6 sentences

No time to blog.
Hectic but Fun.
Will return asap.
In the meantime, how are you?

12 Comments to “6 sentences”

  1. Hello chelle,
    I must say, that with the use of such short sentences, you really managed to get alot said! Sounds like your weekend is going very well. I hope Annabelle does okay with her teething. Thank you for such a sweet comment about my "name" and I if I might say so myself, I really adore the name Chelle. I\’ve never heard it before, but it\’s very unique and lovely. I love how your hubby calls you Chelle Girl. Heheh that is just adorable. You are right, nicknames Are such a gift, when coming from the heart.
    The yard sale here is going rather well, saling a lot, sweating a lot, and sunning a lot.
    Lots of Love to you and Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. hungry. headache… fading. 3 teen boy guests here. headache not related. lunch is calling. cheers! Ü

  3. Hope you are enjoying your hectic, but fun weekend.  I am fine, trying to stay away from the heat.  Managed to meet a friend for lunch today and now I am just chilling and watching a baseball game.
    Take care and God bless!

  4. Thinking about you!  Have a lovely day!
    Sarah 🙂

  5. How did the dinner go Friday night? You have more company this weekend too? You must have the most hospitable heart, my friend, for you are always having people over for the weekend or for dinner or just for the day. Why, oh why must we be this far apart and not neighbor\’s? Miss you and can\’t wait to hear you lovely voice tomorrow!
    Love you!
    PS. I finished that post. It\’s long. Longest thing I think I have ever written. I hope you can make it through to the end. 🙂  ❤ ❤ ❤ 

  6. I\’m good.
    And tired.
    Had a great weekend!
    Not looking forward to Monday.
    But my life COULD be worse.
    God bless : )

  7. Just checking in while my little pumpkin is napping. This mommy thing is hard work! Miss talking to you!

  8. Been avoiding painting the shed.  Must get out first thing tomorrow morning and start on it.  Picked out new colors for the house and figured the shed was a good place to start in case I don\’t like the combination after all.
    I love the pictures of your little girl.  Her smile is out of this world.  It lights up her whole face and she seems to smile a lot.  She seems to look a lot like her mom  :o)

  9. I am sure you are enjoyed a delightful weekend…looking forward to hearing about your fun.  I sent you an e-mail with my e-mail…once i get your address i will get you a letter in the mail about the book exchange!  Any new teeth peeking through!

  10. Amen!  I hope that you are doing well.  We are doing fine.  Our weekend was good, we got a lot done.  However, tonight, I am beginning to not feel well.  Keep me in mind please.  I really hope this is nothing big.
    Well, just wanted to stop by and tell you that I\’ve been wondering about you!
    Take care friend.  Until we speak again.

  11. Love your sweet attitude and happy words.  THey make me smile.  Did you try the frozen washcloth thingy? ~Acacia

  12. Hi ,
    just dropping by to say Hi! how do you do?
    I am not doing bad at all. Hope you are having great fun with your visitors.

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