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August 30, 2006

Will I ever again find time to blog?


For days, I have been wanting and meaning to curl up in our office chair, with a nice steaming mug of peppermint tea, and plenty of time to catch up with all of you…

But there has been a minefield of:

laundry, dishes, errands, phone calls, projects ( like cleaning out our garage, matting and framing a stack of pictures ), visitors and visiting-s, my renewed determination to exercise regularly…and a baby girl who has a growing aversion to taking naps, and one very unfriendly emerging bottom-dwelling tooth, as well as a very hard-working, hungry husband…

…between myself and the computer screen.

Yesterday was a bewitchingly gloomy sort of a day. The wind whistled around the house like a teapot set to boil and then forgotten… I imagined writing a post all about it…Or about being all cuddled up in bed the other night, and remembering out-loud the summer we spent falling in love. About how I had to get up after David fell fast asleep and haul out the album stuffed with old love letters and pictures because I couldn’t sleep…About the goose bumps I had in the middle of the night, caused by the return of all those lovely feelings…

About how first there had been the hope of love, and how that had become love’s gentle unfolding. I was a girl in-love with a boy, a common, everyday sort of occurrence I know, but he was a boy who was not as much of a boy as he was a man…and a man who I had measured all other men by, a hero of a man, my hero. Suddenly I was acutely alive with the sensation that everything, everywhere and everyone was and beautiful and wonderful. Life simply glowed with romance! The memories with a thrill, sent me back in time. And then I thought about how our love has changed shape since then (quick example: the definition of a date has gone from the typical, going out to dinner and holding hands across the table, or a long drive and a picnic, to…David asking me tonight if I wanted to have a “date” with him out in the garage, once Annabelle was soundly asleep for the night ) and deepened over the last three years. I wanted to write all about a favorite quote of mine that went, “ So then love found it’s way into their hearts and got comfortable. “ And how I feel we have lived our way into those very words.

I wanted to write about just this and so much more, but the morning slipped right through my fingertips and before I realized it, Annabelle and I were on our way out the door and off to spend the afternoon at Me-Ma’s…then home, then dinner, a tired fussy baby to put to bed, then a counter-full of dishes to wash by hand since my dishwasher has been broken for a while…the day was gone. And wouldn’t you know it, today has gone away too. Bedtime is fast closing in on us.

A nice little slip of pearly moon is out for the night. And it’s actually chilly enough that I may just have to go dig out a wool quilt, for our bed.

I ’ll leave you with the words of my husband from earlier tonight, for they perfectly express what is in my heart…

“ honey, how did we get so blessed?”

August 23, 2006

Looking back someday, I want to be able to say…

"We loved with a love that was more than love." 
~Edgar Allan Poe
August 18, 2006

A Bouquet of Baby Thoughts…


She came to us quite by surprise

On a shinging,glorious Sunday morning

In the Middle of February.

We loved her entirely, instantly

We had loved her all along

But until that day, we were not certain who exactly it was we were loving…

Should we paint your little room pink or blue?

We agreed on a yellow that made us think of soft morning sumbeams



And we called you, this wee baby of ours:


The name came on a whim, out of Mommy’s

Love for A Child’s Garden of Verses

And a poem she had read there…


In their imagination, mommy and daddy could

See baby twirling and skipping on tippy toes,

off the rounded edges of Mommy’s largely, growing tummy…

Just like the tiniest fairy ballerina as Mommy thought

(Daddy thought more along the lines of a isty-bitsy middle linebacker…)


And then, before we had time to collect ourselves,

You were here..

just like that…

And you were the most beautiful tiny creature

Either of us had ever laid eyes on…

With your laughing sparkle-eyes of deep blue,

Your Daddies long and red eyelashes that curl at the tips,

The pinkest of chipmunk cheeks,

 Rosie-red lips…that we can’t keep from kissing

A nose like a button,  

An adorable bit of a chin

Two elfin ears…

The plumpest little belly

Chubby dimpled fingers

 Two legs covered with the dearest tootsie rolls… 

And last but not at all least those rather famous

Twinkle Toes


“ Every inch of her is perfection. “

Her Mommy told her daddy.

And her Daddy agreed.


And yes, her toes really do twinkle.

August 13, 2006

something in the air?


I saw a tree this morning, covered with bright orange leaves. They must have turned color over-night. Did I forget to flip my calendar, or is it still only the middle of August? It brings to mind this quote that I love:

“ This was one of those perfect days in late summer where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight, like a spy, through the ripening country-side, and, with feigned sympathy for those who droop with August heat, puts her cool cloak of bracing air about leaf and flower and human shoulders. “

~Sarah Orne Jewett

Our mornings have been chilly. The air, smelling deliciously like fall. The other day I wore my big cozy sweater until noon, and if that is not proof enough, we have not been able to sleep through the entire night with our windows open. Maybe that is because our bed is dressed for summer with cotton sheets and light coverlet. As much as I look forward to the changing of the seasons.I hesitate to let go of summer…

There is more splashing to be done in the back yard pool where

Annabelle has recently discovered her shadow. They have such a lot of fun together.

And Annabelle’s Mommy is still quite unwilling to part with days warm enough to let her little sun-kissed baby get away with only a diaper. She likes to be able to nuzzle and cuddle that soft, chubby, little body, on demand, and to her hearts content.

 There is more fresh salsa, corn on the cob and freshly squeezed lemonade, to serve out on our little back porch table.

More walks to take with the backdrop of a blazing purple/pink sunset.

More time to spend digging in the garden, admiring the roses, the zinnias and the dahlias, tugging at a weed or two.

More lazy Sunday afternoons to spend doing absolutely nothing.

Later on tonight, after we put Annabelle to bed, we will steal away to a favorite spot of ours …to enjoy a little bit of summer romance, and watch the mid-August moon come up

August 10, 2006

everyday happiness…


Perhaps I am fascinated by and enamored with them because of the simple fact that you are only, ever allowed one first. There is your first word…first step…first birthday…your first day of school… losing your first tooth, your first time on a bicycle without training wheels…your first pet,… first sleepover…winter’s first snowfall…your first car…first time to see the ocean… your first job… first boyfriend…your first kiss…your ,the first daffodil of spring, first home,…first baby…firsts..continually coming to life.

How about you? Do you have any memorable or recent firsts, I’d love to hear them!

Yesterday, Annabelle discovered, for the very first time, the taste of real food…and I as a first time mom, introduced her to real food…for the first time. Neither one of us were disappointed.
I waited till I heard David pull into our drive-way ( which also happens to be my favorite time of the day), to crack the jar open. I was expecting with the first spoonful, at the least, a cute little pucker-face. At the worst, baby food spit back out at Mommy. Her reacted to the little jar of Pears and Raspberries with only the jolliest sort of baby-delight. In turn David and I grinned and chuckled and exclaimed “ oh how cute! ” with only the jolliest sort of parent-delight.

Maybe it is just my imagination, but sometimes I wonder…if David wore shirts with buttons, how I would keep the buttons from popping right off ? The other night we were out enjoying a frequent and reoccurring pastime of ours, otherwise refered to as the “diaper run“. I was trying to figure out what size of diapers to buy the babykins. I swear, you‘d think we were feeding her miracle grow or something! The last time we weighed her was maybe three weeks ago. She was just over 15 lbs. So I sent her off with her Daddy to find the aisle with the bathroom scales. He came back chanting 17, as if it were the number of home-runs scored during latest Mariner win! ( which to get completely off the subject, was something like three years ago ). That’s how proud and pleased and amazed he was. Me too.

So our precious little blue eyed baby girl weighs 17 lbs and will be 6 moths old next Saturday. I am so excited to celebrate her first half birthday. We’re going to give her…her first rubber duckie.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but…I love being a mommy.

And even more that that, I  love  being  Annabelle’s  Mommy !

August 8, 2006

Making the most of these summer days…

Where to start?
Our week has been so full.
Summer is in full swing at our house…and that means two things mainly:
1. People Fun
2. Sun Fun
So, to catch you up on the goings-on in our lives:
We celebrated Grannie Annie’s 86th Brithday with a pretty little brunch, thrown by Aunt Lynne and Auntie Kris.  Grannie Annie, often reffered to as Grannie-Belle nowadays, as you have heard me say before, is one of our all time favorite people in the world. Period.
David and I always told each other if we were ever going to name a baby after someone, it would have to be her. So we did.
Grannie Annie turned 86 years old last Monday but she’s closer to 25 at heart, and that is part of what makes her so beautiful. People are attracted to her like a magnet. People adore her. People tell us all the time how lucky we are to have her for our grandma and how much they wish she was theirs. We always agree and sympathize with them.
 Because of her, I can honestly say that I anticipate the day I turn 80, if I live to be that old. She is a lover of life. 
She knows all about The Value of Cheerfulness. She has demonstrated it every single day of her life. The love she poured into my husband’s mother as a baby, child, young woman, young mother,now has been passed down to the next generation and continues to this day. The unconditional love that she and Grandpa Roger practiced, instilled in their children, played such a vital part in shaping my David into the remarkable man that he is today, and for than and so many other things Grandma, thank you. If only my Annabelle could grow up to be like you. That would truly be a prayer, come true.  
In the days that followed, Annabelle and I spent much of our days combing through the blackberry brambles that border our rather large yard. Picking, munching, singing and sunning to our hearts content. My fingertips were transformed from their usual fleshy pink, to a very atractive shade of deep violet…With help from Auntie Roo who was able to come again for the weekend, we turned our berries into 3 very nice little pies which we served to company on Friday night and lived off of in general for the weekend. No one seemed to mind though. 
Saturday one of my dearest childhood and now adulthood friends came to keep us company and lift our spirits, while David was gone to work. We had a quiet little day together, chatting and giggling in turn, playing with Annabelle, mixing up  batches of chocolate chip cookies and just being together. It was a lovely, friendly sort of day. Uneventful-bliss.
Sunday after church and lunch with friends we all went to watch the Blue Angles fly. We ended up, by an act of Serindipity, in a the middle if an ivy hedge, on top of the I-90 tunnel, directly in front of the bridges…literally a front row seat. What a show! There were lots of oooosss and aahhhhhs and a occasional shreak from one of us girls, when two of the planes would head straight towards each other and look as if they were about to crash head-on, only to twist off in opposite directions at the very last second. As David would say,  " What a rush! "
The evening ended with a SPLASH. As Annabelle, along with her twin 9-month niece and nephew wriggled like three of the cutest baby fishies you have ever seen, kicking and squealing, with baby happiness, in our backyard kiddie-pool. You couldn’t tell who was having more fun. The babies or the proud parents/aunties and uncles, watching them. 
Speaking of which, we are about to jump into our swim-suits and run up to " Me-ma’s" house, to spend an afternoon with her, her grand kids and the twins on the lake.
Once we get home, I have a surprise water-ballon attack that I plan to launch on my clueless, unsuspecting husband.  My water-ballons have been filled to the brim, tied and hidden in secret places around the yard. ( snicker-snicker ) 
Enjoy every delicious drop of sun left in your summer!
August 5, 2006

6 sentences

No time to blog.
Hectic but Fun.
Will return asap.
In the meantime, how are you?
August 2, 2006

A quote off of my refrigerator door…

" Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor
after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots." 
 ~Hoosier Farmer
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