strands of change…

This morning I feel like making oatmeal for breakfast…not because I particularly like oatmeal but it just seems like such a fitting way to start out this nippy mid-September morning. It‘s the sort of day some people would call dreary. I happen to view a dreary day, as long as it is not followed by 17 consecutive dreary days, as a friend.

It’s the kind of day where you wouldn’t be surprised to see squirrels rushing about with tiny wheel-barrels full of acorns, or have a random wave of nostalgia come over you as you notice for the first time, a strand of red leaves trailing like a scarlet ribbon, down the big oak tree outside your kitchen window… and you think, summer is being replaced. Silently, gradually and inevitably replaced. Evidenced by subtle color changes…by the smell of apples in the air…or the urge to throw on a sweater before running out to see if the mail has come, by the crunch of already fallen leaves…

But more is changing around our house than just the seasons.  Our days have been full of comings and goings, of company, and of growing.  Annabelle started crawling over Labor day weekend and is happy to introduce, with a great big grin, the two very cute new teeth she has sprouted.

She is infatuated with shoes and tags and will crawl half way across the house to explore Daddy’s cowboy boots or play contentedly for the longest time with, not her toys, but the tags on her toys…as you can see she is also very fond of the keyboard:

Khyxev v glnj h b8un xkol,,l98ik, yfvt v ft 6 bnfj ntuy cttr

I on the other hand, besides keeping an eagle-eye on her…have been busy with a series of cleaning “ fits” and “tirades,” determined to stay one step ahead of the small nation of dust bunnies that live under things in my house… namely because Annabelle is increasingly fond of eating them.

Yesterday she was following George, our cat around the living room. She finally got close enough to pet him…and I was thinking…”aww, now isn’t that so cute…she loves George… “ when she stuffed his tail directly into her mouth. I shrieked of course and George has once again and quite permanently, become a strictly “ outside cat.”  Not that I think this extreme-borderline-paranoid-clean-bug will last for long. Or that our future children will never be allowed to munch on a occasional dust-bunny, poor things.

But for today, I am a first time mom. Perpetually enchanted by the curiosity of my precious 6-month old. Not wanting to miss out on a single smile or look or squeal…the carnival of senses she uncovers in a single exploratory trip across the living room. All of it makes me smile and wonder at the miracle of growth…the beauty of life… of design and development…and the love of God….

And all of this while I am spooning in sweet potatoes, or changing a poo-ed-bum, while I am reading ’ Where is Baby’s Belly Button?’ Even while hunting down renegade dust bunnies. " It’s nothing short of an education"…I think to myself as I look down to find Annabelle staring out the window, her bright little eyes tracing the patterned leaves as they scatter and skip across the afternoon sky…


27 Comments to “strands of change…”

  1. Oh Chelle, how fun! She is such a little scooter! She is such a quick learner. I love and miss you guys so much! I hope that you are both serviving the dust bunny attack well! Maybe you won\’t have to feed her as often if she fills up on the dust bunnies! Just kidding!!!
    Much love sent your way!
    Lovingly, Aminta

  2. Fall is definetly upon us in my neck of the woods too.  But what a beautiful time of year.  So glad to hear that you and little Annabelle are having such a wonderful time together:)

  3. Oatmeal for breakfast and finding dust bunnies…hmmm, sounds like we\’ve had a similar day. 🙂
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping my packing go by so much faster by staying on the phone with me for 2 1/2 hours! 🙂 Packing has never been quite so enjoyable. lol
    Love to you my dear friend,

  4. She\’s such a doll! I know I will also be looking for all those dust bunnies too when the time comes! I love the pic of her, she gets cuter by the day!

  5. That pictures of Annabelle is adorable! I remember going through the same things. I don\’t know why kids love to eat anything that has been on the floor?! I try to keep things all nice and clean, but she always finds something. I am loving the fall days. It\’s a little warmer today, but it\’s been cool and the leaves are starting to change. I think fall is possibly my favorite time of year!

  6. Poor George! How did react to his tail becoming the main course, after dust bunny appetizers?
    Fall is definitely creeping in around here- the fog is clinging to the hills, so mornings require a sweater (but it still gets up to 96 in the afternoon); I keep finding leaves in the flower bed; & the corn field maze down the highway is starting to look pretty good.

  7. Nothing wrong with a bowl of cood hot oatmeal on a crisp fall morning.Try adding some brown sugar,orange blossom honey and golden raisons while you cook it,Yummm

  8. Go Anabelle!! Get them dust bunnies! How sweet are those two toofers…growing changing everyday…. 6 months already…
    Thank you for your sweet sweet comments.. and now can I say.. ME NEXT!!! 🙂
    Your family is so precious, thank you all for all your prayers and constant encouragement! 🙂

  9. Chelle – how fun these little beings are as they learn about what\’s going on around them by touching and experiencing!  (and giving Mom slight, controllable heart attacks.)  Your writing is beautiful and I would like it very much if you would write a book … I do believe I would love it.  Best of luck in your dust bunny rodeo round up!  Give Annabelle a lasso and she might be a natural (if they don\’t find their way to her mouth!;).  ;p  — Lisa

  10. Oh the joy of crawling!! I too was very enchanted by my children\’s curiosity. I still am.
    Oh am so excited for Annabelle. Poor George!
    Good luck with dust bunnies!
    Hope you have a great great weekend!

  11. Sounds as though I am not the only one finding herself constantly dusting away those dust bunnies. I believe I have literally swept the floor every day for the past month!
    Hope you are enjoying the sprout of fall where you are
    Love to you & Annabelle,

  12. Crawling.  Just fun stuff.  Hugs….MT

  13. how wonderful that little annabelle is crawling…i must admit that when elizabeth first began crawling and adventuring into new places i was a bit obsessive about the dust bunnies and dog hairs…but now i barely even notice.  🙂  sounds like you are having a wonderfully full time…so good to hear from you!  many hugs to you and annabelle from elizabeth and i.  🙂

  14. Oh chelle….little miss annabelle is getting cuter and cuter each and every day….the dresses are both adorable!  🙂  hope you are delighting in the start of autumn…hugs to you both!

  15.  How precious is that. She is such a cutey pie. Cherish these very moments! I have been quite jealous of my mom lately because she is keeping Devon and see\’s all these new amazing things lately that he does. I only see him a couple times a week and it seems he is doing so many new things! And Jansen is so unbelievably growing up at 7 going on 13. Wow. Anyhow, wanted to say hi!

  16. Can I borrow some of your sunshine?

  17. Annabelle is the most adorable little button!! Loving the new pics! Hope you three are great.
    Enjoy the rest tof your day!

  18. I couldn\’t have expressed it any better. We just turned our heater on for the first time and made me feel so cozy and content. It also gets me anxious for all the cold weather baking of breads and pies and holiday goodies. Each season certainly has it\’s long awaited revelries…and you express them so well!!!
    I also wanted to tell you that I found a little card that was made I\’m sure, for your and little Annabelle. It was given to me on a gift for Gabriel and the front of it has a picture of precious little baby feet with no other title than ….."Twinkle Toes" I am going to take a picture of it and post on my blog! Do stop buy and see it!

  19. Woo hoooooo way to go Annabelle!!  Yep, you\’re really going to have to watch her now! LOL
    Hope you\’re having a great day and your dreary day was, in fact, not followed by 17 more!
    God bless : )

  20. Chelle and Annabelle…
    My father-in-law has told me umpteen times that every body must eat a peck of dirt before they die.  I also read that the reason allergies in children are on the rise is because our lives are so sterile that we are no longer introduced to bacteria from dirt.  Sooooo…put your feet up, and enjoy watching Annabelle discover the taste sensation that is dust bunny!  To this day, it is Calla\’s favourite snack.  And Soph will go days when all she will eat is the dust bunnies behind the piano.
    But seriously.  Please do not be afraid to visit my blog in the future.  I will not be conducting classes in drug paraphenalia.  And my mom\’s coffee pot only looks like a \’B\’ word…it isn\’t really one.  Well, I am reasonably sure it\’s not…although she has been strangely relaxed lately…
    Three cheers for little miss Creeping Crawler!  Way to go Anniebelles!!  Life just got more interesting for all three of you…
    Calla is in school full time now and we have subsequently been eating oatmeal for two weeks.  It is the fall morning cuisine around here.  Both girls love it and I choke down a bowl just because it is so good for you.  I make it from scratch don\’t you know…always with some fresh fruit, a moat of milk and a rivulet of maple syrup…yum. 
    Take lovely care of you and yours…and this includes the dust bunnie refugees…
    p.s.  I have a wee gift to send for Annabelle and Mommy to share…can I send it along?

  21. Hello, just stopping by to say hello. We haven\’t had many nippy mornings here in Texas yet, sad to say.  The high today is 98 degrees (sigh), but we have ahd some truly beautiful weather over the last few days.  YAY for baby beginning to crawl – it must be so exciting for you!  Take care and have a fun weekend.

  22. i still haven\’t seen annabelle. i must say that this is a baby i have heard much about…. lookin foreward to seeing you all sometime soon.

  23. Hi Chelle and little Annabelle,
    I so love the peek into your wonderful lives.  Chelle, I know what you mean about the the dreary day.  Something about being cozy under a fuzzy blankie with a hot "cuppa", while the rain drizzles softly, is so comforting to me.  Annabelle gets cuter all the time.  I\’m glad you\’re enjoying her every discovery and that you share some of them with us.
    Hugs to both of you,

  24. It\’s postings like these that make me wish I was back North and not in Florida.  It feels like everyone else is moving on into fall – my favorite season of all time – and we\’re still stuck in summer.  I love going to local highschool football games, grilling outside, making hot cider, and most importantly, taking a trip to the pumpkin patch and running around cornfield mazes at dusk.  It\’s no good to still be hiding inside away from the heat of the sun.  It\’s odd to put a fall wreath on my front door when all my trees are still leafy green.  We will eventually get around to fall… in January.  Then perhaps I won\’t be so envious of the weather up North! 🙂

  25. Lovely, as always…the pictures and the the blog. How exciting that Annabelle is crawling and with 2 teeth! Soraya is 5 1/2 months, and I can\’t wait for all those little developments. My, how time flies!
    About the fall, I am missing it big time…no changing leaves down here.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  26. What a lovely life.  You bring back the thoughts of my first year as a mom!
    Hey sorry that I\’ve been gone for so long.  Things just got a little off for the last month.  But things are getting back on track and looking good!  It is such a breath of fresh air and an encouragement to stop by.  It has been great reading back on things goin on with you.
    Annabelle\’s discoveries are just about to take off!  You are going to have so much fun!  Always remember (as I\’m sure you do), that these days are short and to just enjoy them while they are here.  You are a wonderful mamma and are doing the best job!  I am so glad to hear that her teeth finally came in!
    Well, I suppose I should end for tonight.
    God bless you and take care.

  27. What a great website you have. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Best wishes,

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