my (not so) little list of blessings infinite!

" The world is so full of a number of things,
I am sure we should all be as happy as kings." 
R. Lewis Stevenson

I  love to count things.
And I love lists.
 Have you ever stopped to count your blessings?
I have. I store away all my " small joys "
in a little blue and green tartan plaid notebook.
 And that notebook has become one of my dearest possesions.
I hope to write on the very last page someday.
 It’s amazing to me how so many little things make up our greatest happiness!
laughing until you’re crying…
attic rooms
a bouquet of pink tulips
Mountain Peaks
Bedtime Fairy Stories
Snow falling like diamonds
Doing Kartwheels
High Heels…Red Ones
The glow from a ruby red sunset
A Shooting Star 
Holding Daddy’s Hand
Rosy Cheeks
black licorice
A Croweded Sidewalk
An Open Field
Kissing Mommy’s Face Goodnight
A Sleeping Baby
Your Sleeping Baby
a rainy day(not days)
Shopping Downtown
clean underware
a double dare
a friendly pillow fight
A Warm Handshake
Climbing a Tree
Curious George

My Grandmother’s Handwriting
Hearing your baby laugh for the first time

A dripping ice cream cone
Whispered Secrets
Day Dreams
Running barefoot through the grass
a dip in the lake
Leading By Example
A dozen yellow roses
cowboy boots


a piggy-back ride
flying kites at the park
wild flowers
getting tickled till you almost pee your pants
daisy chains
Grandpa saying" You’re as cute as a bugs ear."
dried tears
falling in love
Sleeping out under the Stars
 how much kids love strawberry jell-o
the dance of waves
an autumn breeze
playing dress-up
A sticky note that says : I Love You
cinnamon rolls
making funny faces
sand castles
Thunder Storms
Blowing Kisses
jumping in a mud  puddle -why- because you felt like it
 a cup of coffee and a friend
it’s your birthday, and he remembered
snowball fights
red geraniums in a white window box
your very best friend
corn on the cob, buttered and salted
learning how to drive
Bible Stories
baby animals
being understood
playing in the woods
the blessing and curse of having a wild imagination
camping out…in the living room
Apple Blossoms
Goofy Uncles
An April Fools Joke
Your First Kiss
going berry picking
candy canes
The Sun on my Face
singing in the shower
washing dishes…with help
a pink striped hulla-hoop
Blue Sky
Sunday School
popcorn and a movie
 the rainbow after the rain
fairytale endings
sitting on the kitchen counter
red mittens
love letters
a listening ear
softly falling leaves
baby clothes
being silly

Dad’s stories
roller skates
Big Brothers
a smile from a stranger
peace and quiet
butterfly wings
the winter wind
perpetual joy
being tucked in
sweet dreams
looking on the bright side
a choir of birdsong
Christmas Morning
clam chowder
a long walk
Sail Boats
The Perfect Kodak Moment
the smell of freshly cut hay
smiley faces
a book you just can’t seem to put down
a toddlers vocabulary
your favorite song playing on the radio
eight hours of sleep
fireflies in a jar
Funny Toes
quiet people
seeing beauty in the ordinary
back scratches
holding a childs hand
the Seasons
gummy worms
packages in the mail
chocolate, in any form
belly buttons
 Common Sense
gold fish in a bowl
apple cider
cricket symphonies
looking on the bright side
deep thoughts
a blustery day
Dr. Suess
squirrles with question-mark tails
honey-nut cheerios
running on the beach…the sand beneath your toes
Your Guy, In a Tie
being on time
Sunday Morning Church
sheets hanging on the clothes line
fortune cookies
dancing around in the kitchen
a bottle of bubbles and hours of fun
a beautifully wrapped present
a pair of flowered capri’s
naked babies
my wedding ring
a water ballon fight
a sudden inspiration
 I have always wanted to write a book.
And if I ever did it would be made up of simple, floating thoughts like these. 
Intertwined with fitting and rich illustrations.
I am wondering, if I did would you read a book like that?
I am also wondering? What would you add to this list?
 All content is original
Copyright 2006

35 Comments to “my (not so) little list of blessings infinite!”

  1. you my dear, should write a book. two kinds of books. one for the world to read, and one for your loved ones to read…
    maybe after you write a book, and i write a book, we could write one together. Ü
    i   l   o   v   e   your list.
    a few bloggers have recently looked at their 101 lists and "expanded" on them. your list of small joys could serve you the same way. of course this is very similar to the way you blog already. Ü
    your sharing is lovely, and you know that loveliness comes from Jesus. Can\’t beat that.
    And now for some life advice…invest in strength. Grow your spiritual roots deep. It\’s inevitable that you will need it, but I also see that it will be a great compliment to your ability to perceive and share, grace, mercy, hope….you have a gift. you are a gift. go deep.

  2. by expanded, i mean written several blog entries, each entry based on one item on the list.
    did you add to your list? i read the whole thing, and now i see things i didn\’t remember before. Ü  it could be that i need more coffee.

  3. Chelle,What a beautiful list!!!! Here are two of my blessings:1. Waking up each day and being able to thank the Lord for my life.2. A great movie at the theater that makes both my husband and I cry. (Don\’t tell him I told you this!!)3. My thirteen year old daughter telling me she loves me from clear out of the blue. This is PRICELESS!!I would definitely buy your book.  What an awesome book that would be.!!!!Blessings to you always,Angie

  4. Love this list… and I would read your book for sure..
    you named about a million of mine… (so similar))
    but my adds…
    the tired feeling after you swim all day
    breakfast in bed.
    Cuddles on the couch
    Sweet nothings
    A to do list with lots of checkmarks
    taking the time to make lunch, just for me.
    when a friends baby reachesfor you.
    forehead kisses
    talking about nothing
    getting the giggles
    Im sure there are lots more.

  5. Such a lovely list Chelle,
    Your writing is most definitely the kind of book I would read! The great thing about your list, is the fact that one can\’t possibly have a favorite! I know there is no way I could choose one! Although I do love fireflies in jars.
    You are very talented, God has truely gave you a gift!
    If I could add anything I would add:
    dimples, because I love them and Hubby and Noah have big ones
    white fluffy clouds,
    a big, red, juicy watermelon,
    a soft baby sigh,
    and the list could go on! Your blessings are wonderful!
    Lots of Love to you,

  6. It\’s a wonderful list and yes I would read the book! If I could add to the list I would add, many things. Like a roof over my head, food in my belly, health, love, and quiet weekends at home with my hubby, I would add more but I might be her all night! Love and hugs to you!

  7. I have not visited for a while..and so many entries! how are you? Ij ust wanted to stop by to find out more on the little boy…how is he doing? what did the doctors say?
    Love your list! 🙂
    god bless an dhave a beautiful weekend!

  8. Yes I will read your book. I love lists too. Your list is refreshing and it remind me of what is really important in life.

  9. Hi, Chelle.
    I love, love, love your list.
    This must made me smile and feel all warm inside.
    Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us.
    Congratulations on the feature.

  10. That\’s quite a list.Thanks for counting blessings.I think I would add a english rose with raib drops .

  11. Hi Chelle,
    Just stopped by to see how you were doing.  I love your list.  I wish I could write like that.  Can you believe how many visitors we\’re getting? I adore the new pictures.  The ones of your baby with the cat made me go "Oh, how cute".

  12. This is a great list!  I really have so much to be thankful for and I try to remember that everyday.  If I had to choose one that I think encompasses ALL that I am thankful for , it would be JESUS.  Everything else that I am thankful for goes right back to HIM.  Isn\’t that awesome?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. My what a lovely list!!  I think if I could add anything it would be PUPPIES and baby belly  laughs.  I love coming to your blog:)  It is always such a fun part of my day.

  14. I  have a list like this hanging on my fridge so that my children can see just how thankful and grateful I am to G-D for giving me these gifts.
    Lists are born from the heart. If I could add more to the list it would be:
    good health
    watching my children learn
    surprising the people I love
    stealing time with my husband on a work day
    the end of the school year
    celebrating my children\’s birthdays
    having a daughter
    having sons
    going out to dinner
    Of course the list could go on and on and you WILL add to it as your chioldren grow. Life is so brand new and wonderous for you while your children are little. Remember that even as they get older life is still new and wonderous everyday. Let their hope and excitement be your guide.

  15. Oh Chelle, you are too kind, even if I\’m never featured, the thought of you nominating me brings sheer delight. Such a wonderful blessing you are…Each time I read your list, I fall inlove with it again
    And how adorable, that Annabelle has a tiny pin-prick dimple! Those are the best, I wish I could see it, I love little dimples!
    Hope your day is full of blessings,
    Love to You and Annabelle from Me and Noah

  16. I am almost in tears after reading those simple things that make me smile. I long for a life filled with those things, and cannot wait until I can experience all of those. To the list, I would add…LemonadePinkThe smell of rain in AutumnPumpkinsGrandmas—I would read the book. —

  17. Puppy dog kisses
    cats cuddled in your lap
    your child jumping on your bed to wake you up giggling
    Lovely list.  I would most definately purchase the book!
    Wonderful song.  You brought back some really nice memories with it.  Thanks!

  18. Let me know when your book is done- I want 5 copies! I would add;
    Sunflowers, Kittens playing, Buttered toast, Sleeping in 

  19. alright, fess up….did you add to this list a few times, or is it just that magical?

  20. How funny! I was in Barnes and Noble, feeling down when I saw a book called 14,000 Things to Be Happy About–it is just like your list! I started writing down things that made me happy each day after that, I think some of them are in my previous posts. But hooray, people would buy a book like that, everyone wants to think about the good things.H

  21. Darling Chelle,
    You know that I would buy your book. I would be the second one in line, after your mom of course. 🙂 Your list is perfection. I remember doing something very similar when I was in High School and then posting the sheets of paper around my room. Maybe I will dig them out and put them on my site. You are the most inspiring and happiest person I know. BTW,  I love you! 🙂

  22. Hi Chelle!  Such a lovely list!  I am now back from another week of travel and so I hope to spend some quality time at home…so I would add:
    My cat\’s whisker sleeping in my bed while encased in my bamboo sheets
    My tea kettle
    napping next to the one I love
    That\’s all I have at the moment.  I hope you are doing well!
    Sarah  🙂

  23. I would read it, buy it, contribute, come to your book signings – whatever you would want!

  24. your list is beautiful  it made me smile and i would definately buy the book  some things i would add are:
    brothers and sisters
    nieces and nephews
    those big hugs from those little kids you love so much
    baby\’s tiny little feet
    your first love
    the smell of rain
    homecooked food

  25. This is Ashley from Germany again… It\’s my second time visiting your site (during my lunch hour), and like so many that visit your site, your entries help remind me about what\’s important in life.  I would add just a few things to your list:  the smell of rain on a hot summer day, the sound of crisp leaves underfoot in the fall, the smell of cookies baking, and that first day in the spring when it\’s warm enough to go outside without a jacket.  Have a wonderful week…

  26. What a marvelous list!

  27. I would definitely read a book like that! 🙂 Also, I LOVE that Curious George is included on your list…he is my absolute favorite!  Elizabeths\’s nursery is covered with murals of Curious George that my sister painted for us….hopefully she will grow up loving monkeys!

  28. Beautiful list, very cute pictures also! I\’m so excited about your feature, congratulations! They picked an absolutely wonderful spot! Hope all is well in your world, things are good here. Talk to you later! Laura

  29. Hmmm…Smiles and warmth!  Your words brought smiles and memories to my heart.  We truly showered with so many rich blessings!

  30. I would read a book like that…because I just read your list and loved it.  What a great idea!   You have inspired me to get my own little notebook to start up.  Thanks for the great idea!
    Have a great Monday!
    God bless : )

  31. What would I add to this list…
    wonderful imaginary play
    sheets that play double duty as ghosts and tents
    kisses from puppies
    hibiscuses after the rain.
    sheer delight in your brother\’s or sister\’s mischevious act
    This is an absolutely lovely lovely list… When you write your book I would love to buy.

  32. Beautiful List!!!
    I would absolutely buy the book…I would even travel to you to get it signed…
    Hmmmm…what would I add? 
    Little baby toes covered in beach sand
    My 5 year old curling up her long legs to better cuddle in my lap
    Calla and Soph, heads together, giggling at even they don\’t know what
    Wrapping chilled hands around the first cup of Camping-Day coffee
    Creating ripples in the reflections on the water with my canoe paddle
    Coming to Chelle\’s Whimsicalities

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