber

  32. First blog I\’ve read!  I really, really enjoyed it!  (Enough to go through a million (?) "hoops" to sign your guest book.  Thanks from a 55 year old mom of a 29 year old son!

  33. Wow.  I found your blog while my children and husband were napping.  Your list of favorite books actually gave me pause to reflect on my own cool spititual life. (raised in a christian home…take it for granted…etc)  I have added you to my favorites, and will check in with you regularily for a cheerful comment and a reassurance that this in indeed Gods world, despite what we see on our evening news and cul-de-sacs!

  34. hello chelle,
    what a joy to read your space!
    i like the way you describe having a neighborhood of friends online and i like your very cool writing style.
     i\’m 41, married 10 years and have a 7-year old son. i love being a mom too.
    seeing your space featured as a cheerful place attracted me right away.
    congrats on all the wonderful insights you so generously share.  this is a great start to writing that book you mentioned!
    a new friend in the neighborhood,

  35. Hi,  I identify myself with yo in many ways, I\’m living in Ireland but I\’m originally from Peru, my husband is American and we have a beautifull baby boy  and other in the way…Congratulations for your space, is inspirational for many women, is amazing to have opportunity to konw people like you and sure many of us will be delighted to read your book someday…

  36. I am back again this evening to let you know what a blessing you are….a young mother who is in love with her husband, her child and God. To find a woman who loves Pottery barn, quilts, flowers and simple living is such a relief from the hurry, hurry life that so many  people are creating for themselves these days. I love that your husband is a man of God who knows how important it is for you to be the one to raise your daughter, not a babysitter. This life can be as complicated or as simple as we choose to live it. Live simply young woman! Live simply in the knowledge and beauty that you are giving and creating around you, not only for yourself but also for your family. That you for being willing to be transparent by putting this blog out there for people to see your heart. God wants that of us and He loves when we are willing to put ourselves out there for others. I will stop by again, Amber Always

  37. this is the first time i\’ve done this but i found ur site very inspiring it lifted my spirits. That\’s a great idea to write your blessings down. Children are a blessing from God. Even though i don\’t have kids yet. I find it amazing how i\’ve watched all the kids i\’ve been blessed to know grow and change and how they look at everything with wonder even the simplest things. Imagine if everyone would look at the world like that, how dif it would be.

  38. Hello Chelle
    My MSN page brought me to your space. It has been a delightful visit, like a moment in an open field on a sunny day. Your inner joy and love for your husband and daughter shine through each corner of your space. 

  39. I would add to your list "my daughters trust" and "my daughters smile/laugh"

  40. First off Congratulations on your little one. I too was 23 when my daughter was born, she is now 26 and has graduated from university. Where does the time go, seems like only yesterday we brought her home from the hospital on christmas day. Enjoy her and love her, for she will grow up all too quickly. Someday I hope to have grandchildren,but for now I enjoy the babies of my daughter\’s friends. I also have a son (21) who is mentally challenged and has a girlfriend/fiance (also mentally challenged), they have been together since high school. He wants to marry her one day and has said so to her dad. Someday I know this will happen. So many firsts in a child\’s life each as precious as the last,and each one a wonderful stepping stone, which sometimes brings tears of sadness (first day of Kindergarten, not a baby anymore) and other times tears of joy(graduating from university), and everything in between.God Bless your and your family.

  41. What an INSPIRATION!  You were really led to do your own blog, inspiring people who see and read it.  Not only your thoughts and wisdom, but pics of your sweet baby.  Continue on sharing a bit of heaven with the rest of us.
    Blessings to you and your darling family.

  42. Hey. I ended up here somehow and I just wanted to tell you how ADORABLE your little girl is.

  43. Being a mother of six(4 girls & lastley 2 boys) I can totally relate to all words & phrases you proclaim. I felt the same with all six and I do to this day.True love is giving life and nothing compares. God bless and two favorite words of mine were fever breaks. Take care

  44. Finally! If you check you statistics I have been here about 500 times trying to leave you a comment but it kept freezing on me and shutting down! Grrr…anyway, I was just stopping by to say hello and your Sunday pictures are cute. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Lots of hugs!

  45. Woo, nice writing.
    I like the song and hey, great work.
    Have fun with life~Chao!

  46. Loved your space! I have an 8 month old daughter, so I could relate to a lot of it. Very inspirational!

  47. Wandered here during the calm before the storm (kids napping)! Great space and great family. Congrats on the MSN Spaces feature! Cheers, Jessica

  48. Hello Chelle
       Thank you for your note in my space.  It is so nice to meet you and i love your space.  Your pictures are beautiful and your family is precious.   I noticed one of your books on your list was Barbara Clooneys, Miss Rumpius.  My daughters favorite books were written by her also. She is now 21 and in college.   Reading is so good .  Keep up the good work and enjoy these times when your little ones are so young.  It is so fleeting.  May God bless you and your family.   Oh by the way, Fairlight and my daughter are good friends, and that is how i found your space, by going to Fairlights.  🙂 for now, Linda 

  49. i really need food anc coffee right now so i shouldn\’t be visiting yet…so just poppin in. everyone\’s colors and schemes are normal today so looks better. have a question on my blog about the size of the display tho. not sure it looks the same to everyone.  ((hugs))

  50. i spent WAAYYYY too much time playing with my blog. what do you think? is it too shocking? the layout is very different. can\’t promise that i\’m done dragging things around. Ü

  51. yep, that\’s my little ol hand etc at my kitchen table. of course now i noticed it needs a little tweaking. we\’ll see how long i can hold out. Ü

  52. Dearest Chelle,
    Your sister LOVES YOU!!! XO\’s to both you and my BEAUTIFUL neice! (and I guess David can have a hug…lol)

  53. hey there chelle. how\’s it going? well i finally got home alll safe and sound and beings that i have internet now i was just snooping around when i came across you page…. nice. it\’s nice to see that some people actually can maintain one ( i can\’t always keep up with it.) it also looks like you get pleanty of visitors and feedback… how do you do it?
    oh well yeha so i jsut got  home from venezuela. did you hear that i have a girlfriend now? yep, surprising as that might be i do. mom seri and jud are in seattle right heling my gma move…. i opted to go work in montana with dad or i\’d come and visit you all over there…. it\’s been like forever since i saw David and you… ok well i\’ll let oyu go now but hope to hear from you soon. love ya, Dan

  54. Thank you for such an inspiring site! I especially love your music — do you by any chance have a list of songs you have played in the past month or so? Thanks. 🙂

  55. We miss you and Annabelle!  We hope everything is going well!  Talk to you soon!?!
    Renee and Morgan

  56. I just love to watch Annabelle grow,This last album sh seems to have matured alot,her facial expressions and everything seem to have matured from labor day,and that was only a week ago.Amazing.

  57. hugs hugs hugs to you. Ü

  58. Chelle, I am so glad you stumbled across my page because I have thoroughly enjoyed yours!  You have such a great outlook on life, beautiful flowers and such a precious girl.  Kids are such a blessing.  Please stop by again anytime!

  59. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Chelle, Happy Birthday to you! I love you my dear friend! I hope you have the happiest, most wonderfulest birthday ever! I wish I was there to help you celebrate.
    Lots of love, hugs, and kisses to you on this special day!

  60. Fairlight tells me its your B-day.happy B-day Chelle. I came by to tell you I love the new album of Annabelle.She is growing so much.I especially like #8.Such a cute picture.

  61. I love your site! Where do you find so many cool vintage pictures to use? Your little Annabelle is adorable!
    🙂 Andrea

  62. Dropping by again.  Thank you so much for passing on the link on my blog.  I cannot belive that someone else has blogged the similar birth experiences that I have including the same child\’s name LUKE.   I know it is a small world but it is getting smaller everytime this happens to me.  I will drop by her place and say hello!  Blessings!

  63. I love the new photos of Annabell!  She\’s a sweetie!

  64. It was good to see you had stopped by!  The box of leaves is such a sweet idea! 🙂  By the way, some people must have gone out and sent some cooler air down here!  This morning it was in the 50s!  We haven\’t seen that in a long time!  We actually wore jackets today!  Ha!  I think I heard the weatherman say the high is supposed to be in the high 60s.  Mmmm… what nice change.  Thank you mother nature!
    Well, have a great fallish October day!

  65. Hi!  This is my first visit to your page and I hope you don\’t mind me taking a peek in.  I have a daughter that was born just a short week before your sweet Annabelle.  Oh, isn\’t it a wonderful time?  Anyway, I hope you don\’t mind me taking a peek back and saying hi again from time to time.  Merry Christmas!

  66. Happy New Year Chelle!

  67. I\’m so glad you are home, dear friend! I can not tell you how much! I hope little Miss Annabelle is much much better. Call me soon!
    Love to you always,

  68. how in the world are you!?

  69. Hi!  Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you!  I hope things are good!

  70. Hi Chelle!
    Hope things are going good for you!
    Take care,

  71. Chelle…
    Was thinking of you and Anniebelles the other day.  You, Annabelle and snickerdoodles…I need to make some soon.
    I read your latest post and you are sounding as lovely as ever.  Baby them.  Soph has moved beyond those now.  She gives huge, smacking, whopper kisses.  Just as fun.  Just wait and see…
    Take lovely care of yourself…

  72. Chelle…
    Was thinking of you and Anniebelles the other day.  You, Annabelle and snickerdoodles…I need to make some soon.
    I read your latest post and you are sounding as lovely as ever.  Baby them.  Soph has moved beyond those now.  She gives huge, smacking, whopper kisses.  Just as fun.  Just wait and see…
    Take lovely care of yourself…

  73. Just thought I\’d stop by and say hi!  The new pictures are adorable!
    Have a good weekend!

  74. Happy Valentine\’s Day!

  75. Awww, thanks! I love it this way! It was soooo long and thick and I just couldn\’t take it anymore. This is the shortest I have ever had my hair. At first while I was at the salon I was so scared. I saw her cut this big 5 inch long chunk of hair and my heart started pounding! It\’s so funny how us girls can be so attached to our hair. hehe. But then I thought oh well, if I don\’t like it, it\’ll grow back! I am now so very happy I decided to get it cut instead of bolting out of that salon chair! hehe

  76. I attempted to add a picture and a bit of information about me but I don\’t know how successful my attepts were. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. It has been a while since I stopped in last. What pretty pictures you have of your darling girl! I enjoyed her little smiling face very much this morning. Have a blessed day!

  77. Oh the pictures are so adorable!  You got to love it…and Little People!  Lilla\’s favorite.  She\’s got so many we haven\’t even opened two of the boxes yet.  Crazy! 🙂  They are so fun though and good learning tools!

  78. I just love your springtime pics! She is getting so big! I bet she keeps you so busy!

  79. Chelle,….been a while since my last visit. Your site looks great. You are a trooper!. God Bless.

  80. Happy Easter to you my friend!
    Take care,

    Hi Chelle!  Thanks for stopping by my site by way of adorable Amy!!  I\’ve peeked around you space and you have a lovely daughter and a very cheery place here! 
    I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!! 
    Take care and I\’ll drop by again!

  82. Hi!  Found you through the featured spaces!  I love quotes too!!  And you have one of my favorites listed on your profile…blessed is he who laughs at himself, he will never ceased to be amused!  I love that one!  I enjoyed your space and I know I\’ll be back again soon.
    Fellow quote lover,
    Joell 🙂

  83. I was intrigued by your quotes and May Day basket picture. I used to hang MayDay baskets, but I thought no one did that anymore. It is so refreshing to see that wonderful tradition carried on.  And might I add your photgraphy is beautiful! Thanks for hosting such inspiration. 🙂

  84. very nice blog

  85. Just popped by to say Mother\’s Day.  You seem to make everything special for your family so I hope you enjoy your day.   Blessings!

  86. Chelle…Hello friend…It has been so long since I have been around the Spaces world.  Dean is out of town for the weekend, and because I have a hard time sleeping when he is not here, I thought it a perfect time to catch up.Before I forget…I love the picture of Anniebelle walking.  You should frame that and put it on her wall.  Congrats to the Happy Motorer, by the way.  It surely does change things when they become bipedal, doesn\’t it??As always, coming here is like taking a deep breath and finding that you have just inhaled sunshine.  I am happy that that has not changed.I imagine that now your yard is in full bloom.  My yard is slowly coming to life…bergenia and primroses are blooming and delphiniums, peonies and irises are just starting to green.  This weekend, I will plant my Calla lilies and my dahlias and hope for the best.  We are told that we might actually get snow on Monday, which…even for us, up here…is unusual.  If not, I will be outside planting my cold weather veggies and sweet talking my perennial friends.It was lovely to come by and visit and take a peek into your pretty world.I hope all is well.  Tell Annabelle that walking is ever so much friendlier when she wears sparkly shoes…Alison

  87. Your blog is beautiful.

  88. Ur blog is perdy (pretty) !!!!! ur baby is sooo cute!! 

  89. Hi Chelle,
    Just thought I\’d drop in and check on you.  Hope things are good and you are able to enjoy all the sweet moments this summer!

  90. Hello, beautiful space.  I love the pictures.  I come by way of Spaces Central and I\’m glad I stopped in.  Have a great day.God BLessLeah

  91. Hey Chelle, stopping by to say hello. Your space looks great. Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

  92. hey, love! i\’m totally enjoying your Space. so much so that i\’m setting one of my own up. i\’m sure i can link to you, so watch for me to do that… i so needed a pick-me-up today, and this was it! thanks a costco-load!

  93. The watermelon pictures, and all the rest, are just adorable!  What is not to love about summer!?!?
    Take care,,

  94. i really really really miss you Ü 

  95. cute video. Ü this morning i watched video of my now 16 year old when he was birth to one year. someday, he\’ll give me grandchildren Lord willin. 

  96. I had to say a big and sincere Thank You!!! for putting my book, Papercutting Techniques on your bedside table. I always wonder who has used it. I do lots of product design & I\’m working on my second book but I never know what happens once the art is done. So thank you for giving me a smile.Love your blog with its charming pictures and sweet stories. I had to check out  your friends\’ sites and found we are all definitely kindred spirits. I\’m a woman with a very strong faith, and I loved Amy\’s site and the wonderful book blog, too. In fact, I noticed she writes about Victoria Magazine, and oh my goodness, they were just in my studio for a photo shoot a few weeks ago! The article will be in the Jan/Feb issue, and I am tickled pink that they asked me to be Artist in Residence for 2008. That\’s always been my favorite magazine so I am blushing right down to the toes. But I\’m rambling…I just wanted to say thanks for enjoying my book and for sharing your blog. I enjoyed it greatly!Sharyn Sowell

  97. i miss you too! how is your family?

  98. Came by way of Elf Names and Shanna\’s space!  Like your layout and your family is beautiful!  Happy Holidays!

  99. I am just dropping by to say Hello…Christmas Blessings and enjoy the time with your little ones…so adorable!

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