Will I ever again find time to blog?


For days, I have been wanting and meaning to curl up in our office chair, with a nice steaming mug of peppermint tea, and plenty of time to catch up with all of you…

But there has been a minefield of:

laundry, dishes, errands, phone calls, projects ( like cleaning out our garage, matting and framing a stack of pictures ), visitors and visiting-s, my renewed determination to exercise regularly…and a baby girl who has a growing aversion to taking naps, and one very unfriendly emerging bottom-dwelling tooth, as well as a very hard-working, hungry husband…

…between myself and the computer screen.

Yesterday was a bewitchingly gloomy sort of a day. The wind whistled around the house like a teapot set to boil and then forgotten… I imagined writing a post all about it…Or about being all cuddled up in bed the other night, and remembering out-loud the summer we spent falling in love. About how I had to get up after David fell fast asleep and haul out the album stuffed with old love letters and pictures because I couldn’t sleep…About the goose bumps I had in the middle of the night, caused by the return of all those lovely feelings…

About how first there had been the hope of love, and how that had become love’s gentle unfolding. I was a girl in-love with a boy, a common, everyday sort of occurrence I know, but he was a boy who was not as much of a boy as he was a man…and a man who I had measured all other men by, a hero of a man, my hero. Suddenly I was acutely alive with the sensation that everything, everywhere and everyone was and beautiful and wonderful. Life simply glowed with romance! The memories with a thrill, sent me back in time. And then I thought about how our love has changed shape since then (quick example: the definition of a date has gone from the typical, going out to dinner and holding hands across the table, or a long drive and a picnic, to…David asking me tonight if I wanted to have a “date” with him out in the garage, once Annabelle was soundly asleep for the night ) and deepened over the last three years. I wanted to write all about a favorite quote of mine that went, “ So then love found it’s way into their hearts and got comfortable. “ And how I feel we have lived our way into those very words.

I wanted to write about just this and so much more, but the morning slipped right through my fingertips and before I realized it, Annabelle and I were on our way out the door and off to spend the afternoon at Me-Ma’s…then home, then dinner, a tired fussy baby to put to bed, then a counter-full of dishes to wash by hand since my dishwasher has been broken for a while…the day was gone. And wouldn’t you know it, today has gone away too. Bedtime is fast closing in on us.

A nice little slip of pearly moon is out for the night. And it’s actually chilly enough that I may just have to go dig out a wool quilt, for our bed.

I ’ll leave you with the words of my husband from earlier tonight, for they perfectly express what is in my heart…

“ honey, how did we get so blessed?”


21 Comments to “Will I ever again find time to blog?”

  1. my sentiments exactly. that was beautiful!

  2. Chelle…
    Life does have that tendency doesn\’t it?  To get in the way…to have it\’s own way…but then, maybe it is better to have so many  wonderful things to blog about but not the time than to have hours and hours to blog and no life to put down on \’paper\’.
    You are blessed Chelle, in so many ways.  The love story you left here for us to read is beautiful…thank you.
    Much love…

  3. You\’re SO right – life can just slip right by without us even noticing…and it goes by so quickly!!  Wouldn\’t be nice if we had, say, about 5 more hours to each day?  That would really help me out a lot. 
    God bless : )

  4. Such a lovely love story you have shared. Seems I am always looking for those moments with Benji and Noah when time stands still. Seems as though just yesterday we fell inlove. Got married. Had a baby. Where does it all go I wonder?
    You are truely blessed Chelle, as I pray that in your buisy fulfilled life, God blesses you even more. Even though you haven\’t the time to post on your blog all of the wonderful things that your lives entail, you heart will forever hold these memoreis as a lasting imprint, for you to take and cherish and share as the years come and go.
    Love to you my friend

  5. such wonderful sounding days…even the part about the laundry mounds and dishes.  it is such a blessing to read of your love and respect for your husband…refreshing…especially considering the not-so-happy stories that seem to be all over the place!   bless sweet little annabelle and this particulary aching tooth…and her mommy and daddy. 🙂  miss elizabeth seems to be working on more teeth lately, and we are praying she is not in pain during our trip…speaking of which, i better get my blogging done quickly before the hubby gets home and the final preparations begin!

  6. well you got sooooooo many more words out than i can manage right now. zzzzz
    glad i stopped by. nice sweet read, and new photos of the little sweetie.

  7. ohmigosh – look at Annabelle – so cute and such a perfect age.  I love when babies are that age in summer and you can dress them in less and show off their baby chubbiness and soft skin.
    Your quilt reminds me that I have one packed away in the garage that we\’ll dig up this weekend  it just came in our latest shipment of stuff from the move – I want to have it repaired and set it out as our guest room quilt.
    PS – it\’s so cool that you\’ve mastered the art of big G and small g gratitude…and at such a young age – that in itself is a blessing you should cherish.

  8. Lovely post,thank you,you make me think of my love,a worn old pair of jeans,holey and faded,but so comfortable.

  9. I love that quote; "…love found its way into their hearts & got comfortable…"  it so describes where we are now. Sometimes I miss the thrill & newness of the first flush of love, but then I remember the terror of uncertainty & insecurity, and am glad to be passed that.
    As I was sitting in the living room last night, watching 2 of my children doing homework & enjoying the anticipation of the 3rd arriving in the morning, I looked over at my husband. He was in his recliner, reading the paper & looking so tired from working so many hours lately, and I was struck by the changes time had made. I commented "I can hardly believe we\’ve been married 18 years already!" He looked over at me & grinned, saying, "Not until Saturday, it isn\’t!" Suddenly, there in his older, tired face, was a flash of the boy that stole my heart when we were 16, & the young man who held my hand while we made our vows, "Always & Forever"

  10. You are such a romantic. Your words come out and wrap around me and suddenly I am in love as you are.
    I do believe that you are indeed blessed and we are blessed to catch aglimpse of you.
    Hope you, David and sweet Annabelle ( I love her name) have a great great restful weekend.

  11. I am so in the same boat. I promise that this weekend I am going to catch up my blogs. With all that\’s been going on I have been so stretched thin I can barely breathe. I had a few moments and decided to check in on my friends!
    Love to all!

  12. *sigh*
    You make my heart smile.  See, you didn\’t know what to blog and here you have written a beautiful entry.
     Oh and I, too, dream of a time when I can curl up in a chair and just relax .. cup of tea …

  13. ps
    Forgot you had asked about my middle name –  it\’s "Rose".  Molly Rose .. kinda has a nice ring to it. *smile* 

  14. That was really sweet……..the love in your family really comes out in your writing.  Sounds like you have been extremely busy over the past few days.  I hope you get some time to relax this holiday weekend.  Take care and enjoy all those \’garage\’ dates………the love is more important than the place (smile).

  15. That was so lovely!  Your words paint with beautiful colors and touch the heart.  You are blessed and you are such a blessing.

  16. Hope you are doing okay with all of the busyness. Just dropping by to say Hi!

  17. Chelle–
    Just wondering if you\’ve been able to get to Jacy\’s site lately…for some reason every time I try to visit, it freezes my computer up…I know you visit there…and I\’m wondering if anyone else is having problems.  Also, hoping your family enjoyed a LOVELY labor day weekend…and I am sure that you did…for that is what you do best…savoring and enjoying each and every moment!

  18. Mrs. Chelle,
    O, your precious Annabelle Lucy in her kindgdom by the "sea".  Adorable pictures as always – what a precious constant to have.  I think end of summer busy-ness is running rampant … hope all is going well …

  19. I\’m so happy for you–you are so much in love and you have a beautiful daughter.  Praise God.

  20. you know I love this post.
    Chelle I think your so precious…..

  21. you are a beautiful, amazing, fun and yes, definitely blessed woman!

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