Why do you blog?

I was asked that that the other day. It’s a good question.

It got me thinking.

So I decided, after digging out a blank journal I was given years ago, that I am going to copy down the entire contents of this blog there.

I realize now, I blog because I am afraid that if I don’t I will someday look back on our life as this great big fuzzy blur…And I don’t ever want to lose the sweetness of these days. I don’t want the simple, ordinary, day-to-day joys to fade over time.  

So life becomes a treasure hunt.

A challenge to see things from God’s perspective. And to never stop thanking Him for the glimpses of joy of truth and of beauty He sends every day. To recognize, when David’s smiles at me, numberless times in a day…it’s God wispering, " I love you." To know that the delight that sparkles in the eyes of my tiny daughter, is nothing less than the joy of the Lord. To watch every evening, the sunset splendour as it glows across the hills and know it’s Love, written in color, framed in by the corners of my living room window…so beautiful, it shocks me, especially as I wonder over the feeling that it was hung there, just for me.  Or how often through the words of a friend, it occurs to me that I am being Invisibly hugged .

I long to document His grace. Leave hints of His faithfulness for Annabelle to someday uncover. Proof that He is with us. Evidence of His goodness. A history of love.  Our history.

Everyone blogs for a reason. Now you know mine.


29 Comments to “Why do you blog?”

  1. Hi Chelle, Good to hear from you. Annabelle is the cutest little baby. Those are some darling pictures of her.
     I\’m glad you like the name. I think it\’s a very cute name for a very cute little baby. thanks chelle…I hope to be a good  mother…
     Yes, you did let me borrow your name book. Thank you very much:)
     Isn\’t it fun when husbands bring home presents? I love it when Cameron does:)
     Have a happy day. Sarah

  2. I like your reason. very much like mine. part to save for family and my own posterity, and part to share, say it outloud to others. hoping to warm others along the way.
    my grandmother kept a diary. (many i should say) every event, phone call, visitor, home improvement project etc written down. now…she\’s reading through them. She\’s reliving her life, and remembering to be thankful for it all.

  3. i agree with these reasons…i think sometimes i blog to remind myself of the blessings and gifts of everyday life, and i also believe in the value of putting these don\’t with ink on paper–the old-fashion way.  i believe i also blog to simply have an outlet…to know that perhaps someone out there is listening and enjoying.  a fun side benefit is making these blog-land friends i would never have had otherwise!  a blessed and splendid day to you and annabelle!

  4. I think I started blogging just as an outlet, but it has grown into friendships that I cherish. I do not have any family here, nor do I have any friends with children, so my online community is about al the mommy interaction I get! I have also enjoyed being able to go back and read about the last year. I think I am going ot be saving my entries to CD or something so I can show them to Charis in a few years.

  5. You have wonderful reasons for blogging my dear. I started blogging as a way for long-distance family and friends to keep up to date on what was going on in our lives and to see updated pictures of our family and especially Olivia. I also wanted to make some new friends. I\’m not sure how many family and friends actually read my blog (my grandmother and sister are the only two who mention it), and the blogging has kind of evolved into a way for me to share some of myself and be more open. I think that the people who read what I have to say know be a little better than "friends" who only know me in real life. There is an openness and honesty about writing on here that I find difficult when in a face to face conversation with someone. I\’m not sure I understand it but there are time when I wish my DH would read my blog and maybe he would understand me a little bit more. 🙂 Anyways, I\’ve rambled. I think putting your blog down onto paper is a very good idea. It may take awhile, especially if you are hand writing the whole thing. I would love to take the easy way out and just copy and paste everything to Word and then print it out, but can you imagine how sweet it would be for our children to have a handwritten diary of our family for them to read and look through, complete with pictures and everything? Kind of like a scrapbook/diary. 🙂
    Love you!

  6. I once read a news article that suggested printing out and posting emails from and to you, as well as blogs, and pasting them in scrapbooks / diaries.  All good ideas.  I love your candidness and your honesty about your relationsip with God – thank you for sharing!

  7. I think I started bloging to meet some new friends that were in the same place in life as me.  It is always nice to have someone to ask an opinion of or to go to when you are upset.  Everyone has been such a wonderful support and I have really developed some great friendships.

  8. I enjoy the friendships and connections and advice from super friends like you. That is what keeps me blogging. Knowing that we can have friends who share our experiences all over the place and learn from one another and share God\’s graces with one another. My mother has kept a daily diary since I was very small and to this day writes every single evening. I am not that discliplined. I enjoy this friendly interaction much better than just having a record of my events.
    Thank you for posing that question, it\’s nice to think about why we do the things we do sometimes. Pinch those cutey little cheeks of Little Miss Annabelle for me!

  9. Dearest Chelle and Annabelle…thank you for wishing Elizabeth a happy birthday.  It was simply delightful…but impossible to believe that an entire year has passed by!  And Chelle…i absolutely look at her all the time and wonder about that bursting love…the enormity of it…in fact when i laid down in bed i was overcome thinking about this past year…to the point of tears…so i had to go downstairs and write a letter to her…while i uploaded pictures of course….perhaps soon i will feel inspired to blog as well….but for not…i simply have words for my precious girl! 🙂

  10. A beautiful post,and the answer is just what I have come to expect from Chelle.Your reason for blogging is sweet and thoughtful,and your right,the evidence of how glorious your joy in the Lord and in your beautiful family will be here in cyberspace for years to come.

  11. really very beautiful!  What a wonderful reason… I started blogging by accident, but now I use it as a way to express what I am feeling and to also help me put perspective on the issues that happen in my life.
    So happy to see you and to read your thoughts. hope you are well and enjoying the beauty of autumn. And Annabelle hope she is enjoying the changes that autumn brings.
    Have a great week!

  12. Also, I blog to know I am not alone.
    Your comments bring such huge grins, and warmth my heart…such dear friends I have found here. Thank you.

  13. The most beautiful of all reasons…
    But, whatever the reason, I am just happy that you do.  Blog, that is.
    And what a wonderful gift this will be to Annabelle as she gets older…to read about a time that she will only remember with her soul…not her mind.   The memories from these days will whisper across her mind in her dreams at night, and in the daylight hours she will be able to read them from your journal. 

  14. I ponder the blog world at times. I have the need to write but I am also in treat when I meet new blogs.  I will have to visit again and again.

  15. Oh where oh where is Chelle and Annabelle? Just missed you guys and thought I\’d check in!
    Hope all is well.

  16. thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave a nice comment. I have been perusing your baby photos from labor Day, so cool

  17. A wonderful reason to blog! God\’s grace and amazing provisions is something that we are reminded of daily in little ways. Blogging not only shares that with others, but as you so eloquently said, it documents it for our children to read someday.
    (Deuteronomy 6:1-9)
    Have a great  week!

  18. I blog to remember things…to meet wonderful people….to share my life experiences (good and bad).  I visit other bloggers to meet wonderful people…to share life experiences…

  19. Hi Chelle,
    Annabelle makes playing with leaves looks like so much fun!
    To think she will soon be walking!
    HAve a great week!

  20. dearest chelle…hope that you and annabelle are having delightful days of autumn enjoyment…the pictures in the leaves are splendid!  i must admit that i miss coming by and hearing delightful tidbits from your life…any of your spaces issues getting better?

  21. I just wanted to remind how much I love you and what a blessing you are, my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Forever and always,

  22. Love, lovely entry!  It really made me stop and think.  I, too, am very thankful for his unconditional love and grace.  He has blessed me in so many ways and I know that his blessings will continue. What a great gift – just knowing Him is truly wonderful!

  23. blogging is a good way of \’meeting \’ people who have joy in life and in The Lord …
    I like to look at photos too and there are some amazing onees on spaces …love yours of Annabelle 🙂 I also enjoy sharing my \’rants \’ and pics with anyone who wants to look …lol
    trust things are well with you & yours  and that the problems you mention on your last post are sorted out ,I couldn\’t get into my own space to post anything for several days so i know how frustrating it can get …

  24. Now I want to know,why do you NOT blog,LOL Hope you are not still having trouble with your space.Annabelle must be keeping you very busy lately.Hope your little family is all well.

  25. Just missed your kind words and understanding! Hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you soon! Give Annabelle a big ole\’ hug!

  26. Hi  i know you are around because I catch a a glimpse of your comments. But I do miss coming here and having a visit. Hope all is well.
    Hugs to you and sweet Annabelle

  27. Please know you are missed Chelle!  I hope you and yours are doing well.
    *Big Hug*
    Sarah  🙂

  28. Hello Chelle! I loved this post..I am glad to know I share in the same reasons of blogging along wtih a few extras..Blogging has become a part of who I am, and I cherish the time i get to spend writing up things of my life and my passions. It is a wonderful blessings. I hope you and your little family are doing very well, and I bet Annabelle is growing so much! Noah will be turning a year next month, as I am very much anticipating every second of it 🙂 He sends Annabelle sweet kisses and hugs to you from me
    Love to you my friend

  29. God bless you, Chelle. You are leaving the greatest legacy to your children not only through your journal but by having Christ in your life and sharing that with them. God has blessed us with these precious gems and it is our responsiblity to teach them about HIM. You are a wonderful mom and as your children grow they will always remember this. God bless you.~Marilyn~

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