Believe it or not, we are actually all quite alive…

Whew, Annabelle is down for a nap. I almost gave up trying after 30 minutes and was just about to set her back down in the middle of her toys when her tired baby eyes finally gave in to this thing we call *sleep*. A thing this little girl has grown anything BUT fond of. Hopefully the nap lasts long enough to say: Thank you for not forgetting about us, for checking in on us. You are dear, sweet friends and it has warmed my heart to find your little "notes" being added to a post that was written (gulp) twenty-some days ago.  
As I mentioned the sleep has not come easily around here lately. Which, all things considered, wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t losing my mind on top of it.  I even have three stories to prove it.
The week before last I managed to get Annabelle and I stranded for an entire day, after very much leaving my lights on in the car, which very naturally led to the death of the battery.  Thankfully, the nice, warm, city library complete with pay phone (since I think I can get a long in life just fine without a cell phone) , a nice changing station,  a water fountain, several wide, empty aisles for Annabelle to crawl up and down and a stack of Scrapbooking magazines to glance at every now and then, was within walking distance of our very much stuck car. It made for a long but interesting day. Annabelle was such a good girl…she didn’t cry at all, she took two cat-naps in my arms, nursed quietly in the darkest corner of the libary, underneath my coat…snacked on cheerios…and spent hours pulling herself up and then getting herself back down the leg of a chair. Eventually we got a hold of David, who called a friend, and he came and rescued us right away. I promised that guy a pie. 🙂
Later on that evening I made myself a great big note, to stick on the dash that said: " HELLO, Your LIGHTS?!, " while David called to sign us up with Triple A.
So then the other day I was at the store, on my way through the line with my cart full of groceries. A panic ceased me as I zipped my debit card through the machine…I could not remember my pin number.  The very same 4 digit pin I have used for over a year. Nothing. Erased. Totally gone.  Embarassed doesn’t do my feeling at that moment justice. The lady checking me out was so understanding and showed me how to run it as credit. David says it will come back to me. It’s been four days now. I doubt it’s coming back. 
Believe it or not,  I can top both of these.  
Yesterday we got a bill from our phone company in the mail…David says to me. " I don’t get this, it says we don’t owe them anything this month."  Taking a closer look he says " huh?" Then  "what?" followed by a chuckle and  " no way."  It looks like we have $ 847.47" credit with the phone company. " That should last a couple years."  
Yes, it seems his wife had in fact written a check to the phone company for not $87.47 but $847.47…He thought it was funny…he called the phone company. He said he could hear the guy scratching his head as he looked at our balance.
So poor David spent the rest of the night trying to convince me that I am not a idiot.
With my track record of the last few weeks I deserve be the butt of every blonde joke. And I am not even blonde.

24 Comments to “Believe it or not, we are actually all quite alive…”

  1. You are the dearest sweetest friend I know! And I promise to come visit you in the loony bin. 🙂 I love you Chelle! You know I do! 🙂 I had such a good time talking to you today. Let\’s try to talk again before you leave this weekend. I can\’t stand the thought of not talking to you for two whole weeks! Please don\’t get stranded at the library again. You scared me so bad cause I couldn\’t get a hold of you. lol
    Love ya!

  2. LOL- you poor thing! Sounds like you\’ve been on a real rollercoaster- don\’t worry about losing your mind; I haven\’t missed mine in years 😉 I can\’t believe you all had to spend the whole day at the library (of course there are worse places to stuck) you are blessed Annabelle is such a good baby.

  3. Hey Chelle!  It is so good to hear from you!  I am glad that you are doing okay:)  You\’re little stories made me smile.  I read them to Craig and he actually giggled a bit too.  Sorry little Annabelle is not wanting to sleep lately.  Morgan has decided that she is not too fond of napping either.  She just doesn\’t want to miss anything.  She does better if I hold her until she\’s sleeping and then lay her down, but I don\’t want her to get used to that.  I usually put her down when she\’s sleepy and she\’ll roll right over and go to sleep.  Hope things get easier for you!  Well, I better get to bed!  Hugs to you and Annabelle!
    **Happy (belated) 8 months!

  4. i should stay a write LOTS of words to you….and i WILL be back. but in the meantime….put on your very favorite bouncy, bouncy music and see if that wakes up your brain.
    so glad to find something to read here tonight!!!!!!!!

  5. Chelle, you poor girl. I am so sorry that you got stranded! Later on you will be able to look back and laugh at all these little incidents. They are quite funny and I hope your pin number comes to, soon. Don\’t worry though, you are not the only one…My mind goes blank MANY times a day 🙂
    All the love to you and that GORGEOUS girl of yours
    from me and Noah
    Hugs & Kisses

  6. you poor thing but i know how you feel 🙂

  7. Chelle,
    This post is great! If we cannot laugh at our selves then who can we laugh at? It just proves that you are human and like everyone else have those moments that just add to our lives. I haven\’t visited in quite awhile and I have missed so much. Won\’t make that mistake again. You have a beautiful family, you are truly blessed Be back soon.
    God bless you and I would like to invite you to join my friends list.~Marilyn~

  8. Oh, Chelle!  This post makes made me laugh out loud – I\’ve done similar things (paid the cable bill twice in one week, written down a deposit twice which prompted a bounce note or two, etc.).  You need a break!  You need a nice cup of coffee and a foot massage or something.  David????

  9. O, all of these things have a habit of coming together, all at once, in a big jumble that does, in facat, make us think, "I\’m so not ok!"  But of course, my dear, you are.  And you have a very loving and patient husband to remind you of that.  Thanks for sharing your humanity!

  10. Chelle,
    Thank you for excepting my invitation to my friends list. Hope you and your family have a wonderful wekend.
    God bless you and your precious family,~Marilyn~

  11. LOL,I have done things very much like that,I have paid one bill too much once,had a credit for a few months.,then forgotten to pay another completely one month,I didn\’t figure it out till the internet was cut off,LOL We all do it Chelle,your not nuts.

  12. Oh, you poor thing!!!  But, don\’t we all have stretches in our lives like that???  When I was an intern at a Historic house I had to give tours on the weekends and this included opening the house up.  By doing so I had to turn off the alarm system with a number code.  I had done it a thousand times before, but one day I walked in, looked at the key pad and it was gone, completely blank…The security company called and thankfully I remembered the password to tell them that I wasn\’t breaking in, but the code, to this day is gone…I don\’t know if the brain gets full and sometimes things have to go (like the important stuff) or what….
    Anyway, I am so glad you are back and that things are good despite your little adventures!  You have been missed…
    Sarah  🙂

  13. Oh Chelle,
    It is because of all of your cute, funny, and unpretentious little quirks. We here adore you for all that you are! You are a wonderful endearing person. And matter to us more then words can describe. Annabelle, I am so proud of you for being a good girl for your mommy! You must come and see your auntie while you are here!!!!!!! And your cousins are VERY excited to see you too! Not to mention your Uncle Petie, he adores you too by the way!
    Hope that you guys have a wonderful long trip over! And enjoy the snow if you are on your way here today!
    Loves all around from all here!

  14. Dearest Chelle….so good to hear some snippets of your life…especially such funny little incidents.  Don\’t worry about losing your mind…I lost mine quite awhile back…it is good that you are able to laugh, relax, and even enjoy life in the midst of these moments.  Annabelle is getting so big, and she is SUCH a sweetie pie….Elizabeth went through the same kind of nap-issue around this age, but she is doing well again!

  15. Oh my what a time you have been having! Your husband is indeed great! My husband would have blown a gasket over the cheque thing. Oh it sure sounded like you have been having some of my days. And hey sometimes the brain gets tired. Lack of sleep will do that. Also not eating good or ontime.
    Annabelle is such a cutie.
    It is so good to see you posting again. I missed ya!

  16. She lives! Welcome back…
    I am sorry to say that I did laugh out loud at your expense after reading this post.
    Hang in there! We all have those days…
    Annabelle is such a joy to watch as she grows up (even from photos)…
    enjoy every moment!

  17. Ooooooooooh honey I\’m so sorry you\’ve had a *week*.  That just totally sucks!!!!!  But don\’t worry, everyone does stuff like that – I\’ve found myself in similar situations many, many….many….times.   Hopefully things are going smoother now!
    God bless 🙂

  18. Oh honey! Things have to get better. If it makes you feel any better, I get people who do teh same thing with their visa bills all the time. Of course, they are usually mad at us since they would never do anything like that and we must have posted it wrong (until we can show them the check). IT happens to us all! I am so glad you guys had a good time at the library. it helps when the little one cooperates!

  19. $874…..oh and of course they won\’t give you a refund.  Now, if you OWED them $8.47  and didn\’t pay it, they would turn your phone off.  LOL  I hope you get some sleep soon!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Just the other day I was reminded of a favorite quote of mine.  "You have to laugh at yourself because you\’d cry your eyes out if you didn\’t."  I can\’t remember now why it came to mind, but I do know that I had just done something particularly "cry-aboutable"–see you might be doing strange things, but at least you rmember them! 🙂  Anyway…I thought of you and this entry…and my heart was warmed.  Isn\’t it always easier to laught at ourselves when we know that others are doing the same!  Hope today finds you and Annabelle savoring the joys and delights of chilly autumn days…ahhh the gifts of November!

  21. Oh no, it\’s okay, you are not losing your mind! These things happen to us sometimes. Just have a good chuckle and move along! I am so glad your back, Annabelle is too cute in those new pictures. Devon is now 5 months old and has a tooth! We are working on his sitting up without falling over still, it will come. Boys are just a bit slower than girls at things. Do come and visit!

  22. Wow that\’s a lot of poopy diapers…LOL

  23. haha. you never cease to amaze us Chelle. don\’t be too worried though cause it\’s not liek it\’s getting any worse…. it\’s just life.
    hey i\’m going to be over there this next week… i\’d like to look you guys up.

  24. Hey Chelle…
    Listen.  You have a $847 credit?  I will give you my phone number.  I am sure we could come up with at leat $150 worth of things to say! 
    No worries…you mind will make a reappearance.  Someday.  I am taking the same thing in faith.  My mom assures me this every other day. 
    There are so many worse places to be stuck than a library..and not too many better! 
    Hope all is well with you…

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