Making the most of these summer days…

Where to start?
Our week has been so full.
Summer is in full swing at our house…and that means two things mainly:
1. People Fun
2. Sun Fun
So, to catch you up on the goings-on in our lives:
We celebrated Grannie Annie’s 86th Brithday with a pretty little brunch, thrown by Aunt Lynne and Auntie Kris.  Grannie Annie, often reffered to as Grannie-Belle nowadays, as you have heard me say before, is one of our all time favorite people in the world. Period.
David and I always told each other if we were ever going to name a baby after someone, it would have to be her. So we did.
Grannie Annie turned 86 years old last Monday but she’s closer to 25 at heart, and that is part of what makes her so beautiful. People are attracted to her like a magnet. People adore her. People tell us all the time how lucky we are to have her for our grandma and how much they wish she was theirs. We always agree and sympathize with them.
 Because of her, I can honestly say that I anticipate the day I turn 80, if I live to be that old. She is a lover of life. 
She knows all about The Value of Cheerfulness. She has demonstrated it every single day of her life. The love she poured into my husband’s mother as a baby, child, young woman, young mother,now has been passed down to the next generation and continues to this day. The unconditional love that she and Grandpa Roger practiced, instilled in their children, played such a vital part in shaping my David into the remarkable man that he is today, and for than and so many other things Grandma, thank you. If only my Annabelle could grow up to be like you. That would truly be a prayer, come true.  
In the days that followed, Annabelle and I spent much of our days combing through the blackberry brambles that border our rather large yard. Picking, munching, singing and sunning to our hearts content. My fingertips were transformed from their usual fleshy pink, to a very atractive shade of deep violet…With help from Auntie Roo who was able to come again for the weekend, we turned our berries into 3 very nice little pies which we served to company on Friday night and lived off of in general for the weekend. No one seemed to mind though. 
Saturday one of my dearest childhood and now adulthood friends came to keep us company and lift our spirits, while David was gone to work. We had a quiet little day together, chatting and giggling in turn, playing with Annabelle, mixing up  batches of chocolate chip cookies and just being together. It was a lovely, friendly sort of day. Uneventful-bliss.
Sunday after church and lunch with friends we all went to watch the Blue Angles fly. We ended up, by an act of Serindipity, in a the middle if an ivy hedge, on top of the I-90 tunnel, directly in front of the bridges…literally a front row seat. What a show! There were lots of oooosss and aahhhhhs and a occasional shreak from one of us girls, when two of the planes would head straight towards each other and look as if they were about to crash head-on, only to twist off in opposite directions at the very last second. As David would say,  " What a rush! "
The evening ended with a SPLASH. As Annabelle, along with her twin 9-month niece and nephew wriggled like three of the cutest baby fishies you have ever seen, kicking and squealing, with baby happiness, in our backyard kiddie-pool. You couldn’t tell who was having more fun. The babies or the proud parents/aunties and uncles, watching them. 
Speaking of which, we are about to jump into our swim-suits and run up to " Me-ma’s" house, to spend an afternoon with her, her grand kids and the twins on the lake.
Once we get home, I have a surprise water-ballon attack that I plan to launch on my clueless, unsuspecting husband.  My water-ballons have been filled to the brim, tied and hidden in secret places around the yard. ( snicker-snicker ) 
Enjoy every delicious drop of sun left in your summer!

18 Comments to “Making the most of these summer days…”

  1. This entry was just absolutely delightful to read. Each paragraph was a true blessing, and how I would love to just be an observer, observing all the wonderful spontaneous times you had with your wonderful family.
    Make sure you let us know how that suprise water balloon attack went. I\’m just dying to know!
    Lots of Love to you and as I know you will, enjoy the rest of your beautiful week with little Annabelle!
    Love to you from me

  2. Grandmas are so special!!  I never had one of my own, but when I married Rob I inherited one.  She was also a true blessing in the way she raised my mother-in-law.  She is the reason that Rob is who he is today.  Gives me a sense of wonderful anticipation for raising my own children:)  I am so glad you guys had such a fun-filled week!

  3. Awesome pictures. It sounds like you all have been having alot of fun. Annabelle is such a cutie! She makes really good pictures. Keep up all the fun and I\’ll check back on you in a coule days!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  4. Reading your blogs is refreshing and inspiring. I love to read about adults playing and enjoying themselves as much as children yet remembering to be \’adult\’ when needed.
    Your tribute to Grandma Annie is wonderful and sweet too.

  5. Chelle- you are a real blessing to me. I had a no-good, rotten, bad day; but I knew I can drop by here & feel my spirit lift. What a fun week- so many memories, so many blessings, such a great heritage to share with your child. I would love to see Husband\’s face when his sweet wife pounds him with water balloons! Thank you for the lift- Love in Christ~ meg

  6. Your last few days sound wonderful! Keep having a great time!

  7. Thank you so much for the cottage picture. I took a few the other day, too that I  planned to put up for you to see. Isn\’t it wonderful to have such a peaceful weekend? I was so glad that we did too. I just wish that we could have spent them together. 🙂 I loved this entry. You are a balm to the heart and soul, you know that don\’t you?
    And BTW, I tried you cookie recipe yesterday. It. Was. Da\’ Bomb! Best chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER! Chelle rules the kitchen! 🙂 (ok, I\’m making myself giggle right now, I had better stop)
    I love you!

  8. sounds like such a lovely weekend and a delightful day today, as well.  you make me want to rush out and fill some water balloons to surprise my own hubby!?  the fair was a magnificent morning for elizabeth, grandmommy, and me…lots of animals, giggles, smiles, fair food, people watching, and fun fun fun!  by the way i found "a severe mercy" finally…so I should be starting just  as soon as i finish an article for my MOPS newsletter…I\’m looking so forward to reading it.

  9. You sound like you are having too much fun!  I must admit I envy you just alittle with your weekend of pie-making, berry picking, visiting and everything else. My husband and I have only lived in our town just over a year, so we\’re still trying to build friendships…but you\’ve sure given me some good ideas. Many Blessings.
      Melody Bondurant

  10. Beautiful pictures! I had a little bit of time on my hands so I thought I would drop by. Madison is doing better now that she is back home, although she still has a hint of jaundice. Most of it is gone though. I bet Annabelle just had a terrific time watching everything. Sounds like so much fun! Love to you from Madsion and me!

  11. i learned a sorting trick for the friends module, so i picked someone for the top corner #1 spot.

  12. Well Miss Chelle…
    I am, of course, on pins and needles to see how the water balloon fight went.  I took a self-defence course once and the most valuable piece of advice I got was to be very careful when launching an attack.  Too often, the weapons you choose are turned against you. 
    I only wish I had gotten here yesterday to warn you of that possiblity.  *sigh*  I bet you found that out already.
    Your Grannie-Annie sounds like such a delight.  A legacy of love.  Is there anything better and more wonderfully far-reaching for us to pass on to our children?  How proud she must be of David, you and Anniebelle.  I bet her heart sings when she is with you three…

  13. Loved catching up with you this evening.. makes me so fond of summer, I can almost smell the sunscreen…
    Nick and I got in a water balloon fight a while back and it still brings a smile to my face… maybe add it to the list… 🙂
    HELP??? how do I not be a no name…. ???

  14. What a delightful way to spend your weekend! Treasure your grandparents and the role they play in your daughter\’s life. I lost one of my grandmothers 2 years ago. I miss her, but it hurts even more because I wanted my daughter to be able to know her. You are blessed to have your family around you.
    Wishing you a good weekend once again…

  15. I\’m glad you are having "fun in the sun"…and I love what you wrote about Grannie-Belle!
    I\’m back from camping and doing MUCH better…

  16. Miss Chelle,
    What amazing memories you\’re giving your little girl!!  And you and David, too, of course.  Just think of all the wonderful summers (and falls, and winters) that she\’ll be able to remember … Hmm … blackberry picking very suddenly sounds like a fabulous idea ….

  17. What a sweet entry!  Grandmas are the best……where would we be without them (smile)? My paternal grandmother is 96 years old and I hope she makes it to 100 – she is feisty enough! Sounds like you and your family and friends are having a fun time………….I love the thought of blackberries right in the backyard – I would eat them until I was blue (or purple) in the face (laugh)! Enjoy the weekend!

  18. Reading about Grannie Annie brought such a smile to my face and the warm fuzzies to my heart.  We had a Grandma Goldie who was teaching us how dance the funky chicken in her mid 80\’s.  I sure do miss her.  She knew the value of cheerfulness along with Grannie Annie.  As for little Annabelle, her little face just oozes cheerfulness.  I could just pinch those adorable, chubby cheeks…lol. 

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