what to do?

I have heard from a handful of people that my MSN space has been sabotaged by some sort of evil little bug. That they are either locked out when they come to visit, or worse, their whole computer sputters, smokes and nearly blows up.  Ever since we switched over to LIVE I have reportedly had this problem…And I don’t know what to do about it? I have contacted MSN twice. Apparently there has been no change…I have deleted a bunch of albums hoping that would help…I have taken the music off my space…I am considering a switch to Blogger…while keeping my Space here. But I’m not one tiny bit willing to risk losing any of my Live Spaces neighbors. 
What should I do? I am so stumped.

Better yet: NOT Wanted


19 Comments to “what to do?”

  1. i read a while ago that sometimes if you republish every blog entry you can fix the evil hiding html bug.

  2. Hhmmm, I had no problems getting in here and I am not stuck yet……knock on wood:)  I hope MSN manages to fix all of its little bugs soon.  Some of my friends were saying they couldn\’t get into my space as well – that was about 2 weeks ago.  Hope your space \’behaves\’ very soon – you won\’t lose any of your friends:)  Have a lovely week.

  3. I haven\’t had any problems getting to your space. And I check in on you everyday. But I know I have been having problems with some of the spaces. I can\’t however access the msn spaces site . So I think that going live has caused more problems than was expected. Please  don\’t go away though.. I am sure it will be sorted out real soon.
    Hugs to you and your family
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Hey Chelle, What a lovely surprise when I logged in to my xanga account to find a message from you!! This is so much fun! Sounds like you guys are doing well… Annabelle is so cute!! Baby\’s doing fine. She is pretty active 🙂 I\’ll be so glad when November gets here and I can actually see my little girl and hold her. Cameron\’s so excited and happy about the baby. I can\’t wait to see him hold his daughter, our child… Oh by the way thank you so much for all the fun baby clothes. They are so cute. Can\’t wait to use them:)  -Sarah

  5. I have not had any problems coming here. Some sites I visit are slower than others etc.etc, but nothing that awful. I have found the best solution to the problems I have encountered is to disable my virus software while I\’m on spaces, then enable it when I\’m done. Alot of virus softwares don\’t play friendly with spaces. Hope this helps! it has helped my particular situations.
    Hope all else is well with your family!

  6. Hmmm…I haven\’t had problems visiting your space…unless perhaps I am having troubles and don\’t even know it.  I had troubles seeing Jacy\’s site for awhile, adn then, poof, my problems disappeared and she was back.  Know that even if you move to blogger I would be sure to come and visit your blog still!  I hope that you and Annabelle and David are doing quite well…enjoying this beginning of autumn….savoring every moment! 

  7. Yea I dont\’ know what the problem is either.  I havent been having any problems with seeing your account either.  I hope you figure it out.  And thanks for asking, things have been going considerably better lately.  A lot less stress.

  8. I occationally will lock up here, & it does load a tad slow, but no major snafus in a while- besides, you are worth the wait & effort 😉
    I do the dual-citizenship with Blogger- not many hits there, but I guess folks either don\’t have problems with my Space here or don\’t remember my Blogger Garden!

  9. HI Chelle … how frustrating.  Many people have become Blogger residents now …. I have never had problems with your space, but if I did …. I probably would be unable to tell you about them because the computer would be frozen. 😉  Best of luck! (and cute picture!) — Lisa

  10. Playing in a pile of leaves sounds like so much fun, as we are just waiting for the ground to be covered so we can join you all in the fun of crunching and laughing and capturing moments of sweet red cheeked babies.
    Hope all is well with you and your little framily Chelle,
    MUch Love,

  11. Chelle…
    A bit slow, but, as the general consensus goes…worth the wait.
    But, I\’ll move to blogger if you will…?  I have a space there already but…well…I have not made the committement yet…
    Love the seattle pics…Annabelle is getting soooo big!  How does that happen?  Calla just turned six…time just soars. 
    Hmmmm…I hear Phia tears upstairs.  I had better go investigate…

  12. Dear Chelle,
    I\’m so glad to say that I have had no problems coming over to visit you and Annabelle. In fact, I must say that everything today is working much faster than normal. Very little lag time in loading picts and the ability to scroll while they are loading. Please don\’t leave us stranded over here on MSN without your "value of cheerfulness." Spaces would be a very cheer-less place without you I think. 🙂
    Love to you my friend!

  13. Chelle…these newest pictures of Annabelle are just precious…she must be such a delight.  You are surely keeping very busy and having lots of fun as autumn begins.  Hugs to you and Annabelle!

  14. Sometimes a little slow, bt nothing to keep me from coming back again.  I hope you are doing well.  Love the new pics of Annabelle!
    Sarah  🙂

  15. Maybe it\’s just me. Loading your page can be a tad low which isn\’t a problem, but sometimes your  blog doesn\’t show up and sometimes the page just locks up. It\’s been a while though. I will still come visit whether you stay here or get a blogger account. I love seeing you guys too much to let a little things like computer problems to get in the way!

  16. dear chelle, I saw you gave sarah a comment, so thought I\’d say hello! Your little girl is adorable….. Anna troyer. My blog address is: xanga.com/sonshines

  17. Hi, How are you ? Hope all is good with you!
    Annabelle is just the cutest! She has the cutest little flick of hair in front! lovely!
    And it helps that her Mommy is so good witht camera.
    Hope you are having a great week! And when the weekend comes I hope it is great!
    Hugs to you and your Annabelle

  18. I have not experienced any problems with your space.You were going long periods without blogging,but I knew you were busy.Maybe you were frustrated and I didn\’t realize it.LOL I had a time recently when my blog seemed to crash just after an entry I had posted,during that enrty I had a pix dissapear while embedding,when I deleted it and reposted it again it fixed things.I don\’t knowwhy.

  19. Missing your little thoughts….

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