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Perhaps I am fascinated by and enamored with them because of the simple fact that you are only, ever allowed one first. There is your first word…first step…first birthday…your first day of school… losing your first tooth, your first time on a bicycle without training wheels…your first pet,… first sleepover…winter’s first snowfall…your first car…first time to see the ocean… your first job… first boyfriend…your first kiss…your ,the first daffodil of spring, first home,…first baby…firsts..continually coming to life.

How about you? Do you have any memorable or recent firsts, I’d love to hear them!

Yesterday, Annabelle discovered, for the very first time, the taste of real food…and I as a first time mom, introduced her to real food…for the first time. Neither one of us were disappointed.
I waited till I heard David pull into our drive-way ( which also happens to be my favorite time of the day), to crack the jar open. I was expecting with the first spoonful, at the least, a cute little pucker-face. At the worst, baby food spit back out at Mommy. Her reacted to the little jar of Pears and Raspberries with only the jolliest sort of baby-delight. In turn David and I grinned and chuckled and exclaimed “ oh how cute! ” with only the jolliest sort of parent-delight.

Maybe it is just my imagination, but sometimes I wonder…if David wore shirts with buttons, how I would keep the buttons from popping right off ? The other night we were out enjoying a frequent and reoccurring pastime of ours, otherwise refered to as the “diaper run“. I was trying to figure out what size of diapers to buy the babykins. I swear, you‘d think we were feeding her miracle grow or something! The last time we weighed her was maybe three weeks ago. She was just over 15 lbs. So I sent her off with her Daddy to find the aisle with the bathroom scales. He came back chanting 17, as if it were the number of home-runs scored during latest Mariner win! ( which to get completely off the subject, was something like three years ago ). That’s how proud and pleased and amazed he was. Me too.

So our precious little blue eyed baby girl weighs 17 lbs and will be 6 moths old next Saturday. I am so excited to celebrate her first half birthday. We’re going to give her…her first rubber duckie.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but…I love being a mommy.

And even more that that, I  love  being  Annabelle’s  Mommy !


14 Comments to “everyday happiness…”

  1. With a little one there are lots of firsts. We are hoping to enjoy Charis\’s first words soon.  Ugh. I\’m sorry. MY computer is acting up and it\’s driving me nuts that I can\’t see what I am tuping. I mean, typing (it\’s being slow). Perhaps I will write later. Enjoyed the post though!

  2. What joy there is in being a parent.  I am delighted to hear that the first time with real food went so well!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that feeding little Annabelle continues going well:)

  3. Such a sweet post Chelle, as usual. I love firsts, they are so dear! That is wonderful Annabelle enjoyed her first taste of real food! As for the crush…it might be a mutual thing! Noah is sitting in my lap this very second and was just stairing at those lovely pictures you posted of her. Hehehe. My favorite first would have to be… becoming a mother. Being a first time mom, there is no greater joy. I love everything that comes with it!
    Thanks for your sweet and loving words too by the way!
    Lots of Love to you and little Annabelle from me and Noah 🙂

  4. I can\’t wait for more firsts! Though I say being a mommy is very hard work it is all worth it. I am just waiting for that first smile!

  5. the firsts with your first born….are the best.
    NEW THEME IN PHOTO CLUB…starts today….FLOWER Garden.

  6. What a sweet entry,wait till you intrroduce her to beans,another first.

  7. Aww first taste of real food…I remember Caetlyn\’s first taste of food was carrots.  She loved \’em!
    My Favorite Firsts would have to be the first time my babies say mama.  I know I know, it\’s sort of cliche but it\’s true.  Or the first giggle.  Caetlyn\’s first giggle was recorded on hubby\’s voice mail at his work because he couldn\’t come to the phone.  That was nearly 8 years ago and I still remember being thrilled. 
    I know what you mean about loving being a mom.  Sometimes I just sit and watch my 3 doing the simplest things and I just stare at them…I can\’t believe sometimes that they are mine.
    I hope you have another gorgeous weekend!

  8. Hi, Chelle.
    I love this post.  My life is just bursting with firsts these days.  I would tell you that ALL of my firsts have been memorable.  I honestly wouldn\’t know where to begin.  Perhaps that is a good subject for my posts at some point.  My memorable firsts.
    Thanks for being here with us.  Your space is such a wonderful place to visit.

  9. The firsts we share with our children is truly precious.  My son will be 20 in January and it is still wonderful to share his firsts…still waiting for the first girlfriend.  😉

  10. This reminds me of an assignment I gave my creative writing class last year, with very good results I might add!  I had the kids start a freewrite with "The first time I…"  I was a little worried with what they might come up with, being the hormone raging teenagers that they are, but I was pleasently suprised with stories of firsts.  First day of school, first horseback ride, first death of a loved one, first love, first dissapointment…Amazing!

  11. I\’m so glad I got to be part of Annabelle\’s first taste of food. So very special. I favorite firsts all include Mike and/or Olivia. They are the best. You are the first best friend on Spaces. 🙂
    Love you!

  12. So much to love here … how could you not? 🙂

  13. what a lovely\’ first \’to share !
    beautiful pic too !

  14. This is so sweet!! i always feel refreshed coming to your site. Love to you and your Annabelle

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