Ups and Downs and In-betweens…

I am going to take advantage of this small window of opportunity called Nap Time and if nothing else, start a post. My little Anniebelle has had a terrible case of Cranky-teetingitise this week, and it has soundly, worn us out. Last night it felt like she was awake more more than she was asleep, crying her poor little baby eyes out. I think it may have been the worst night we have had, since she was born.  If I hadn’t been so groggy, I would have cried right along with her. Eventually after what felt like hours of rocking and bouncing and pacing and patting and humming and praying, I crawled back into bed only to find my poor husband sleeping with the pillow not under but over his head. She can get pretty loud and our house is very small. After several more rounds of screaming, Annabelle and  I ended up in the guest bed in the nursery and finally woke up to the phone ringing this morning, the blinked at the clock…5:24 am…it was David, he had overslept and was in such a panic to get out the door to work that he didn’t have time to kiss us goodbye. He said it was less than two minutes between the time he woke up and left for work.

First time mom speaking here, until last night,  I had no idea what a family affair teething can be. As soon as she wakes up for her nap, which hopefully won’t be for a long time we are on our way to the grocery store for two things.

  1.  a double shot iced coconut latte for me
  2.  and a bottle of infant tylenol for her



Besides teething we have been busy with several projects around here.  On Tuesday David bought me 14 English rose bushes. (pause here for a nice long sigh)  What can I say, they were on sale! And I am going to make a rose garden.  We knew we would have a our work cut out for us in planting them but so far we only have 4 left to put in the ground. More pictures to follow.

I put the finishing coat of paint on a bookshelf that David made for me (and yes, he is in fact the single most remarkable, skilled  and wonderful man ever! ) It looks like something straight out of the pottery barn catalog. I love it.


Annnabelle turned 5-Months Old on Tuesday.We celebrated with ice cream cones, heaping with lemon sherbert.

With each new day we fall more deeply in love with her. As David says " she’s our little person." She is the joy of our days and we both agreed last night as we were peeking in at her playing quietly in her crib " the cutest thing we have ever seen."  (emphasis on cutest AND ever) It’s a line that gets quoted in all different variations, on a daily basis around this little house. 

She completes our happiness.





14 Comments to “Ups and Downs and In-betweens…”

  1. Teething sucks. Tylenol is a good step. One of those teething rings that you keep in the fridge and one of those gels for the gums are a must. I think we used Orajel. If all else fails your finger rubbing on the sensitive area does the trick as well.
    By the way the way you ended your word is absolutely beautiful.
    Have a great weekend

  2. What a wonderful joy children are.  A new blessing everyday (even when they are teething:)  Get some good rest when you can and rejoyce in the fact that teething doesn\’t last forever but the love you have for your precious little Annabelle does. You have such an adorable family.  God bless!

  3. Oh Chelle! HOW in the WORLD do you make even teething sound like a beautiful thing? Ofcourse, I think that when Annabelle cries she is adorable, maybe that is your trick. I had one of those nights last night , but with my SEVEN year old. Poor little lady cried all night in her sleep! But all is well now, she saw the dentist and had to have that darn thing pulled. We talked about it and agreed that the only time we need sugar in our house is when we are having a birthday, or are at someone elses home for desert. Boy does that seems like a challange!
    Anyhow, give my love to that sweet baby-kins of yours (her auntie M misses her GREATLY!) and tell her that she has to give her mommy love for her auntie to you too!
    Faith says that she loves you and that little anniebelle is the prettiest baby she has ever seen!

  4. Oh, that poor baby! And poor you and David! I can\’t wait for Madison but I can wait for the teething!
    Love and hugs to you and Annabelle!
    Oh by the way, Happy 5 months Annabelle!

  5. One of the things that worked for me with my kids was letting them chew on frozen washcloths.  If you get the really cheap quality ones, they\’re pretty rough (don\’t use egyptian cotton, too soft); then get \’em soaking wet, and fold them in half twice.  Put them in the freezer overnight, but don\’t stack them on top of each other or you\’ll end-up with a big brick.  The cold numbs, and the rough fabric soothes: think of what happens to your mouth when you eat Cap\’n Crunch, and it does the same thing for the baby\’s gums.  It\’s like scratching that itch!  Good luck.  Everyone\’s right…it doesn\’t last too long.
    ~The other Annabelle\’s mom

  6. i hope you are all getting some sleep tonight!
    i was going to stir things up with the msn editors….but someone beat me to it. Ü

  7. Hi – I saw the note on Aunt Tea\’s site about you so I dropped by.  The English Roses sound awesome – I\’ll bet that will look great when you are done.  Good luck with the teething – we are finally up to the losing/getting new teeth stage.

  8. Poor Annabelle! And poor you and David! I know that sleep deprived state so well and I can\’t believe that you were even coherent enough to type. 🙂 You need to be taking a nap with baby A. and getting some rest. Mike has done the very same as David a few times. I think it\’s just the way it happens. I would definitely try some baby Orajel. Olivia hated it with a passion, try not to get any on her lip and maybe you will have better success than we did. Ice chips run through the blender work well too. Can I join you for an iced latte? 🙂
    Mom and Dad left this morning. Violet was beyond hysterical with leaving Olivia. I have never seen her that upset. Olivia did not know what to think with her that upset and sobbing. ugg. Not a good way to start what is looking to be a really long day. We have dinner at a friends house tonight that I need to cook for and laundry to run through and pack before someone sees the house. Wish you were here. Talk to you soon.
    hugs and lots of love,
    PS. Congratulations on being nominated. You know you have my vote, again and again. 🙂

  9. i definitely understand the teeting exhaustion…and the toll it takes on the WHOLE fam!  i also completely understand the emphasis on CUTEST and EVER…we have lots of conversations with those same words around our house! 🙂 

  10. I went through this two times and Tylenol was a MUST have! I hope you get to have a good night sleep! My oldest one is having nightmares now 😦 It\’s even worse than the teething stage!!!!
    My kids are the cutest too…hehehe…how can we LOVE them soooo much?

  11. Hello Chelle,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is so very fun being a mommy! We too, have had rounds of terrible teething spurts, in which baby orajel was at hand at all times…still no teeth for little Noah though…soon I am sure they will pop out and suprise us! I hope your dear little Anniebelle stops hurting soon! The picture of her and daddy enjoying a nice cone of ice cream is too cute! Noah loves vanilla, as granny will sneak him down the store a time or two heheh…Love to you and thank you so much for your comment! I too, look forward to many visits 🙂

  12. i know how it feels! when baby b was born, i thought it was going to be a big hassle. but now i am totally bonded with her. mom said the very same thing!

  13. Very cute anglic little girl one of  God\’s most precious gifts congratulations and GodBless youand your little family.

  14. Hey I love your space=)

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