A Bouquet of Baby Thoughts…


She came to us quite by surprise

On a shinging,glorious Sunday morning

In the Middle of February.

We loved her entirely, instantly

We had loved her all along

But until that day, we were not certain who exactly it was we were loving…

Should we paint your little room pink or blue?

We agreed on a yellow that made us think of soft morning sumbeams



And we called you, this wee baby of ours:


The name came on a whim, out of Mommy’s

Love for A Child’s Garden of Verses

And a poem she had read there…


In their imagination, mommy and daddy could

See baby twirling and skipping on tippy toes,

off the rounded edges of Mommy’s largely, growing tummy…

Just like the tiniest fairy ballerina as Mommy thought

(Daddy thought more along the lines of a isty-bitsy middle linebacker…)


And then, before we had time to collect ourselves,

You were here..

just like that…

And you were the most beautiful tiny creature

Either of us had ever laid eyes on…

With your laughing sparkle-eyes of deep blue,

Your Daddies long and red eyelashes that curl at the tips,

The pinkest of chipmunk cheeks,

 Rosie-red lips…that we can’t keep from kissing

A nose like a button,  

An adorable bit of a chin

Two elfin ears…

The plumpest little belly

Chubby dimpled fingers

 Two legs covered with the dearest tootsie rolls… 

And last but not at all least those rather famous

Twinkle Toes


“ Every inch of her is perfection. “

Her Mommy told her daddy.

And her Daddy agreed.


And yes, her toes really do twinkle.


20 Comments to “A Bouquet of Baby Thoughts…”

  1. How perfectly beautiful.  It is such a joy to come to your site and see the lovely thoughts of such a lovely woman:)  Have a delightful weekend!!

  2. that was quite lovely.

  3. chelle-
    your words are always so lovely and inspiring!  and twinkle-toes…too cute…in the womb elizabeth was nicknamed "ham"…our little hammy…long story, but basically we were looking through a book of Biblical names…and when Mike saw Ham…he jokingly wanted to name our baby that.  i was terrified that the baby would be a boy and the nickname would stick….or worse, a girl and the name would stick…ham, bacon, porker…none of those were images I wanted associated with my sweet baby….alas, the nickname has vanished!  brings a smile to my face to remember it though!

  4. How wonderfully sweet. We have waited to find out the gender of both our little ones and it is so fun to just imagine who it is we get to meet at the end of my pregnancy!
    You mentioned on my blog you had a home/water birth with Annabelle!! My mother is a midwife and we had a home birth with Justus-my mother attending! It was perfect for us and we are looking forward to having this next one at home as well. It was just so nice to be in the comfort of our own home and have my husband be able to "catch" the baby. I\’d love to hear about your birth story…stop by again sometime!
    Mommy Mel

  5. I love this little poem.  Craig doesn\’t believe me that you wrote it.  But it is exactly about Annabelle, so I don\’t know how you couldn\’t.  I told him you were talented and have a way with words!

  6. Chelle-
    So sweet, so very sweet.  I love that you share this stuff with us! A beauitful picture it painted, a treasure of Anabelles for lifetime, I am sure.

  7. Thank you for sharing that beautiful verse- you have a wonderful way of expressing love.

  8. Chelle…
    Just so absolutely lovely.  I am picturing this verse framed with a picture of your beautiful family (I can\’t decide if it is a picture of you, David and Anniebelle or a picture of you and David and your Anniebelle belly) on the wall above Twinkle Toes\’ bed.
    What\’s that?  You haven\’t done it yet?  What are you waiting for?  Poor Annabelle to not have this to keep her company as she rests in her crib. 
    Or to not have it to look at in years to come…maybe some night when Mommy and Daddy are out on a date and she is missing you both just a little. 
    Or to remind her of how very much she is loved even though you would not let her have a sleep over at a house where the parents weren\’t home. 
    Or to remind her of how very worthy she is even though that other girl said something so mean. 
    Or to show her that true, unconditional love does exist despite the fact that the boy she likes broke her heart.
    …nevermind…what boy would be silly enough to break her heart.  *scoff*  he wasn\’t good enough for her after all.  How ever will you keep David from finding that boy and giving him a firm…talking to…?
    Right.  There goes my imagination again. 
    Seriously…is it really NOT on her bedroom wall?!?!  For shame Chelle.  That verse was lovely.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful verse…what a strong writer you are!  I got tears in my eyes, especially since I am will be a new Mommy at the end of nest February.  Any advice, tips, wisdom? I have missed you and Fairlight, but it sounds like life is going well for the both of you.

  10. This is a sweet post.I\’m all twinkly eyed reading it.

  11. Very lovely and just filled me up.  You do have a way of expressing yourself, Dear.  You do it so, so well.  Hugs to you and yours…..MT

  12. Darling Chelle,
    What can be more beautiful than the love that a mother has for her baby girl? Nothing I think, especially when you express it so well. I agree with Allison, this should be framed and hung in Annabelle\’s room. How is the stuffed full to overflowing house going this weekend? 🙂 Wish I was there. Give my love to Minta!
    Hugs and Kisses,

  13. That is sooo beautiful. Inspiring and wise as always, I feel a sense of comfort here and that\’s why I keep coming back. Thank you so much for all your support.
    Blessings, Laura

  14. Brought tears to my eyes!  Love it! 
    God bless : )

  15. hey there twinkle toes. i like that you\’ve got uour site listed and linked from yours but i think you have the wrong title so how.   You have it listed as "never far from our Hearts"  which is the title i used for for a space in memory of my cousins.  Our site is "trapped in indiana"   no biggie just thought id let ya know

  16. That is so sweet! Your love for Annabelle shines through your words.

  17. Thanks for the visit and for the compliment. Your writings are so moving, I am certainly a fan! This thing called motherhood is an absolutely beautiful gift…you tell your story and that of little Annabelle so well.

  18. Love it!  Once again, you do it.  You write the most heart warming things to read!  Hope you\’re doing alright.  You are such a sweet mamma.  And you say things that could go right into a card, for all of us!
    Sorry, don\’t know what happened to the profile info.
    But it\’s me!

  19. And this is absolutely gorgeous. I felt the same way about my babies, but never expressed it so beautifully!
    Remember to tell me when you write your first book 🙂
    Hope you are having a great day! Hugs and kisses to Annabelle.

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