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November 7, 2006

you mean happiness to me…


" She’s doing her part to make this world a cuter place to live in! "

Annabelle and I have been staying with my parents in ID. while David is away for job training. Being back in the house I grew up in, laying in bed at night, in the bedroom where I spent countless hours between sleep, dreaming about when I am a "grown up," wondering what the future holds in store for me, imaging the day when maybe I would have my very own daughter who would love to dream away the hours in this little attic room of blue ribbon and pink roses as much as I did. Letting the realization sink in that I am in fact right now, living out those very dreams. But it’s as if the dreams of yesterday, become the reality of today…overnight.

The lull of soft rhythmic breaths floats across the room from the crib I used to sleep in as a baby. Peeking down on her chubby dimpled angel-face, I am overwhelmed by the enormous amount of love, of happiness and delight this wee girl-baby brings me, her Daddy, her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, to anyone who is blessed to know her.

She is a perfect and beautiful picture of God’s grace. A shining light in a dark, depressing world, as the meaning of her name suggests.

Annabelle Lucy, you are our JOY in life. I’d rather be your mommy, than anything else in the world.