It’s not a lack of things to say…it’s the lack of time to find to say them…



" I’d rather have roses on my table

than diamonds on my neck."

 Emma Goldman


11 Comments to “It’s not a lack of things to say…it’s the lack of time to find to say them…”

  1. We love you anyhow, miss your stories, but know that you are busy. Teething babies are never easy time to go through.
    Praying that you will get through it with ease and know it doesn\’t last forever!!!! Have fun with that darling neice of mine!!!! XO\’s for both of you!
    Lovingly, Aminta

  2. The roses are lovely! I\’m a little green over them Ü

  3. p.s.

  4. I absolutely love the new pictures. They are so adorable. Annabelle is growing so much, I can tell, she is so pretty! As well as those lovely roses.
    Your kind t houghts always warm my heart and bring smiles to my face. I have had trouble myself getting into my space and I found out that because I had used different fonts on my word art and had pasted them onto my blog, the memory was making everything just disappear. I am pretty sure that is why you and many others weren\’t able to view it. 😦 😦 Sooo….I had to delete the WHOLE THING! And just work with what my blog gave me…which is fine, but I amsure did love all t hose neat and interesting kinds of fonts.
    Love to you and thank you for such lovely words. May the sun shine blessed rays upon you and your family today
    Love to you from us

  5. So true…your newest pictures are adorable as usual…Annabelle just keeps getting cuter and cuter and cuter.  I also totally relate to having plenty of things to say, just not enough minutes in the day to find time to blog! 

  6. Cute, Cute pictures. It is definitely an epidemic of no time lately for everyone. Miss your writing, but don\’t worry, all will work out and time will come around again. You take care of that sweetie little Annabelle!

  7. It is good that youare busy. It is good that you are not bored. But it doesn\’t stop me from feeling sad to not see you from time to time.
    Hope that you are happy my friend Chelle. Love to Annabelle.
    lovely photo by the way

  8. you, annabelle and roses. that would be lovely. Ü

  9. Yes, you areindeed missed!  Take good care sweet friend!
    Sarah  🙂
    PS The roses are quite fetching!  Wasn\’t God good when he made such things???

  10. Hi Chelle,
    I visited your sister blog for the first time today. WOW she is as delightful as you are!! Your parents must be so proud!
    Hope you are having a great day! Hugs to Annabelle.

  11. I think the fall brings an incredible busy-mess to us all.  I\’ve been thinkin of ya and hope you are doing well.

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