An Introduction, A Praise and another Prayer Request…

I’d like you to meet someone. Actually, it is more like 4, going on 5 someones. These someones are very dear to us. In fact they are some of our closest friends. They also happen to be a part of our family. When you get a chance, please skip on over and say hello at:  My Freckled  Lemonade.
Pete is David’s younger brother and look-alike, most people think they are twins. Well they are sort-of. We call them 4-year Twins. Expect to see a striking resemblance.
Min (MinMom) is his sweet and beautiful wife and though technically she is my sister-in-law, I prefer to drop the -in-law part and simply claim her as my sister, because at heart that is just what she is to me. And I am so excited for her to meet all of you, I have told her about the amazing friendships I have made and how much fun it is to share little snap-shots from our everyday life with each other.
Then there is Boo, she is the oldest of all of Papa and Mor-Mor’s grandchildren, and so very dear to my heart. We love each other very much and have a very special bond. Some of our favorite things to do together are: dress up and dance around the living room to music from the Nut-Cracker Suite, make waffles, go for walks, pick berries and flowers, read Doctor Suess. I used to read to her, now she is reading to me.
She is my all-time favorite person in the world to have  slumber parties with!
Sonny is the family clown and cuddle-bug, all-boy, smart-as-a-whip, like his sissy, who he is quite in-love with and just full of life. His daddy has called him "wee-man," since he was born. Yeah, he’s pretty much of a crack-up and a darn cute one at that.
The littlest one of the family is getting very close to half way to his or her happy birth-day. Everyone loves this tiny person, who we haven’t even met yet.
They have just moved from our area in Wa. to the area in ID. that both our families are from. Big switch. They seem to be loving it so far. You can see for your self by clicking here.
I also have very wonderful news to report about the dear little family I asked you all to pray for earlier this week. The little tyke is home with his Mommy and his Daddy. He’s on medication and they are watching him very closely. So far whatever they are giving him seems to be helping enough for them to release him from the hospital. I can’t begin to imagine the joy and relief they must be feeling tonight. God is so faithful! Thank you all  more than I can say for your prayers for them. They have been answered in so many different ways.
Which brings me, if you wouldn’t mind, to one more prayer request. So we have this other really dear friend. David grew up with him. He met this beautiful, amazing girl and they fell madly in love and got engaged. They couldn’t have been happier. Then right before Christmas, they were snowboarding together and his fiance somehow lost control and hit a tree. She died instantly. Straight into the arms of Jesus who she loved deeply. 700 plus people attended her memorial service. 
We were shocked.Crushed. Devastated for our friend. And yet he has chosen to embrace the grief and pain, he is learning to live with it, and 7 months later is still clinging to Jesus, trusting Him, even though there are no more answers to the screaming whys than there were on the day he lost her.
David called him the other night and left a message,  just to remind him that we haven’t forgotten about his loss, that we love him and are still praying for him, that he is often in our thoughts. He texted messaged David back later to say: " Thank you. Your timing was perfect. I am just crying to hard right now to talk.  
I am asking you to pray for him. Today would have been their wedding day.

18 Comments to “An Introduction, A Praise and another Prayer Request…”

  1. Love the space!

  2. Chelle-
    Tears welled up in my eyes instantly. I can\’t even imagine. I will be praying for him.
    I trully can\’t imagine.

  3. ahhh. that\’s really tough.
    i hope you are all getting plenty of cool breezes and sleep.
    hmmmm….let you two pick the paint. if you painted my bedroom, would you match the paint to the quilt on my wall? it\’s the only nice thing in the room Ü
    well, a lovely idea anyway.

  4. I had already been to my freckled lemonade,I liked her space,it has the same happywith life feel that yours does.About the little tyke,I am glad he is home,and hope the medication is a sucess.Your friend\’s loos is unfathomable,who knows why these things happen.I am sure he will continue to learn acceptance,and hope he will move on to find another love to share his life with.i am sure the anniversary will always cause him grief,for all the what ifs that always come to mind.My thaughts go out to all who have lost thier soul mates.

  5. I\’m so happy to hear the little boy and his family are doing good as of right now, I will continue to pray for them. I will also most definitely pray for your dear friend who lost his fiance! How devastating that is, but God is now taking care of her in his loving arms, I pray that he finds ways to get through his loss. I can only imagine what it might feel like!
    As for my freckled lemonade…sweet, lovely blog!
    Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a lovely day today!

  6. PRAISE JESUS\’ NAME!!! I was so glad hear little baby boy is home with his mommy and daddy.  The Lord truly does work in absolutely wonderful ways!!! Tears were brought to my eyes when I read about David\’s friend, and the excruciating loss of his fiance….my family and I will keep him in our prayers.  I can\’t even begin to imagine what he is going through. God please help him!Will go and say hello to Freckled Lemonade!! Thanks for the invitation.Hope your baby girl is doing better with the teething, and hope you get some much needed rest.Angie

  7. You do have such a way with making us all cry. Such a sad sad story about David\’s friend. I can\’t begin to imagine. He will also be in our prayers. I\’m glad for the family of the little boy. I\’m so happy that they are home all together. I hope the Daddy gets to stay close by.
    I have been planning on stopping by "My freckled Lemonade" and will now have to do so. 🙂 I can\’t wait to meet her.
    About the nomination, I really can\’t say if I know one way or the other. What I do know for sure is that you are the most deserved of all people for this even though I\’m wanting to be selfish and keep you all to myself. 🙂
    Love, hugs, and kisses,

  8. That is so sad. I couldn\’t imagine. He is in my prayers.
    I am soooo happy for the littlte boy! I have been praying everyday for him, God is Great!

  9. I love your space!!!

  10. Of course we will pray for him. That is a loss that I can\’t truly fathom. there have been times I have thought about what I would do if something tragic happened to my husband and every time I give it up because it brings me to tears!
    We are of course saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the little boy and his family who are now at home and doing better!

  11. I will definitely be praying…thanks for the update on the little buddy whose daddy was away.  Also, I will definitely check out your sisters site…I must tell you that I am a bit jealous of your close relationship with your sister-in-law…I always dreamed of that…but so far, my in-law relations, while not bad…are also a bit odd…my hubby was not that close with his sister, and we haven\’t found a ton we have in common yet.  I think she thinks I am really strange because I am a believer…my in-laws are not believers…so perhaps this is part of the oddness…my hubby didn\’t become a believer until after he had moved out of home…anyway…

  12. Congradulations on being featured! Hope you are having a lovely Monday today!

  13. Congratulations.

  14. I absolutely adore your Space.  Congratulations on your honorific; I will certainly be back to visit!  Enjoy the kudos as they come in, and as the dust settles, please feel free to stop by!  I am a shy, neophyte disciple just beginning my path of spiritual discovery, and I am on the search for those with whom I may share a commonality.

  15. Wow.  Prayers are going up.  Glad to hear the littly guy is doing okay.  Sorry to hear about your friend\’s loss.  We will be keeping these in our prayers.
    Congrats by-the-way, on the nomination for What\’s Your Story"!  Good luck!  You\’ve got my vote!
    Love you.

  16. Praying for your friend and his grief…He is beloved of God.. Ps. 18 comes to mind.
    I am very glad the the little one is doing better too! Yay God!

  17. Congratulations on being featured on The Best of MSN Spaces! I really like your Space. I especially like the pics of you and your little baby sitting by the window reading and napping-So peaceful:)

  18. This post provokes a whole slew of emotions:
    Happy to meet your family
    Elated that the sweet little baby is home and safe
    Devasted by such sudden loss
    Sad for love lost
    My eyes over floweth. 😦

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